Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Next Event: RWC Presents "Fatal Attraction"

Doors: 6pmAppetizer: 6:45pmBelltime: 7pm
Once brothers from a different mother and now enemies! Flex Simmons went on to become The Future of Honor in Ring of Honor and Gem Stone became the RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Flex back stabbed Gem Stone with his new friends, The Caribbean Tiger and Joseph Everheart. These 3 men have set their sites on The RWC Jr. Heavyweight champion and his mentor, The RWC Superstar Hangtyme. Ladies and Gentlemen, All these men were friends at one time. They all took different paths to get to the same destination. The train stops here! February 16, 2019 in the Priscilla King Arena located 612 2nd street Lumberton NC at 7pm! These guys are either gonna hug it out or Stomp it out, either way it's " Fatal Attraction!"
Scheduled to appear:
Waylon Maze
James Anthony
1/2 of the New RWC Tag Team Champions Curtis Cash
Lynzee Pike
“Nite-Stic” Eddie Brown
Jay Wolfe

Matches Already Announced:
Main Event: Hangtyme & RWC Jr Heavyweight Champions Gem Stone vs The Caribbean Tiger and Flex Simmons
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Monday, February 4, 2019

New Ring Wars Carolina Tag Team Champions!

Simply Delicious Dino & Curtis Cash defeated f1rST Generation to become the New RWC Tag Team Champions after Dino hit a spine-buster on James for the win.
Now DJ Primetime has started his own stable of champions.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Event Results: "Eye of the Tiger"

Nite-Stic Eddie Brown came out and said that he was supposed to have a RWC Championship match but for some reason DJ Primetime is not here and will not be coming to the show, so instead he will be the nights guest host for the evening and then introduces our ring announcer Stephanie Grey.
Match 1: Jay Wolfe defeated Hangtyme scoring the biggest win of his young career so far.
Match 2: RWC Tag Team Champions f1rST Generation defeated B.D. Productions to retain the championships.
Match 3: Curtis Cash defeated The Ping Pong Master Waylon MAZE.
(This was orignally supposed to be a Triple Threat Match but Kris Nemesis was unable to compete)
Match 4: Lynzee Pike defeated Natalina Corvino
After Intermission Stephanie Grey was about to announce the Main Event when suddenly RWC Champion DJ Primetime's music hit. The Champ came out with Simply Delicious Dino & Curtis Cash to confront Eddie Brown about what happened last show. The champ said that Eddie Brown would pay for taking out his insurance policy, Silver Commando. f1rST Generation then came out to the aid of Eddie Brown. James Anthony said that if they have a problem with Eddie Brown they have a problem with them! If they wanted to fight then let's fight. Simply Delicious Dino then said the only way they would face them is if the Tag Team Titles were on the line. Eddie tried to talk them out of doing this but, Victor Andrews would say they take on all challengers so let's do this.
Semi Main: Simply Delicious Dino & Curtis Cash defeated f1rST Generation to become the New RWC Tag Team Champions after Dino hit a spinebuster on James for the win.
Main Event: RWC Jr. Heavyweight Championship match between Gem Stone & Caleb "The Caribbean Tiger" Nieves ended in a early NO CONTEST, when Joseph Everhart interfered. Just as the referees was about to eject Everheart, ROH Future of Honor Flex Simmonsmade a shocking return, coming to the aid of his good friend Gem Stone! Host Eddie Brown then said that he got a text from Commissioner Earl Hebner who decided to save the Jr Championship match for another day. Commissioner Earl Hebner made Joseph & Tiger vs Gem & Flex a new Main Event match. Just when it looked like Gem & Flex were gonna win Flex turned on Gem and joined forces with Joseph & Tiger! Flex Simmons began beating on Gem until Hangtyme, Lynzee Pike, Waylon Maze and a few others, all came to the aid of the falling Gem.
After the match was over Commissioner Earl Herber would text Eddie and make a huge Main Event for Feb 16th, Hangtyme & Gem Stone vs Flex Simmons & Caribbean Tiger.

