Sunday, March 17, 2019

Event Results: "Luck and Envy"

                                                                     Luck & Envy Results 
Stephanie Grey came out and welcomed everyone to the show and then announced our Guest Host of the evening James Anthony. James came out and welcomed everyone to the show and was ready to let Stephanie announce the first match when he was interrupted by the FireStar Pro Wrestling students. James RyanTga Alexander MossKent “The Alpha” Wolf & Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince. They said that they were the better training school/promotion and where willing to prove it. They challenged 4 of RWC's best to a 8 Man Tag Team Elimination Match.
Match 1: Big Bite, in his RWC debut defeated the returning Johnny Flawless
After the match James welcomed the New RWC Heavyweight Champion, Nite-Stic Eddie Brown. James asked Eddie how did he feel about becoming the Champion once again, but Eddie didn't wanna talk about that he wanted to talk about the FSPW guys coming to invade RWC. James asked him would he be representing Team RWC tonight in the 8 Man Tag Team Match. He said yes and that he was making himself the Captain. RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion, Gem Stone came out and said that he wanted to be apart of Team RWC also but wanted to be the Captain. Gem stone told Eddie Brown that he wanted him to take the night off so that he could show and prove that he can lead the team to victory. This brought out Flex Simmons who said he was joining the team but, was gonna be the Captain because he has been in the company longer and without him Gem Stone would be a nobody! This started a shoving war between the too but, James told them both that if they wanna win they have to put there differences aside and work together, and go in the back and find 2 more partners to round out the team. 
Match 2: RWC Tag Team Champions Simply Delicious Dino & Curtis Cashdefeated B.D. Productions Fan Page to retain the titles
Match 3: The returning Kris Nemesis defeated the debuting Chase Jordan
DJ Primetime came out after Intermission and said that he will get his revenge on Eddie Brown for taking the RWC Heavyweight Championship from him at a Private Show over the weekend and that sooner or later he will get his title back
Semi Main: Hangtyme defeated Toby Ray 
Main Event/8 Man Tag Team Elimination Match:
Team RWC: Gem Stone, Flex Simmons, Jay Wolfe & The Caribbean Tiger defeated Team FSPW: James Ryan, TGA Moss, Kent "The Alpha" Wolf & "Pink Prince" Kaydin Pierre
Gem Stone was the Sole Survivor
Before the match got Started Gem Stone would pick Jay Wolfe and James Anthony to be on the team but The Caribbean Tiger came out and said that he hates Gem Stone & Lumberton NC but he loves RWC and then asked James for his spot to prove that he can be a team player, James gave him his spot but said if he cost RWC or Gem Stone this match that he would have to deal with him 1 on 1.
1st: Flex Simmons (RWC) by Kaydin Pierre (FSPW)
2nd: Jay Wolfe (RWC) by Kent Wolf (FSPW)
3: Kent Wolf (FSPW) by Gem Stone (RWC)
4: Kaydin Pierre (FSPW) by The Carribean Tiger (RWC)
5: The Carribean Tiger (RWC) walked out on Gem Stone 
6: TGA Moss (FSPW) by Gem Stone (RWC)
7: James Ryan (FSPW) by Gem Stone (RWC)
After the match The Caribbean Tiger returned to the ring and a brawl between him and Gem Stone took place. Security and officials tried to break up the fight but were unsuccessful. The locker cleared and the two where seperated, James Anthony then got a email from General Manager Earl Hebner stating that he watched the Main Event and was happy for Team RWC being successful. He saw what just took place with Gem & Tiger and decided to make this match for April 6th, Gem Stone defending the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship against The Carribean Tiger and this will be a LumberJack Match!
Our next scheduled event will be on April 6th entitled "Now or Never" at the Priscilla King Arena in Lumberton NC.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Next Event: Luck & Envy

RWC superstars return to Lumberton NC March 16, 2019 with "Luck and Envy" pro-wrestling. This event will play host to some pro wrestlers who use either good LUCK or extreme ENVY to gain a spot on the RWC roster. This is a proverbial open mic night for wrestlers to compete in The Priscilla King Arena. Who will appear? Who will they challenge? You have to be there to find out!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Event Results: " March Madness"

