Monday, September 4, 2023

Next Event: "Jeepers Creepers"

Event Results: "Parents Just Don't Understand!"

Parents Just Don’t Understand Results:

10 Bell Salute for Mr Excellent, Bray Wyatt & Terry Funk

The Wrustlers then came out and made it clear that they would defend the RWC & AIWF Wrestling World Tag Team Championships, against any tag team that wanted to challenge them.

Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated Justin Storm
(After the Match Aaron Biggs would attack Rip Cannon, he would then make it clear to Dex Carter that he would keep attacking random superstars on the RWC Roster, Eddie Brown wasn't in attendance but we know Aaron was doing what Eddie told him to do)

Match 2: RJ Weaver defeated Mr Magnificent to become the #1 Contender for the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship

Dex Carter then came out and introduced the New AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Television Champion The “Playboy” Alex Bryant, Alex said he had to step away from RWC over the summer to focus on himself and focus on new goals, he did some shows with AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling and found himself challenging and winning the AIWF Television Championship. Rob Killjoy would interrupt Alex and say he came here to challenge him for the championship since he already beat Alex in the 2022 AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament. Alex being the fighting competitor that he is had no problem putting the Title on the on his first night back in RWC.

Match 3: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Rob Killjoy to retain the AIWF Mid Atlantic Television Championship
(After the match Gem Stone would come out and spear Alex and made it clear he wants a shot at the AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Television Championship)

James Anthony came to ring and called out Referee J Swae, James said he was sorry for attacking J-Swae at the 25th Anniversary Show, but he was only sorry he didn't attack J-Swae months ago. James would then show footage of previous matches J-Swae officiated of his where he was always on the losing end, once the tape was over James also informed J-Swae he heard he is now at the RWC Academy training with some of the other wrestlers on the roster, James asked J-Swae if he was looking to fight and started pushing and slapping him, J-Swae would say he didn't wanna fight and started to walk away, but James would then make inappropriate remarks to J-Swae's finace who was sitting in the crowd. J-Swae would then hit James with a DDT for the comments he was making, Dex Carter would come to the ring to calm down J-Swae but he would push Dex out of frustration, Dex then told J-Swae to get out of his building.

Match 4: Gem Stone defeated White Mike
(After the match The “Playboy” Alex Bryant would come out and hit a Seal The Deal on Gem Stone)

Semi Main: Audrey Allen defeated Sam Street to retain the RWC Women's Championship

Main Event: G Moniy defeated Hunter Raynor to retain the RWC Television Championship
(After the match a video played of Movie Myk challenging G-Moniy for the RWC Television Championship)

Join us on Oct 7th in Lumberton NC as RWC presents "Jeepers Creepers 2023"
Kids are welcome to a traditional trunk a trick but with a Jeep twist. Jeep a trck sponsored by 910 Jeeps! Pro-Wrestling by RWC with the Return Of The Candy Bowl rules! Come out and have fun and Jeep a Treat!

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Event Results: Remember The Titan


                   Remember The Titan  Results: 

Dex Carter comes out and welcomes everyone to the show and is interrupted by Nite-Stic Eddie Brown, Eddie disrespects the town of Pinebluff NC and guarantees victory tonight in the Main Event

Match 1: RJ Weaver defeated Justin Storm 

Match 2: Tyler Foshie defeated Rip Cannon to retain the SOM East TN Heavyweight Championship

Match 3: James Anthony defeated Jeff Klepper to retain the SOM Championship 

Match 4: Syde Effect defeated a returning Christian Rayo

Semi Main: The Wrustlers defeated The Suits to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship

Main Event: Titan Collins defeated Nite-Stic Eddie Brown 

(Eddie would pull the referee in the way of a Titan Splash in the corner, Eddie then tried to use a Brass Knucks but was hit with a Titan Bomb, Dex Carter then put on a Referee shirt and counted the pin giving Titan the win in front of his Hometown crowd.)

Join us on Sept 1st in Fayetteville NC at the Cumberland County Fair for "Fair Games" and then Sept 2nd in Lumberton NC at The King arena for "Parents Just don't Understand!"