Sunday, August 5, 2018

Next Event: "Fight For A Spartan" Dunn NC

My name is Susan Espinoza. I am 48 years old, and I am a breast cancer survivor….and Spartan Race saved my life. I do not win money.  I win a medal and a picture on the podium. 
  I want to show women across the country that you can do anything you put your mind to.  Even when you think cancer is going to take your life… it is not the end… you can push through it, heal, and become a better and stronger you. 
Thanks to Fit4Life in Dunn and Ring Wars Carolina for putting this "fun-raiser" together. A portion of the proceeds will go to help raise awareness to Breast Cancer Research. Please join us Aug 25th at 3pm as Fit4Life & RWC Pro-Wrestling presents "Fight For A Spartan"! 

Event Results: "20 years in the Making" RWC 20 year Anniversary!

RWC 20th Anniversary Show Results 
Match 1: Travis "Mason Jar" Dixon defeated Big Black Dude "Gem"
Match 2: RWC Tag Team Champions Airtime Rockerz retained there titles defeating Hang Tyme & Joseph Everhart 
& Vicious & Delicious
Semi Main/RWC No Limitz Championship Gauntlet Match:
RWC No Limitz Champion Drew Thomas defeated Kris Nemesis, Flex SimmonsDevin Worthy, Ash Aubrey, Lynzee Pike & James Anthonyto retain his championship
Order Of Entry 
#1 Flex Simmons
#2 Kris Nemesis
#3 Ash Aubrey
#4 Lynzee Pike
#5 Drew Thomas - (C)
#6 Devin Worthy
#7 James Anthony
Order Of Elimination
#1 Kris Nemesis eliminated Flex Simmons
#2 Ash Aubrey eliminated Kris Nemesis
#3 Ash Aubrey eliminated Lynzee Pike
#4 Drew Thomas eliminated Ash Aubrey
#5 Drew Thomas eliminated Devin Worthy
#6 Drew Thomas eliminated James Anthony
Sidenote: Dani Ferrera who was originally Lynzee Pike's opponent was unable to attend last nights event due to transportion issues which is why Lynzee Pike was allowed to enter the Gauntlet Match.
Main Event/RWC Heavyweight Championship:
RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown retained his championship defeating Chance Lebeaux
Join us Aug 25th in Dunn NC for Fight for a Spartan at Fit 4 Life with a 3pm Belltime as we put on a special benefit show for Cancer Survivor Susan Espinoza
Join us Sept 1st in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena as we present One Last Summer Fling Belltime 7pm

Monday, July 23, 2018

Upcoming Event: "20 years in the Making" RWC 20 year Anniversary!

As we all know by now, things happen overnite. But, 20 years ago Ring Wars Carolina put on their first show to the public. They have not looked back since then, as we can tell, now. One of the oldest bodies in NC and still kicking out great family entertainment, time and time again. Aug. 4, 2018 will be another step in the right direction. RWC will present "The 20th Anniversary" event in Lumberton NC @ Priscilla King Arena located on 612 2nd street. 

You will see The New Ring Wars Carolina Tag Team Champions, Airtime Rockers defend the titles against Vicious & Delicious. The new RWC No Limitz Champion, Drew Thomas will defend his fresh won crown against the winner of a 5 man gauntlet match. The return of female action and Dani fererra as she takes on Lynzee Pike. You will see the NEW RWC 4 County Champion & Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown, sit down at the Poker table with "The Gambler" Chance lebeaux. Hangtyme, Joseph Everhart and more RWC Superstars on The 20th Anniversary of Ring Wars Carolina!

When is this action taking place with family entertainment? Aug. 4, 2018 will be another step in the right direction. RWC will present "The 20th Anniversary" event in Lumberton NC @ Priscilla King Arena located on 612 2nd street. 

