Sunday, August 18, 2019

Event Results: "Calling You Out 2"

James Anthony was introduced as the nights special guest host of the evening. He called out the RWC Tag Team Champions The Misfits and asked about their No DQ match later tonight against the Pink Gang. During the interview they would be attacked by all 3 members of Pink Gang where they would severaly injure Simply Delicious Dinos wrist by placing it in a chair and then using another chair to smash his trapped wrist. James Anthony and a few other RWC superstars would help Cash & Dino to the back.

Match 1: Savage Nation defeated High Profile.
High Profile called out Savage Nation 
Match 2: Kevin Phoenix defeated Mickey Fulp.
Mickey Fulp called out anybody in the locker room 
James Anthony was talking to the fans when he was interrupted by the Reckless Warriors Connection who took the show hostage demanding to know who the mystery partners in the 6 man tag team match would be. RWC Heavyweight Champion, Nite-Stic Eddie Brown would tell them they would know just, later in the night when its time for the Main Event. They would then say unless he told them right then and there who it would be they would stay in the ring all night. Eddie finally had enough and would take matters into his own hands. Eddie entered the ring but, got jump by RWC. Kris Nemesis would come out and clean house with his Kendo Stick and to check on Eddie, but would find himself attacked as well. Gem Stone would hit the ring with a chair, evening up the odds and Eddie would say his partners are here and instead of waiting until later in the night, lets have the six man tag team match right now! Joseph Everhart would accept on behalf of his team and then Flex Simmons would say, "lets make it an elimination match"!
Match 3: Reckless Warriors Connection defeated
Eddie Brown, Gem Stone & Kris Nemesis in a 6 man tag team elimination match
Gem Stone eliminated Joseph Everhart
Caribbean Tiger eliminated Gem Stone
Kris Nemesis eliminated Caribbean Tiger
Flex Simmons eliminated Kris Nemesis
Flex Simmons eliminated Eddie Brown 
Semi Main: Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince defeated Jay Wolfe & Lynzee Pike
Jay Wolfe called out Kaydin Pierre, and Kaydin called out Lynzee Pike making this a Triple Threat Match 
James Anthony would then let the audience know that Simply Delicious Dino was not yet back from the local hospital and that Main Event was not gonna take place cause Curtis Cash was with Dino, Pink Gang would come out and say that they should be awarded the titles via forfeit, the referee would then start to countout the champions when suddenly Curtis Cash music hit and he said he would defend the championships by himself.
Main Event/RWC Tag Team Championship No DQ:
The Misfits - (C's) defeated Pink Gang to retain the championships
Simply Delicious Dino would show up and help Cash retain the titles

Upcoming Event:
Join us on Sept 7th in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena when WWE Hall Of Famer "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn joins us for The Gunn Show

Friday, August 9, 2019

Upcoming Event: "The Gunn Show" 1st time ever CW "The Rottweiler" Anderson vs. Billy "Bad Ass" Gunn

The time has come and The RWC Commish has done it! Earl Hebner has finally inked the deal of the Century right here in Lumberton NC. Da Man, Da Myth, Da Legend, "Da Rottweiler" CW Anderson has signed to return to RWC to face a man that needs no Introduction! WWE Hall of Famer, AEW Superstar, Billy "Bad Ass" Gunn! This is going to tear the roof off the joint! Commish Earl Hebner also made a special announcement that RWC Heavyweight champ, Eddie Brown will be the special ref for this event. Get your tickets early for this one cause it will be a complete sell out for sure! All the ticket info is on the flyer. This is for sure gonna be a wrestling clinic. Come out and meet Billy Gunn before he wrestles. More info will be added.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Next Event: Calling You Out 2

RWC couldn't let the 21 year Anniversary month go away like this! From The Pink Gang going toe to toe with the RWC Tag Team Champions, The Misfits and Lestat Cordova proven himself worthy to the RWC Jr, Heavyweight champion, Tiger! What was RWC Commish, Earl Hebner to do? He ordered RWC to have a part 2! This time The RWC Titles will be on the line in a No DQ rules match!   Will Lestat Cordova have another shot at the title or will he have to step back in line? Will we see Gem Stone put another notch in his belt as he goes to bigger and better things? Or will we witness another crazy and eventful entrance by The RWC Heavyweight champion, Nite-Stic Eddie Brown! The Wreckless Connection has been called out by Eddie Brown. He challenged Tiger, Joseph Everheart and Flex Simmons to a 6 man match. Who will be with Eddie Brown as he takes on the 3 men he despises the most! You can witness this and more on August 17, 2019 at the Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC.

You will be able to get your early bird ticket to "The Gunn Show"!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Event Results: Calling You Out! 21 year Anniversary

Calling You Out/21st Anniversary Show Results

The show opened up with a 10 bell salute to 8x NWA Heavyweight Champion Harley Race 
James Anthony came out as the nights special guest host for the show
Match 1: Joseph Everhart defeated Gem Stone
Match 2: Central Carolina Champion Snootyfoxx was called out by "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews for a championship match, the match was ended when Victor did a flying dive over the top rope and hit his head on the concrete resulting in him being unable to continue the match.
James Anthony called out Lynzee Pike & Jay Wolfe to inform them that GM Earl Hebner emailed him and said that Jacob Ryan & Selena Rose would not be at the show for there scheduled Mix Tag Team Match, James said they now had the night off but Lynzee & Jay said they would not take the night off and are issuing a Calling You Out Open Challenge.
James Anthony would then interview RWC Heavyweight Champion Eddie Brown about his match later in the night against Flex Simmons, Eddie said he would leave the show still champion.
Match 3: RWC Tag Team Champions, The Misfits retained the championships against Pink Gang due to Time Limit expiring in the contest.
Match 4: Caribbean Tiger retained the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship by defeating Lestat Cordova.
Semi Main: Kris Nemesis, Lynzee Pike & Jay Wolfe defeated the debuting, Titan
(Titan accepted the open challenge but Kris would come out and say that he was not gonna let this big guy beat up on his friends. He would join them in this match making it 3 on 1)
Main Event: RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Flex Simmons to retain the Championship
After the match Eddie would challenge the entire Reckless Warriors Connection to a 6 man Tag Team Match for Aug 17th but didn't say who his partners would be.
Eddie Brown also would announce that on Sept 7th WWE Hall Of Famer Bad Ass Billy Gunn would make his RWC debut and face ECW Original CW Anderson
Join us on Aug 17th at the Priscilla King Arena for Calling You Out Part 2 with a Special belltime of 5pm

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Next Event: "Calling you OUT!" 21 years of RWC Pro-Wrestling

This month we celebrate 21 years of Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling.
Come early cause cake will be served as it last. This is the road to the BIG *** event. September 7, 2019 will be our biggest event yet and you will want to attend these August shows to get your discount ticket. You have to be present to get the discount!

The Gold and Platinum opportunities have all been won and the true survivor was none other than The Future of Honor and The Best Physic in Wrestling, Flex Simmons! Even though Flex is related to Richard Simmons, this in no way helps him cause he has alined himself with the wrong crowd. Flex has vowed to show Lumberton what a great body looks like and it will have the RWC Championship around it, come August 3, 2019. Nite-Stic Eddie Brown is looking at it in a different light. Eddie did acknowledge Flex Simmons for beating some of the top notch talent that RWC has to offer. He also knows that Flex Simmons has been backing up his words by winning the Tournament! Eddie Brown just wants Flex to know that he cost him a great opportunity and that was wrestling against The ROH Superstar Cheeseburger last month. Eddie is coming for revenge, maintain his championship and RESPECT! 

The inter-gender match up of Jacob Ryan & Selena Rose vs. Jay Wolf & Lynzee Pike. This is going to be very interesting. Jacob & Selena are looking to carve their way in RWC but being the first power couple on the roster. The 2 look to squash anyone in their path. The path goes right up to the den of one Jay Wolf. Although Jay Wolf isn't new to RWC, he just hasn't found his stride yet. With all the distractions from Selena Rose, RWC resident Award winning Author, Lynzee Pike has stepped up and is backing Wolf. She has made the challenge and the match is signed! Come see who will win this match up August 3, 2019 at the Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC! 

You will see the RWC Tag Team Champions, The Misfits defend the titles against The Pink Gang!
The Champs defeated The Skinny dudes with Attitudes and thought it was vacation time. The Pink Gang put a stop to that idea. Now that the bullseye is on The Pink Gang, we may see the champs become the hunted instead of the hunters! Come see who will win this match up August 3, 2019 at the Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC!

There will be plenty more action from James Anthony, Leo Wolf and Lumberton's own Savage Nation! The RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Tiger and many more! Come see Live, Family Oriented, Pro-Wrestling on August 3, 2019 at the Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC with a family in mind, NEW start time of doors opening at 4pm for the VIP's Meet and Greet and 4:30 general admission! 

