Monday, November 4, 2019

Next Event: Micro Wrestling All-Stars

Midget Wrestling! Extreme Midget Wrestling! Featuring Micro-Wrestling All*Stars In All Shapes And Small Sizes Invade Lumberton NC! 
For One Night Only! High Flying Extreme Midget Action! It's Over The Top! To RAW For WWE Monday Night RAW, Too Much Smackdown For Tuesday Night Smackdown! 
It's Uncut! Uncensored! Over The Top! It's Epic! It's Huge! It's No Small Event! 
Get Ready For The Micro Invasion!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Event Results: "RWC Homecoming 2019"

                                                               Homecoming 2019 Results 

The night started out with special guest host Roger Burton coming out and saying that we had some special guest planned for later in the show and how great of a night it was going to be! 
Match 1: Kris Nemesis, Jay Wolfe & Savage Nation defeated The Krayoz, Khalil Ford (Debut) & Elijah Proctor (Debut) in an 8 Man Tag Team Elimination match
Survivors: Kris Nemesis & Savage Nation 
Match 2: Fancy Tuxedo Krayoz defeated Caribbean Tiger to become the New Jr Heavyweight Champion. After the match was over, Fancy Krayoz would reveal himself to be a returning Devin Worthy
Match 3: James Anthony defeated Joseph Everhart
Chance Lebeaux made a surprise return stating that he was back! He made it clear to everyone in the locker room that anyone who gets in his way will be folded, because he’s ALL IN. 
Match 4: Simply Delicious Dino defeated Jerry Swirlz (Debut)
After intermission "Unbreakable" Drew Thomas returned and gave everyone an update on where he has been. After last years Homecoming, he reinjured himself and was forced to step away for some time but he is back! Drew Thomas stated the child everyone once knew is no more. That people won't be able recognize the new Drew Thomas when he returns to the ring! 
Match 5: Destiny in her RWC debut defeated Lynzee Pike
Semi Main: Pink Gang retained the RWC Tag Team Championships against Brothers In Arms (Debut)
Main Event: Flex Simmons defeated Nite-Stic Eddie Brown to become the New RWC Heavyweight Champion resulting in Eddie Brown not being able to wrestle in RWC for 90 days.
Before the Main Event began, Flex Simmons would come out and say that he wasn't feeling well and the match would not happen. Eddie Brown would appear to challenge that by claiming he believed nothing was wrong. To be sure, a doctor happened to be in attendance and was able to clear Flex to wrestle. 
lmpromptu Match: Gem Stone defeated Flex Simmons to become the New RWC Heavyweight champion
After the Main Event, Gem Stone would cash in his 2019 Candy Bowl Winnings on Flex Simmons to capture his first RWC Heavyweight Title. RWC superstars would come to the ring to celebrate with Gem to end the show