***If you want to get a discount on your tickets, you must prepay by PayPal/ with The friends & family option only! Make sure you put the names of the ticket holders in the note section. This will guarantee you 1st dibs on seating and $2 off the regular adult ticket only! Example 2 adults, 2 kids. Regular price is $30, discounted price is $26 plus first choice at front row seating! Get your tickets early cause these are 1st come, 1st serve & limited amount!

Aug. 4, 2018 will be another step in the right direction. RWC will present "The 20th Anniversary" event in Lumberton NC @ Priscilla King Arena located on 612 2nd street. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Event Results: "Showdown At The Saloon" in Wilmington NC

No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons def. Jay Wolf

Big Black Guy "Gem" def. Thomas Draven

Natalina Corvino def. Lynzee Pike

Airtime Rockers(New Champs) def. Joseph Everhart & Treize Genevese

Devin Worthy def. Chance Lebeaux (Tables Match)

RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown 
RWC 4 County Champion Drew Thomas 
RWC No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons
*Eddie Brown now has The RWC Heavyweight Championship & RWC 4 County Title
Drew Thomas def. Flex Simmons 
*Drew Thomas now is the RWC No Limitz Champion

Monday, July 9, 2018

Upcoming Event: "Showdown At The Saloon" City Limits Saloon in Wilmington NC

As we think back to all the events that were in Wilmington NC, one thing remains the Same! History was made out of it! They said RWC didn't belong in The Port City, fluke? NO, History! Return date won't ever happen! NO? HISTORY! "Showdown at The Saloon", History! You will see all the best RWC Superstars with the current Champions... Also we will combine talent with City Limits saloon! Everyone's favorite, DJ Tripp will be on the 1's & 2's and the amazing Jessycat will be our special host of the evening plus more!

**We're back! But this time it's a Saturday, not only can you come enjoy an amazing wrestling show with your kids--after the show, City Limits opens for Saturday night shenanigans!** I promise you don't want to miss this.. Big After Party planned, at City Limits!!!

Now at the Shooting Gallery:

"The Gamblin Man" himself , Chance Lebeaux returns to dish out some dirty deeds to "Port City's own Beach Bum"Devin Worthy.Devin plans to Wipe Out the dealers hand at the table! Big Surprise Stipulation in this match and it will be told at high tide, Are you ALL IN? Be there--City Limits Saloon on July 21st at 4pm. 

You will witness the return of the Airtime Rockers as they try to retain The RWC Tag Team Championships from the current champs, Hangtyme & Joseph Everhart. ATR have held these titles in the past and know what kind of attention you garner by wearing them around your waist. They want that same old feeling back! Hangtyme & Everhart have a battle on their hands but, they didn't become champions by losing to scrubs! Let's see who comes with the GAME FACE and walks out of Port City as RWC Tag Team Champions!!!

It's rematch time, "The Award Winning Author" Lynzee Pike wrote a whole chapter on her opponent after the first meeting, now she is going to write the credits! Natalina Corvino has other plans! After she beats her husband to a pulp, she is coming after Lynzee Pike! These women are tied 1-1 in a best of 3. Who is going to win the series, The Author or the Bully? You don't want to miss this match for nothing!!!

The Student, The Hometown Hero, The Undefeated one, Drew Thomas said something that struck a major nerve in The RWC Heavyweight Champion, "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown. Drew Thomas, who is the RWC 4 County Champion wants to test himself against the BEST in RWC! Drew wants a shot at the Prize, in his hometown! The RWC Championship has an open contract for RWC events, so this match is signed, sealed and promised to the fans in Wilmington NC. You will see for the first time, The RWC Heavyweight Championship held by "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown vs. The RWC 4 County Championship held by Drew Thomas! You don't want to sleep on this!!

We will see you July 21, 2018 @ City Limits Saloon located 28 S. Front street Wilmington NC. Doors open 4pm, Boots hit faces at 5pm sharp! Tickets are $8 in Advance by PayPal or $10 day of the event.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Event Results: Scars & Stripes Earl Hebner retires in RWC ring.

