Monday, May 30, 2022

Event Results: History making results from Millstone 14 Theater

Millstone 14 Theater Results
Match 1: Pacos defeated Christian Rayo
Match 2: G Moniy & Mulatto X defeated Syde Effect & Roman McIntyre
Match 3: Kaydin Pierre defeated Rip Cannon to retain the RWC Television Championship
Match 4: Flex Simmons defeated Caribbean Tiger
Semi Main: James Anthony defeated Hunter Raynor to become the New RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion
Main Event: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Gem Stone w/ Chris "1000 Grand" Young ( