Monday, May 22, 2017

Upcoming Event: " Hot Summer Nites"

As my friend would say "Its getting Hot in Here!" Summer is coming and Lumberton is feeling the heat! You can catch all the action June 3, 2017 when Ring Wars Carolina presents " Hot Summer Nites!" The Heavyweight Champion, Victor Andrews will be in the House with the All or Everything Challenge! Who will he pick? Things are heating up to a boiling point with 8 RWC competitors. Now that Syde Effect has replaced an injured, Devin Worthy the teams are back even. This match will set Lumberton on fire alone. Don't hear about it, see about it! 
Be there to get your hands on a very special raffle ticket also. 1st prize is a $500 dollar gift card to New Addiction Tattoo 2nd prize is Dinner & Movie with Bubba's 33 and Carmike theater. 3rd prize is $40 dollar gift card at TLC Carwash! As you can see below, hot of the press! $5 for 1 ticket or 3 for $10. You do not have to be present to win! Not just a show but, an Event! See you June 3, 2017 @ Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC!

Show Results: Water-Fest

1st Showing
Drew Thomas def. Kris Nemesis
Syde Effect def. Curtis Cash
Johnny Fools def. Hangtyme

2nd Showing
Curtis Cash def. Johnny Fools
Drew Thomas & Syde Effect def. Kris Nemesis & Curtis Cash

3rd Showing
Drew Thomas & Johnny Fools  def. Curtis Cash & Hangtyme
Kris Nemesis & Syde Effect ended in DQ

Next Event:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Upcoming Event

Come on down, The Water is fine! Join RWC and its Mega stars at the 39th annual White Lake Water-Fest May 20, 2017. RWC will be set up in the Goldston's Beach Pavillion with shows starting 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm! This event is free to the public so grab a hat, drink and a friend and come on down for the best Family entertainment around, The 39th Annual White Lake Water-fest w/ RWC!!!

Show Results: "Unfinished business" May 6, 2017

May 6th results 
Pre Show: Syde Effect defeated Luke Grimes & The Pretty Boy Jake Hollister in a Triple Threat match
Punks Of Society defeated Wild & Young 
RWC Heavyweight Champion Victor Andrews defeated Kris Nemesis 
Drew Thomas defeated Chance Lebeaux
RWC Tag Team Champions Airtime Rockerz & The MANstache MAINeventresulted in a double pin and both referees James Hunter & Johnny Flawlesscouldn't decide who won so Commissioner Primetime had no choice but to declare the Tag Team Titles VACANT 
Ash Aubrey defeated 4 County Champion Devin Worthy in a non title match 
RWC No Limitz Champion James Anthony & Curtis Cash ended in a no contest

Next Event:
"39th Annual White Lake Water-Fest"
May 20, 2017
GOLDSTON'S Beach Pavillion 
White Lake NC

Monday, April 24, 2017


A lot of things happen in a short amount of time. Peoples minds and directions seem to get persuaded and off track by false prophets! Sometimes it just seems there are a lot of options when there is really just 1! It's time you'll, Its time to clear the obstacles before you can move a head. It's time to wrap up some "Unfinished Business"! May 6, 2017 in the Home of RWC, The Premiere facility in Lumberton NC, The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street at 7pm. RWC will present "Unfinished Business"!

RWC Training Academy Updates

"Brutal" Bob Evans
Hangin w/ Bob Evans

I want to thank "Brutal" Bob Evans, "Tough" Tim Hughs and Mike Medina for coming to RWC Training Academy and sharing a wealth of Knowledge. For 5 hours, 21 brave souls proved that they want the Carolina wrestling scene stay strong!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Show Results: "The Well" Fayetteville NC April 22, 2017

North Carolina
Fayetteville-The Well:
1)Luke Grimes wins 10-Man Battle Royal

2)Manstache MainEvent def. RWC Tag Team Champions Airtime Rockerz by DQ

3)RWC 4 County Champion Devin Worthy pinned Luke Grimes

4)Hangtyme pinned "Wildman"Kongo

5)RWC No Limitz Champion James Anthony pinned "Tough" Tim Hughes

6)"Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown & Drew Thomas pinned Curtis Cash & Kris Nemesis

7)RWC Heavyweight Champion Victor Andrews pinned "Brutal" Bob Evans

Next Event:
"Unfinished Business"
May 6, 2017
612 2nd St 
Lumberton NC