Appetizer: Toby Ray defeated "Pretty Boy" Lane
Match 1: Curtis Cash with DJ Primetime defeated 
Steam Punk Myzery
Match 2: B&D Productions defeated Anime Kid & Jay Wolfe
Match 3: Simply Delicious Dino with DJ Primetime & Curtis Cash defeated Victor Andrews with James Anthony
(After the match Nite-Stic Eddie Brown challenged DJ Primetime to a match for the RWC Heavyweight Championship)
Main Event: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Gem Stone won the Gauntlet Match by DQ 
1st: Gem Stone defeated Joseph Everhart with a Spear
2nd: Gem Stone defeated Flex Simmons with a Schoolboy
3rd: Gem Stone defeated Caleb "The Caribbean Tiger" Nieves by DQ for the win
(After the match was over all 3 men tried to jump Gem after the match but Gem was able to fight back and clean house to end the show.)

Join us on March 16th back in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena when RWC presents Luck & Envy which will also be a Showcase where we will see a few new faces who want to become apart of the RWC roster.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Next Event: RWC Presents "March Madness"

Its playoff time for some and its history making time for others! Teams you have never seen or heard of are starting to get your attention. In RWC, its play maker time, it's Game changer moments that make history! It's "March Madness" in Ring Wars Carolina! March 2, 2019, RWC will be on fire in the Priscilla King Arena in Lumberton NC. Titles will be defended, Stars will travel from a far to get a shot at the buzzer beater! You have to witness this event, LIVE!!! See you there, March 2nd at 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC at The Priscilla King Arena for RWC presents "March Madness 2019"!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Event Results: "Fatal Attraction"

Nite-Stic Eddie Brown came out as the host of the show and then introduced our ring announcer Stephanie Grey
Before the next match could get started The Caribbean Tiger came out and said that Hangtyme wouldnt make it to the show tonight cause he already took out with the help of Flex Simmons before the show, Gem Stone then came out and said that he has talked to Hangtyme and yes he won't be able to make it to the show, So Gem said how about him and Tiger go one on one like it was supposed to be last show, Flex Simmons came out and said no he came here to fight and that's what they will do in a 2 on 1 Handicap match and then slaps Gem in the face, Eddie Brown told Gem there are plenty of guys in the back who would be willing to be his partner and not let him go 2 on 1, Gem then said to Eddie if he is gonna beat them he will need help from the 10x RWC Heavyweight Champion then and asked Eddie to be his partner and Eddie agreed.
Match 2: Josh Young defeated The Playmaker : Tyler Foshie in Tyler’s RWC debut 
Match 3: Curtis Cash defeated James Anthony after the referee was knocked out and Cash hit a DDT on a chair for the win
Match 4: Lynzee Pike & Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince went to a 10min Time Limit DRAW in a Huntertakers You Ref It Fan Match
Main Event: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Gem Stone & Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Flex Simmons & Caleb "The Caribbean Tiger" Nieves after Gem hit a spear on Tiger for the win
Join us March 2nd back at the Priscilla King Arena in Lumberton NC

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Next Event: RWC Presents "Fatal Attraction"

Doors: 6pmAppetizer: 6:45pmBelltime: 7pm
Once brothers from a different mother and now enemies! Flex Simmons went on to become The Future of Honor in Ring of Honor and Gem Stone became the RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Flex back stabbed Gem Stone with his new friends, The Caribbean Tiger and Joseph Everheart. These 3 men have set their sites on The RWC Jr. Heavyweight champion and his mentor, The RWC Superstar Hangtyme. Ladies and Gentlemen, All these men were friends at one time. They all took different paths to get to the same destination. The train stops here! February 16, 2019 in the Priscilla King Arena located 612 2nd street Lumberton NC at 7pm! These guys are either gonna hug it out or Stomp it out, either way it's " Fatal Attraction!"
Scheduled to appear:
Waylon Maze
James Anthony
1/2 of the New RWC Tag Team Champions Curtis Cash
Lynzee Pike
“Nite-Stic” Eddie Brown
Jay Wolfe

Matches Already Announced:
Main Event: Hangtyme & RWC Jr Heavyweight Champions Gem Stone vs The Caribbean Tiger and Flex Simmons
Check out:


Monday, February 4, 2019

New Ring Wars Carolina Tag Team Champions!

Simply Delicious Dino & Curtis Cash defeated f1rST Generation to become the New RWC Tag Team Champions after Dino hit a spine-buster on James for the win.
Now DJ Primetime has started his own stable of champions.