Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Next Event: "A Nite-Mare on 2nd St."

This Saturday, Ring Wars Carolina will be walk down "Nite-Mare on 2nd street". Whats gonna happen when The RWC Superstars collide in the squared circle, ACTION! Now add watching Jason battle Freddy. Chuckie walking out with his bride as ring announcers! You have to witness this in person! If your costume is the best, you get a prize! Come on now, you know we didn't forget the lil ghost and Goblins! Free Trick or Treat candy for all while it last! You can't beat this event! See you live and in person on 612 Nite-Mare on 2nd street in Ghostly filled Lumberton NC!


Event Results: "AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament" 2022

         AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament 2022 Results:
2018 AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament Winner & Host James Anthony opened the show and hyped the crowd to kick off the night.
Appetizer: RWC Tag Team Champions The Wrustlers defeated Xander Keys & Popo The Clown
Match 1/First Round: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated John Matthews
Match 2/First Round: Draven Lee defeated Kay Holiday
Match 3/First Round: Mickey Fulp defeated Hunter Raynor
Match 4/First Round: Rob Killjoy defeated Codename FLX
Match 5/Semi Finals: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Mickey Fulp
Match 6/Semi Finals: Rob Killjoy defeated Draven Lee
Semi Main/RWC Television Championship: Kaydin Pierre defeated Mr Magnificent to retain the championship
Main Event/AIWF Krazy 8 Finals: Rob Killjoy defeated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant to become the 2022 AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament Winner
(James Anthony distracted the referee and that allowed Kaydin Pierre blast Alex in the knee with the Television Championship)
Be sure to check back on this page over the next several months as information for the 2023 AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament will be announced.


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Next Event: "AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament"


The AIWF Krazy 8 tournament will be September 24th in Lumberton, NC hosted by AIWF member Ring Wars Carolina at the King Arena located at 612 2nd street in beautiful Lumberton NC. These are the 8 men going for the 2022 trophy:
Jake Painter- Jake is making his debut in Krazy 8 and is a regular in mid-west. Jake is a good young kid whose brand is rising. He always puts in 100 % and wins more than he loses. He is looking to get this win and add it to a growing resume.
Hunter Raynor- Hunter is 1-1 in Krazy 8 having competed last year. He will be a hometown favorite as he is a graduate of RWC Dojo and regularly competes for them in this very building. Hunter is only 20 years old and already a 4 year veteran of pro wrestling. He is looking to win and send fan’s home happy in 2022!
Draven Lee- The freak as he is known is making his aiwf krazy 8 debut. He competes regularly all over the southeast and is one more well rounded guy as he can fight, wrestle and fly. He is looking to make a statement and go for the win.
John Matthews- John is a young talent who is making a name for himself in Carolinas. He has been successful as a tag team guy and is coming into his own as a singles competitor. One of the bigger guys in this tournament he has been training hard to take on whomever he has to take on.
Rob Killjoy- Rob is the most experienced talent in this tournament and is very well known for his association with the ugly ducklings touring the country. Rob is very well rounded and a smart competitor who is a challenge for anyone.
Alex Bryant- Alex has the most momentum going into krazy 8 having recently won AIWF Top Gun Tournament. He is looking to do it again with the Krazy 8. Alex is well rounded and knows RWC Crowd and Arena well. What advantage will that give him?
Mickey Fulp- Mickey is a former AIWF World Cruiserweight Champion. He made it to the finals of the 2021 AIWF Krazy 8 before losing to Jayce Karr. He is focused on winning in 2022!
Jay Malachi- Jay is a high flying teenage wrestling superstar who has wrestled up and down the east coast already. This is his 1st time coming to Krazy 8 and he is looking to go home with the trophy. He is well rounded and energetic.
Who do you think is going home 2022 AIWF Krazy 8 Champion?

Krazy 8 All-Time Records:
James Anthony 5-3
Teddy King 4-2
Ray Fury 3-0
Jayce Karr 3-0
Cassidy Stone 3-0
Dragon Shynron(Zenshi) 3-0
Alex Avgerinos 3-0
Bolt Brady 3-0
Chris Severn 3-0
TJ Cannon 3-0
Kameron Kade 3-3
Aaron Epic 2-0-1
Jimmy Rave- 2-1
Ethan Case 2-1
Adan Reyes 2-1
Christopher Shane 2-1
Mickey Fulp 2-1
Cedric Alexander 2-2
Justin Flash 2-2
Velvet Jones 2-2-1
Drew Game 2-4
Menace 1-1
Hunter Raynor 1-1
Chase Jordan 1-1
Tracer X 1-1
Lee Moriarty 1-1
Brian Caige 1-1
Cameron Cage 1-1
Geoffrey Bravo 1-1
Pestilence 1-1
Jason Collins 1-1
Trent Wylde 1-1
Jaden Newman 1-1
Kyle Matthews 1-2
Shawn Phoenix 0-1
Frankie Swamptower 0-1
Mr. Magnificent 0-1
Jacob Ryan 0-1
Raymo 0-1
Diego Hill 0-1
Chris Chabers 0-1
Robyn Golphin 0-1
JT Smooth 0-1
Jersey Kid 0-1
Dennis Reaper 0-1
Mighty Mo 0-1
Troy Stevens 0-1
Hippy Dicky Moon 0-1
Evan Atlas 0-1
Gabby Gilbert 0-1
2Dxtreme 0-1
James Reno 0-1
Brian Danzig 0-1
Knuckles 0-1
Brandon Espinoza 0-1
Mason Myles 0-1
Bobby Yela 0-1
Matt Saigon 0-1
Court Montgomery 0-1
Matt Gilbert 0-1
Alex Kai(Wheeler Yuta) 0-1
AJ Daniels 0-1
David Anthony 0-1
Phil Stamper 0-2

