Monday, August 7, 2017

Upcoming Event: Nite-Stic Birthday Bash & Priscilla King Tag Team Tournament

Epic Event!
       Nite-Stic Eddie Brown will be celebrating his 21st Birthday with his extended family this year! Come celebrate with him  on September 15, 2017. There will be free food while it last! You will see the New 4 County Champion Ash Aubry defend his title against Waylon Maze, X-James and Syde Effect! The Sinister Circle, Curtis Cash & Kris Nemesis in action. James Anthony and Everyones favorite, "The Undefeated One" Drew Thomas! Come get your picture with All the superstars and  don't forget, FREE FOOD WHILE IT LAST! This is the Nite-Stic Birthday Bash, September 15, 2017!

*****General Manager Primetime's decision on the RWC Tag Team Championships*****
      Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen to all those that were in attendance Saturday night. August 5, 2017 in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena you saw both Encore and Waylon Maze feet hit the floor at the same time, in the final moments of the Tag Team Title Battle Royal. Both James Hunter & Seth could not determine who's feet hit first and the match was considered a No Contest. I was not there to witness it but, as General Manager I was watching by live stream. I called an emergency meeting with the RWC board and we have decided that on Sept Sept 16th we are going to have a Tag Team Title Tournament to crown new champions. It will feature 8 Teams and there will be NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
      You can't miss this weekend! Nite-Stic Eddie Brown Birthday Bash with free food while it last! Matches featuring the RWC Superstars and Pre show jam! September 16, 2017 GM, Primetime has declared the 1st time, Priscilla King Tag Team Tournament. The best tag teams have been added to this event. You don't want to miss this weekend of fast-paced, action-packed, family entertainment! See you in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena @ 612 2nd street Lumberton NC!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Show Results: "WarGamez"

Johnny Flawless defeated Fin

RWC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE ROYAL resulted in a NO CONTEST when Encore & Waylon Maze's feet both touched at the same time

Ash Aubrey defeated Devin Worthy but TKO to become the NEW 4 County Champion

Team Nitestic Defeated Sinister Circle in Wargamez

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Upcoming Event: "WarGamez" 19 yrs in the making

A War is what you want, then a War is what you will get! Lumberton NC, The Priscilla King Arena will be the Battlegrounds for this epic battle! first you will witness the 1st ever Battle Royal with Tag Team rules! All the Top teams have expressed interest and will be attending! The 4 county champion Devin Worthy defends his title against the Man who won the rights by going thru a bunch of people, Ash Aubrey. Plus you will see the other RWC superstars gearing up for battle. 

Let the games begin! Team Nite-Stic will do battle with Sinister Circle! Drew "The Undefeated One" Thomas has changed sides, Ya'll! What will Team Nite-Stic do now since they are 1 short. Best thing to do is not worry and keep training! 

Saturday Night, August 5, 2017 in Lumberton NC, this will be Epic! 2 rings, 10 guys, what is gonna happen? Blood Sweat & many tears will be shed! And along with all that, You will get to witness the GREAT SOUNDS of LOTE! 5 pc. band from Florence SC, coming to rock at 5:30pm. What a great 19 year anniversay gift!

Show Results: Scars & Stripes

July 1st Scars N Stripes Results 
Xjames defeated Luke Grimes
RWC Heavyweight Champion Victor Andrews defeated Daniel Messina to retain 
Kris Nemesis & Rage defeated Syde Effect & RWC 4 County Champion Devin Worthy
RWC No Limitz Champion James Anthony & Drew Thomas ended in a No Contest due to outside interference from Team Cash 
Wargamez Advantage Match: Curtis Cash defeated Nite-Stic Eddie Brown

Next Event: WarGamez

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Upcoming Event: "Scars & Stripes"

       As you probably already have heard, " WarGamez" has hit Lumberton with a vengeance! Eddie Brown & Curtis Cash will pick a team and WAR will ensue! What team will get the       advantage of firing the 1st shot? This match will determine just that! Captain vs. Captain for the Advantage spot! No Limitz Champion, James Anthony defending against "The Undefeated One" Drew Thomas! Someone will leave either heavier or Lighter for sure! The Huge 4 way Tag Team match. Punks of Society vs Noise Pollution vs. Beauty & The Bum vs. Manstache MainEvent is gonna be fire! Plus you will see 4 County Champion Devin Worthy, Syde Effect, Ash Aubrey and "The Wild child" Kris Nemesis in action! Special debut by Hook Robinson. All this and more coming to you LIVE July 1, when Ring Wars Carolina presents "Scars & Stripes" 612 2nd street, Lumberton NC doors swing open 6pm and action @ 7pm!

Show Results: Legal Consequences

Johnny Flawless pinned Johnny Fulls

4 County Championship
Devon Worthy(C) pinned Curtis Cash

"Battle of the Monsters"
Rage vs. Syde Efx ended in A DQ

"NC Grudge match"
Hangtyme pinned X James

"Tag Team Main-Event"
Nite-Stic Eddie Brown & Drew Thomas
Chance Lebeaux & Kris Nemesis

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Upcoming Event; 1st Responders Appreciation

RWC presents 1st Responders Appreciation! Calling EMS, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, If you help the Public we want to appreciate you. Everyone gets in for a 50% discount. Special giveaways and a great night of Pro-wrestling provided by Ring Wars Carolina! Come out and support local sports and show some love to the LOCAL SUPERSTARS yes, you our 1st responders!!!!! See you June 17, 2017 @ The Well 1024 Southern Avenue Fayetteville NC! Doors swing open at 5pm Action starts promptly at 6pm!

Be there also to get your hands on a very special raffle ticket. 1st prize is a $500 dollar gift card to New Addiction Tattoo 2nd prize is Dinner & Movie with Bubba's 33 and Carmike theater. 3rd prize is $40 dollar gift card at TLC Carwash! As you can see below, hot of the press! $5 for 1 ticket or 3 for $10. You do not have to be present to win! Not just a show but, an Event! See you June 17, 2017 @ The Well 1024 Southern Avenue Fayetteville NC! Doors swing open at 5pm Action starts promptly at 6pm!