Saturday, June 25, 2016

RESULTS | 06.25.16

Ring Wars Carolina at
T-Mobile Customer Appreciation
Fayetteville, NC

RWC No Limitz Champion Curtis Cash w/ Kenai pinned Johnny Flawless

RWC County Champion Syde Effect pinned Johnny Fulls

Johnny Flawless pinned Mama's Boy

RWC World Heavyweight Champion Kris Nemesis defeated Mama's Boy & Hangtyme 

T-Mobile Rep Gary Isom defeated AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon in Battle Carriers Championship match

Saturday, June 18, 2016

RESULTS | 06.18.16

Ring Wars Carolina
Lumberton, NC

Micheal Spencer def. Zane Wolf & Gringo 
Mama's Boy pinned Boss Hogg 
Curtis Cash pinned Chance Lebeaux 
to become The New RWC No Limitz Champion 
Johnny Flawless pinned 
Syde Effect def. Victor Andrews def. Hangtyme def. & 
Waylon Maze to become the New RWC County Champion 
"RWC World Champion" 
Kris Nemesis def. Rage



Saturday, May 21, 2016

RESULTS | 05.21.16

Goldston's Beach Pavilion 
White Lake, NC

Johnny Flawless pinned Gringo Tigre

Krazyhorse pinned Vlad Balashov

RWC No Limitz Champion Chance Lebeaux pinned Hangtyme

RWC Champion Kris Nemesis & No Limitz Champion Chance Lebeaux pinned Syde Effect & Krazyhorse

Gringo Tigre & Madi Maxx pinned Hangtyme & Totally Tiffany

RWC County Champion Waylon Maze pinned Mama's Boy

RWC County Champion Waylon Maze def. Johnny Flawless, Vlad Balashov & Mama's Boy

RWC World Champion Kris Nemesis def. Syde Effect, Krazyhorse & Hangtyme

Madi Maxx pinned Totally Tiffany

Totally Tiffany won the Water Fest Battle Royal