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Billy Gunn Experience

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ring Wars Carolina proudly brings to you, another Experience of a Lifetime! You better sign up asap cause, this will sell out!!!

The Cheeseburger Experience

The Cheeseburger Experience
July 6, 2019

Training seminar with ROH Superstar, Cheeseburger went very well. We learned some new moves and counters. We learn some better ways to work TV matches. We learned the difference from indy work and professional work. We got a better understanding on what companies are looking for and how to get better at portraying it! This was by far the most educational experience and I hope the souls here will adjust and activate what they have learned today. Thank you Cheeseburger for letting us sit under the Learning tree!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Event Results: "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

Cheeseburger In Paradise Results
The show started with James Anthony coming out and talking to Stephanie Grey about his match with Flex Simmons for the finals of the Golden Opportunity Tournament, James would say he planned to defeat Flex and then go on to Aug 3rd to win the RWC Championship.
Match 1: Lestat Cordova in his RWC debut won the Open Invitational Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship last eliminating Gem Stone with a little help from Joseph Everhart who was already eliminated.
"Participants included Gem StoneJoseph EverhartLynzee Pike, Dylan Mesh, Evan Stone, Pretty Boy LaneBrad BlackmonLeo Wolf & KrazyHorse
Match 2: ROH Superstar Ryan Nova in his RWC debut defeated Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince
Stephanie Grey would then interview Flex Simmons and ask him his final thoughts on his match with James Anthony in the Golden Opportunity Tournament, Flex would say he hates that James's son was born to a loser father cause thats what he will be after tonight .
Match 3: Jay Wolfe would defeat Jacob Ryan by DQ when Jacob refused to listen to the referee's 5 counts in the corner, after the match Jacob and his GF Selena Rose would double team Wolfe until Lynzee Pike came out with a chair making the save for her friend. After the match Lynzee challenged both Ryan & Rose to a mix tag team match Aug 3rd against her and Jay Wolfe.
Match 4: Flex Simmons defeated James Anthony in the Golden Opportunity Tournament Finals to become the #1 Contender for the RWC Heavyweight Championship.
Semi Main: The Misfits defeated Skinny Dudes With Attitudes to retain the Tag Team Championships when Pink Gang would come out and interfere. After the match The Misfits, would say they have defeated all the tag teams in RWC and now would take a 2 month vacation. But The Pink Gang came out and said, "There is one team left to beat and thats them!" Dino accepted the challenge and that the match would take place Aug 3rd.
Main Event: RWC Heavweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown & ROH Superstar Cheeseburger would end in a no contest when Reckless Warriors Conection came out and beat up on Eddie. Eventually Cheeseburger would try and help out but, 3 on 2 attack was too much. Gem Stone came out and even up the odds! Reckless Warriors would retreat having Eddie Brown get on the mic and challenge Reckless Warriors to a 6 Man Tag Team! 
Double Main Event: Gem Stone, Cheeseburger & Eddie Brown defeated Reckless Warriors Connection.
Join us on Aug 3rd in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena for out next event entitled Calling You Out as we celebrate 21 years of Ring Wars Carolina!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Next Event: "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

When you get the attention of big names, they always come to devour the competition. Well some big names have looked in this direction and want to come eat at the table of Ring Wars Carolina! Come celebrate Independence day with Ring of Honor's own, Cheeseburger! This man has climb the ranks to be recognized by millions. Now he is coming to RWC to claim the RWC Heavyweight championship from Nite-Stic Eddie Brown! The commish Earl Hebner is sending some top notch talent to RWC to not only test the Lockeroom but, The Champ too! So get your tickets early by buying them on PayPal with and ask for the $20 VIP ticket or your $15 Reserve front row only seats. These are very limited and are on a first come first serve basis! Don't for get Ring of Honor's Cheeseburger and guest will be in the house July 6, 2019 at Priscilla king Arena 612 2nd street  Lumberton NC. Doors creep open at 4pm for VIP's and 4:30pm for general admission. Action starts at 5pm! You don't want to miss this, Family entertainment at it's best!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Training Opportunity: "The Cheeseburger Experience"

Short and sweet! Learn from one of the best in the Business! Ring of Honors's own Cheeseburger! The experience starts at 10am and will go til 2pm. Now is the time to get your notebooks ready for knowledge. You say you want to learn and get some where, What are you waiting for?  July 6, 2019 in Trufit gym, Home of Ring Wars Carolina Training Academy from 10 am to 2pm. This is going to be a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Reserve your Limited spot now by sending your payment by PayPal to and in the notes put Cheeseburger Experience! See you in RWC Training Academy for another GREAT EXPERIENCE!

