Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Next Event: Platinum Opportunity

The Gold has been won and or lost. What is better than gold you say? Platinum! This opportunity was fought far! This chance was not given to anyone. He who wins the platinum, wins the opportunity to fight for the Ring Wars Carolina Heavyweight Championship! Who is your platinum Pick?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Event Results: 41st Annual Water festival in White Lake NC

1st show
Gem Stone defeated Lestat
Jr. Heavyweight championship
The Caribbean Tiger defeated 1/2 of the RWC Tag Team Champions Curtis Cash
Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe in a Open Challenge Match 

2nd show
Lestat defeated Curtis Cash
Jay Wolf defeated Gem Stone
Jr. Heavyweight championship
Lynzee defeated RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion "The Caribbean Tiger" by DQ

3rd show
Curtis Cash defeated Jay Wolf
Gem Stone & Lynzee Pike defeated Lestat & RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion The Caribbean Tiger with a double figure 4

Join us on June 1st in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena for Platinum Opportunity!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Next Event: 41st Water festival @ White Lake NC

Come out and enjoy the 41st Water-festival in beautiful What Lake NC! RWC will be on hand for great family style wrestling action!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Event Results:: Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity Results
Match 1: James Anthony defeated Big Bite to advance to the Semi Finals of the Golden Opportunity Tournament.
Match 2: "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews defeated Joseph Everhart to advance to the Semi Finals of the Golden Opportunity Tournament. 
Stephanie Grey would call out former RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Gem Stone and asked him how he was holding up since losing the championship last month. Gem said he has been working out and training harder than ever before because, on June 1st he has been granted a rematch by GM Earl Hebner & The Championship committee. He then would announce that GM Earl Hebner had emailed him earlier in the day and said that he would be taking someones spot tonight in the Golden Opportunity Tournament.
Match 3: RWC Tag Team Champions The Misfits would retain the titles against Skinny Dudes With Attitudes by DQ when Tyler would low blow Simply Delicious Dino.
Match 4: Lynzee Pike would pin the debuting Selena Rose with a back slide. After the match Selena's boyfriend, Jacob Ryan would get in the ring and threatened to punch Lynzee while Selena held her. Jay Wolfe would come to her rescue cleaning house and clearing the ring of Selena & Jacob.
Semi Main: Flex Simmons defeated Kris Nemesis with the Full Nelson submission hold to advance to the Semi Finals of the Golden Opportunity Tournament. 
Stephanie would call out the New RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Caleb Caribbean Tiger Nieves and asked him about what Gem Stone said earlier in the night. Tiger said he was not happy that Gem was getting A spot in the Tournament when he defeated him last month. The Caribbean Tiger then said its cool cause he will make sure Gem is the winner of his match! 
Main Event: Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince would defeat Gem Stone by DQ to advance to the Semi Finals of the Golden Opportunity Tournament when, The Caribbean Tiger came out and purposely punch Kaydin, getting Gem automaticlly disqualified, after the match Gem Stone would let Tiger know that on June 1st he is coming for him and his Jr Heavyweight Championship
NEXT SHOW is June 1st entitled Platinum Opportunity in Lumberton NC at the Prisiclla King Arena.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Next Event: "Golden Opportunity"

Some days you wish for things to go your way. Sometimes you put faith in prayers and wait for answers to appear. Here in Ring Wars Carolina, you have to claw and scratch for a chance to compete for the brass ring. This is such a time. May 4th in Lumberton NC, 8 warriors will start the journey to compete in the biggest match of their lives. 8 of the best will do battle in The Priscilla King Arena, 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC, just to have The....Golden Opportunity!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Event Results: Wrestlemania 35 Party

Event Results:
Toby Mac def. Jay Wolf

Kris Nemesis def. Lestat

RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion "The Caribbean Tiger 
Lynzee Pike

GOUGE Heavyweight Champion Snooty Fox def. Kevin Phoenix

Next Event: 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Next Event: "Wrestlemania 35 Extravaganza"

What better way to start your Wrestlemania 35 day but with some family and friends with Live Pro-wrestling, Chicken Wings and Adult beverages for the adults and Bounce houses for the kids!We got it all covered with help from our friends @ The Wing Company at 7071 A Raeford road! A party aint a wrestle mania party without RWC! & The Wing company!