Join us Feb 16th as we return to Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena as Ring Wars Carolina presents: Fatal Attraction

Monday, January 21, 2019

Next Event: RWC Presents "Eye of The Tiger" Lumberton NC February 2, 2019

Some people have money, some have looks! There comes a time in a persons life when they just have The Eye. In Ring Wars Carolina a man has claimed the eye and he has set his eye on The RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Gem Stone! This man has clawed and scratched his way to the top of the contendership mountain. He defeated Kris Nemesis and dethroned the unbreakable Drew Thomas in a training session that left doubts in the minds of others! This is a "Ruthless Vatu" for sure. The RWC Jr. Heavyweight champion, Gem Stone is not backing down from a challenge. Gem knows he is not the hunter but, the hunted. Gem Stone is ready for a fight and has stated to reporters," There is no animal that can beat a Rock! My efforts combined with all the Gems in the crowd, we will retain our rightful place as RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion!" Ladies and gents, there you have the Main Event for "Eye of the Tiger 2019" Challenger, Caleb "The Caribbean Tiger" Nieves vs. Champion, Gem Stone!

Event Results: "And It Starts" 2019

Appetizer: B.D. Productions defeated Leo Wolf & James Hardy
Stephanie Grey welcomed everyone to the show and then introduced the New RWC Heavyweight Champion DJ Primetime who came out and said he was going to give Nite-Stic Eddie Brown his rematch right here right now only if he could beat his insurance policy and then introduced Silver Commando, then Primetime informed the crowd that he just remembered Eddie won’t be here tonight cause he gave him the wrong address and then made referee James Hunter ring the bell and start the 10 count, suddenly Eddie Browns music hit and he came through the crowd looking angry and ready to fight.
Match 1: “Nite-Stic” Eddie Brown defeated Silver Commando with a small package 
After the match DJ Primetime took off and Eddie got on the mic saying that sooner or later Primetime will have to get in ring with him and he will get back his RWC Heavyweight Title 
Match 2: Caleb "The Caribbean Tiger" Nieves defeated Jay WolfeChristian Garrett & Wreckless Rankin in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match to become the # 1 Contender for the Jr Heavyweight Championship 
This was Christian Garrett & Wreckless Rankin RWC debut 
Match 3: 1/2 of the RWC Tag Team Champions James Anthonydefeated the debuting Kayden Pierre
After the match B.D Productions came out and attacked James Anthony making it clear they want the RWC Tag Team Championships 
Semi Main/RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship: Gem Stone defeated Kris Nemesis to retain the Jr Heavyweight Championship, after the match Tiger came out and attacked Gem Stone letting him know his days as champion are coming to an end
Before the match Joe Dough came out and freestyled Gem Stones new entrance theme 
Main Event/Mix Tag Team Match:
Hangtyme & Lynzee Pike defeated Curtis Cash & Natalina Corvino
Come out and join us on Feb 2nd in Lumberton NC as RWC presents "Eye of the Tiger"

Allison Danger Experience 2019

It was a great experience for all! Everyone learned something and had passages for their notebooks for sure. I want to say thank you to Allison Danger for sharing some of her wisdom to the brave souls who stepped out of there comfort zone and soaked up some knowledge! RWC Training Academy will always offer training from our professionals in the business. We have to keep evolving and we do so by having experienced veterans in and around as much as we can! Thank you Allison Danger!


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Next Event: "Allison Danger Experience" & "And It Starts"!

Come learn from one of the best Female minds in the business! Shimmer wasn't even a Sparkle without the mind and creativity of Allison Danger! Ladies and Gents, Here is your chance to impress the woman who sparks careers around the world! You can't beat the price for the experience and knowledge that will be spilled all over the canvas January 19, 2019 at Ring Wars Carolina Training Academy located 2845 Hope Mills Road in Hope Mills NC. doors open at 9 am he experience starts at 10 am. Come gain some insights and knowledge! Bring those notebooks!

And Then...

You can catch Ring Wars Carolina pro-wrestling live! You know how RWC does it! get there early cause the action is going to be hard hitting and heart pounding!