Monday, September 5, 2022

Event Results: Headlocks for Huntington's Disease

Headlocks For Huntingtons Disease Results:
DJ Primetime made his return to Ring Wars Carolina, and introduced Dex Carter who then introduced the 2022 AIWF Wrestling Top Gun Tournament Winner The “Playboy” Alex Bryant. Alex thanked Nite-Stic Eddie Brown, "The Caribbean Tiger", Ring Wars Carolina Academy and the fans for always believing in him. He then said he plans to win the 2022 AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament and then the RWC Television Championship.
Match 1: Alex Bryant defeated Popo The Clown
(After the match Pink Gang 2.0 would attacked Alex)
Match 2: Jason "The Gift" Kincaid defeats Tyler Jaxx
Match 4: The Wrustlers defeats Pink Gang 2.0 to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship
(Alex Bryant came out and distracted Kaydin)
Match 5: Mr Magnificent defeated Caribbean Tiger, Codename FLX (Flex Simmons) & Mulato X to become the #1 Contender for the RWC Television Championship
(Mr Magnificent vs Kaydin Pierre will take place on Sept 24th)
Match 6: G Moniy defeated DNA
(After the match G-Moniy was gonna announce the championship he would challenge for, but was interrupted by Gem Stone who challenged G-Moniy for his Golden Opportunity Winnings which G-Moniy accepted)
Semi Main: Maurice Moss defeated Gem Stone
(Gem would attack Maurice after the match but G-Moniy made the save)
Main Event: Fodder(CYN) defeated Silas Young(ROH) to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship.

***Join us Sept 24th in Lumberton NC as RWC will host the 2022 Krazy 8 Tournament***

***Oct 1st for Nightmare on 2nd St.


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Next Event: "Headlocks for Huntington's Disease"


Ring Wars Carolina is so happy to do fundraisers especially, when it hits home! RWC felt that this would be the perfect time to present this event to a family that has unselfishly given to this community.  Please come out and support RWC as we put "Headlocks on Huntington's Disease"! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Next Event: "Back To School Bash" & " Headlocks 4 Huntington's Disease"

OutBack ATV & MX Park 
"Back To School Bash" 
w/ Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling LLC

And Then its off to Lumberton NC for the Biggest Fundraiser yet!

For immediate release
Ring Wars Carolina  
rwcoffice@hotmail.com Champions for HD  
www.championsforhd.org championsforhd@gmail.com
Ring Wars Carolina to team up with Champions for HD
Ring Wars Carolina (RWC) to host a fundraiser for Champions for HD
Lumberton, NC - On Saturday, September 3, 2022, Ring Wars Carolina will be holding a professional wrestling event to raise money for Champions for HD. RWC has been around for twenty-four (24) years. RWC runs a monthly television taping in Lumberton, North Carolina as well as the surrounding areas. Ring Wars Carolina can be seen on the King Network TV powered by Roku as well as on YouTube.
Champions for HD (Champions) was established in 2018. Their goals are to promote Huntington’s Disease (HD) awareness, provide financial support for HD research, and support families impacted by HD. Since 2018, Champions has raised over $60,000 and assisted seventy (70) families. Champions have given donations to The Shepard’s Gift: GM1 for HD and a not-for-profit HD research facility. Champions for HD has purchased motorized wheelchairs and handicap-accessible vans for families that have a loved one suffering from HD.
Huntington’s Disease is a neurological disorder passed genetically. Huntington’s Disease has been described as having Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), Parkinson’s, and Dementia at the same time. There are medications that can manage the symptoms of HD; however, there is no cure. Approximately 41,000 Americans are symptomatic with more than 200,000 people at risk of inheriting Huntington’s Disease.
Seven matches will take place that evening. The main event will be for the RWC Heavyweight Championship. Ring of Honor’s Silas Young will challenge current RWC Heavyweight champion Fodder from Ring Wars Carolina and Control Your Narrative.
Adult tickets are $15.00. Tickets for children from six to ten are $10.00. Children under the age of six are free. The event will be held at the King Arena located at 612 E 2nd St in Lumberton, North Carolina. Doors will open at 6:00 P.M. and bell time will be at 7:00 P.M. There will be a free meet and greet before the event starts.

