Sunday, December 15, 2019

Next Event: "And So It Begins 2020"!

What do you say when you start the year off mad at the world cause you don't have the right size rain boots in a down pour on a Monday morning commute to a very important meeting with the owners of your job. I know what your thinking! "And So It Begins"! Here in Ring Wars Carolina, Top talent is Home Grown and raised in the RWC Training Academy. Newcomers expect to be tested to the max. When it gets mix we have and explosion of Breath taking, Heart pounding action. 

The RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Devin Worthy will be in the building defending his title against a debuting Dravin Lee. Will Chance Lebeaux wrestle a top RWC prospect or take another lose by walking out of the ring? Let's see if Lynzee Pike can start off her 2020 with a win over The Debuting Katalina Perez from Florida! The RWC Tag Team Champions, Sinister Circle will lay down the Gold for the Up and coming team of The Rustlers! All that and more RWC superstars in Lumberton NC in The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street. Doors swing open at 5:30 and fight time is 6pm! See you at The Matches!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Event Results: Fan Appreciation 2019

Fan Appreciation Results 

Match 1: Alonso Lucas in his RWC debut defeated Mickey Fulp.
Match 2: Drew Thomas in his RWC return, defeated Rocky Webster in his RWC debut.
Match 3: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Devin Worthy & James Anthonydefeated Reckless Warriors Connection. After the match Caribbean Tigerwalked out in disgust on Joseph Everhart for losing the match for RWC.
New RWC Heavyweight Champion Gem Stone would be interviewed by Stephanie Grey. Gem said he plans on being a fighting champion and take on all challengers!
Match 4: Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince defeated A debuting Cowboy Kool Jay. 
Chance Lebeaux would come out and issue a challenge to anyone in the Locker Room. Flex Simmons came out ready to go but, once the bell rang Chance would purposely get counted out.
Match 5: Savannah Evans in her RWC debut & Lynzee Pike went to a Time Limit Draw.
Semi Main: Kris Nemesis & Curtis Cash defeated The Rustlers & RWC Tag Team Champions Pink Gang to become the New Tag Team Champions.
Main Event: Gem Stone retained the RWC Heavyweight Championship by defeating PoPo Klown.

We wanna thank you all for the love and support you have shown us in 2019 and hope you continue to do the same in 2020! See you all for our our first show on Jan 4th entitled "And So It Begins 2020"!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Next Event: RWC "Fan Appreciation 2019"

How do you show people that you love and appreciate them? Well.. Ring Wars Carolina puts on the best show ever and add a half price ticket! All ticket prices are 50% off! Yes, VIP is $10 and General Admission is only $5, yes we said $5. did we short change the talent? Heck No! Tiger and Joseph Everhart will be looking to show that they are still, a solid Reckless Warrior Connection! James Anthony will be in the house. The long awaited return of everyones favorite clown, POPO DA KLOWN!!! RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Devon Worthy will make his 1st title defense. RWC Tag Team Champions, Pink Gang will defend the titles to... Surprise! RWC Heavyweight Champion, Gem Stone will be polishing his title to show off. All the RWC Superstars will be in the house to thank each and everyone of you for a years worth of support! This Saturday night in Lumberton NC in The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd st. Lumberton NC doors open at 530 and bell time is 6pm!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Event Results: Micro Wrestling All-Stars

  Homecoming 2019 Results 

The night started out with special guest host Nite-Stic Eddie Brown coming out and saying that we had some special guest in The Priscilla King Arena for the 1st Time -Ever, The Micro-Wrestling All-Stars! He also stated that tonights matches were not sanctioned or supervised by RWC or any State Athletic Commission in the World. These guys can do what they want to do, to each other!

Match 1: Lil Poppa Pump def. Lil Jay Snuka. Lil Jay Snuka and the ref, Micro Mcgregor were knocked out when the chair was brought in and Lil Poppa Pump drop kicked the chair in both there faces. Jay wolf made the 3 count.
Match 2: Last Standing Midget Legends Match
              Justice def. Blixx 
This match had promos, wrestling, fighting and weapons but, Justice was                
the Last Standing Midget in this Legends encounter.

Match 3: Undisputed International Micro Midget Championship
                Lil Hank Dalton vs. Lil Poppa Pump ended in a Double Disqualification due to some interference of Lil Jay Snuka and Micro McGregor. After promos and Challenges were made, match 4 was signed!

Match 4: Falls Count Anywhere in Lumberton
               Lil Poppa Pump and Lil Hank Dalton def. Lil Jay Snuka and Micro McGregor

Main Event: Lumberton Battle Royale Rumble
                     All Weapons are legal
               Lil Poppa Pump def. Lil Hank Dalton, Lil Jay Snuka, Micro McGregor, Justice and                  Blixx.

Next Event: Fan Appreciation 2019
December 7, 2019
All General admission tickets are just $5
You will see:
Chance Lebeaux
James Anthony
"Unbreakable" Drew Thomas
The Return of PoPo Da Klown!
RWC Heavyweight Champion: Gem Stone
RWC Tag Team Champions The Pink Gang
RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Devin Worthy
And the rest of the RWC Superstars!