Appetizer: Big Black Dude "Gem" def. Thomas Draven

1)Ash Aubrey def. Donnie Ray 

2)Rage def. Travis "Mason Jar" Dixon

3)Lynzee Pike def. Natalina Corvino (Special Ref. Earl Hebner)

4) Simply Delicious Dino & Eric Fisher def. "Tough Guys" Bob Evans & Tim Hughs & Hangtyme & Joseph Everhart

5) Eddie Brown , Kris Nemesis & Drew Thomas def. Flex Simmons, James Anthony & Chance Lebeaux(Special Ref. Earl Hebner)

***6) Hangtyme def. Eddie Brown by DQ (Special Guest Ref. Earl Hebner)

Notes: Hall of Famer Road Warrior & Legion of Doom Member "Animal" started the event off by welcoming the crowd of Lumberton to Ring Wars Carolina. Animal said some nice words about his friend Earl Hebner who was leaving wrestling on his own terms!

    During the Ladies match, Special Guest Ref, Earl Hebner was knocked down in the corner. An unfamiliar, official face emerged from the back and checked on Earl Hebner. Lynzee Pike went for a roll up and the new ref made the count, 1,2,3! During the post interview it was reveal that the unknown ref was none other than Katie Hebner, daughter of Earl Hebner.

    Simply Delicious Dino & Eric Fisher won the 3 way tag team match and will receive a RWC Tag Team Title match on the next show which happens to be the 20th Anniversary event.

Eddie Brown got the win in the main eventful his team of Kris Nemesis & Drew Thomas. After the match, Earl Hebner had a request before we closed the show. 

***Earl Hebner requested Eddie Brown wrestle Hangtyme for the RWC Title, tonite and he would ref it! Eddie Brown was not happy about this request being granted due to the fact he just wrestled in a 6 man match. During the course of the match Eddie kept getting onto Hebner about his slow count. Hangtyme started to get the best of Eddie. Eddie went back into his mean ways and hit Hangtyme with a low blow. Earl Hebner saw it and called for the end of the match. Eddie Brown confronted Earl Hebner and actually pushed Hebner 3 times. Hebner got mad and hit Eddie Brown with a stiff clothesline and covered him for a Hangtyme 3 count. The crowd went crazy for this finish. 

Earl Hebner and Eddie Brown apologized to each other and calmer heads prevailed. Earl Hebner presented Hangtyme and Eddie Brown Official Ref shirts, right off of his own back. In one of the most rememmorable things you can do as a retiring sports entertainer ever is retire from the sport of wrestling by leaving your boots in the ring. The highest honor is having these boots given to you by the retiring person. Earl Hebner presented his Black, Alligator skin, Stagecoach made wrestling boots to Nite-Stic Eddie Brown! 

Next Event:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ring Wars Carolina presents "Scars & Stripes" in Lumberton NC w/ HOF'ers Earl Hebner & Road Warrior Animal

Ring Wars Carolina has out done its self, AGAIN! July 7, 2018 RWC Presents " Scars & Stripes" wrestling event but you, come and celebrate 100 years in the Wrestling Business with Hall of Fame ref Earl Hebner! This WILL be his last wrestling event in NC! He is hanging up the Boots! You will also get an opportunity to meet Hall of Fame & The Legion of Doom member Road Warrior Animal! This is HISTORY in the making and you can be apart of it in The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC on July 7, 2018! Lets Make History, together! Oh, What A Rush!

Training Seminar Alert: Hall of Famer "Road Warrior" Animal Animal is coming to Ring Wars Carolina Training Academy to educate the up and comers and the vets on the inner workings of Pro-Wrestling. You don't want to miss this opportunity to sit under the The LearningTree of this Hall of Famer! This is the 1st chance you will get this opportunity. Slots are filling up fast! Get yours now and save $10 bucks! The cost is $30 before July 1 and $40 afterwards. Get your fee in quick by sending it via PayPal In the Memo just add: Animal seminar. Do it fast cause 30 spots will sell fast at this price!