By: Johnathan Darwin (Voice of RWC Battlegrounds)


Sunday, August 7, 2022

Event Results: 24 year Anniversary

24th Anniversary Show Results:
Appetizer: Maurice Moss in his RWC debut defeated Christian Rayo
Match 1: The Wrustlers & Mulato X defeated Smash The Mat & Flex Simmons
Match 2: Syde Effect defeated Simply Delicious Dino by DQ
(Christian Rayo came out and attacked Syde Effect with a chair causing the DQ, Dino would spinebuster Christian for costing him the match.)
Match 3: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant scored the biggest win of his career thus far, by defeating "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews in a Last Man Standing Match by hitting the Seal The Deal off a Ladder.
Match 4: James Anthony defeated Hunter Raynor to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship.
Semi Main: Marcus Kross in his RWC debut defeated Gem Stone with a small package, after the match Gem Stone would attack Marcus but G Moniy would come out for the save.
Main Event: Fodder defeated Brady Pierce to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship

Join us on Aug 27th in Laurinburg NC at Outback ATV & MX Park at 4pm for a special Back To School Bash celebration and then on Sept 3rd in Lumberton NC at The King arena as Ring Wars Carolina helps raise money for Huntington Disease when RWC presents Headlocks For Huntington Disease. 

Friday, July 22, 2022

Next Event: 24 year Anniversary AEW Superstar Marcus Kross from The "HEELs" and AEW Superstar Marcus

Right out of the corner office of the NEW Owner of Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling LLC, 
"Dex Carter" has made a statement!

"The 24 year Anniversary event is going to be spectacular and it is just the beginning!"
You're going to see all the Top Superstars in RWC in action and MORE!
A Huge 6 man match & A Last Man Standing Encounter.
All the RWC Titles will be on the line for this huge event.

Dex Carter wants to see if Gem Stone is ready to step up to the next level of Competition! Dex Carter has employed some help from a young man who is making himself relevant in the eyes of wrestling fans everywhere. Marcus Kross has been seen on AEW pro-wrestling a lot lately. Now Marcus Kross has a chance to prove to the world that he is ready and able to defeat the big guys! Gem Stone will be looking to make a statement to the new Boss, Dex Carter 

Coming fresh off heels of filming, The hit feature "HEELS", Brady Pierce wants a shot at the Ring Wars Carolina Championship, currently being held by Fodder. Brady Pierce is no Stunt Double in the squared circle but neither is his opponent! Fodder who is a main staple in the Phenomenon, "Control Your Narrative" series has been going on a legit tour with the RWC title by defending it night after night! Let's see who can walk away with the RWC Title! 

All this and more coming Saturday August 6, 2022 in beautiful Lumberton North Carolina. The King Arena will display all the action, located at 612 2nd street. Doors swing open at 6pm for a Meet & Greet with all the superstars and action starts at 7pm! Don't be late cause this one will be packed!


Monday, July 18, 2022

Event Results: Scars & Stripes 2022

Scars & Stripes 2022 Results:
Due to a family emergency CW Anderson was unable to wrestle as scheduled, he apologizes and we send our prayers to his family.
**Nite-Stic Eddie Brown started off the night by saying he sold Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling LLC. and introduced us to the new owner Dexter Carter, Eddie said he might not be in charge anymore but is now free to do whatever he wants! Will we see wrestle again, maybe!
Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated PoPo The Clown
Match 2: John Washington & Christian Rayo defeated The Wrustlers by DQ, when Syde Effect made an appearance and attacked Christian Rayo.
Match 3: Flex Simmons defeated Caribbean Tiger
(After the match both men shook hands as a show of respect)
Dexter Carter along with James Anthony announced that on Sept 24th in Lumberton NC Ring Wars Carolina will Host the 2022 AIWF Wrestling AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament. James Anthony announced he would be the nights Special Guest Host and Dex Carter announced it would feature RWC's own Alex Bryant & Hunter Raynor.
(After the match James would attack Hunter Raynor with a chair and target his right leg, James was looking to snap Hunter's ankle but all referee's came out and prevented James from doing further damage.)
After the match The “Playboy” Alex Bryant also had some choice words for his opponent on Aug 20th. Playa was sitting front row during the Tag Team match scouting Alex. These men will meet in Mt Airy NC in the finals of the AIWF Wrestling Top Gun Tournament at the 25th Anniversary Deal with the Steel inside a Steel Cage.
Main Event: Kaydin Pierre defeated G Moniy & Gem Stone to retain the RWC Television Championship.
(Gem Stone came out before the match and announced since his opponent CW Anderson wasn't here, he would add himself to the match and win the Television Championship)
Join us on Aug 6th in Lumberton NC at The King Arena, when Ring Wars Carolina presents the 24th Anniversary Show.