New VIP Seating arrangements for All Shows in Lumberton NC!

Only 10 VIP seats available per show. 
Meet & Greet with wrestlers 30mins before General Admission.
All VIP Seats come with a free drink from Concession stand.
Free Autograph page for wrestlers to sign.

Only 20 Front Row seats will be offered per show.
Guaranteed front Luxury row seat. 
Meet & Greet with wrestlers 30mins before General Admission.
More room to get excited.
All seats are first come first serve basis

You can reserve yours only by PayPal @
Reserve yours today and be a RWC VIP!!!

Event Results: Platinum Experience

Platinum Opportunity Results

The show kicks off with RWC Tag Team Champions The Misfits being interviewed by Stephanie Grey. She asked them about there up coming rematch with Skinny Dudes With Attitudes on July 6th. Curtis Cash says they have defeated all the Tag Teams in RWC and that they shouldn't have to even face Skinny Dudes cause they got DQ'ed on purpose last show but, come next month they will be defeated and Misfits will remain Tag Team Champions! 
Match 1: Beauty & The Beast in there RWC debut defeated Defiance who was also making there debut
Match 2: Kris Nemesis defeated Mickey Fulp
Match 3: Lynzee Pike defeated the debuting Wild Myrtle
Special Guest Referee: Austynn Madison
Stephanie Grey was interviewing RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown and was asking him about who he thinks has the best chance of facing him Aug 3rd when he was interrupted by, RWC Academy student Lestat. Lestat said he has been training hard and wants a shot !right here, right now at the RWC Championship, Eddie Brown hesitated for a moment but then said get a referee out here!
Match 4: RWC Heavyweight Champion "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown & Lestat ended in a No Contest when Eddie was going for a Powerbomb but KrazyHorse made a shocking return and pleaded with Eddie not to Powerbomb his brother, Lestat. Krazyhorse explained Lestat was not ready to compete and to please just put him down and let me take him to the back to talk to him. Eddie and Lestat would shake hands before leaving the ring. After the brief encounter, Stephanie Grey informed Eddie Brown that on July 6th, GM Earl Hebner has signed a match for Eddie to defend his RWC Championship against Ring of Honor Wrestling superstar Cheeseburger!
Match 5: James Anthony defeated Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince in the Semi Finals of the Platinum Opportunity Tournament 
Semi Main: Flex Simmons defeated "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews in the Semi Finals of the Platinum Opportunity Tournament after Joseph Everhart came out and pushed Victor off the top rope allowing Flex to hit his Full Nelson Slam for the win 
Main Event: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion The Caribbean Tigerdefeated Gem Stone to retain the championship

Join us July 6th in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena as we present Cheeseburger In Paradise

Event Results: All American Weekend @ Fort Bragg Harley Davidson

June 1, 2019
                                               Ft Bragg Harley Davidson Saturday show Results 
1st show
Simply Delicious Dino defeated Jay Wolfe
Inter-gender Tag Match
Caribbean Tiger & Wild Myrtle defeated Gem Stone & Lynzee Pike via DQ
Lestat defeated Krazyhorse 
2nd Show
RWC Tag Team Champions Curtis Cash and Simply Delicious Dino defeated Lestat & Krazyhorse to retain the championships 
6 person tag match
James AnthonyGem Stone & Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe, Caribbean Tiger & Wild Myrtle 
James Anthony defeated Simply Delicious Dino
June 2, 2019
                                               Fort Bragg Harley Davidson Sunday Show Results 
1st Show 
Lynzee Pike defeated Kris Nemesis 
Joseph Everhart vs Jay Wolfe turned into a Triple Threat when Lestat interrupted mid match but saw Joseph Everhart pin Jay Wolfe for the win 
2nd show
Lestat defeated Toby Ray via DQ
Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe 
Kris Nemesis defeated Joesph Everhart 
3rd show
Toby Ray defeated Lestat via DQ
Joesph Everhart & Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe & Kris Nemesis 
Treize Genovese won a Battle Royal last eliminating Toby Ray

Next Event:
Platinum Experience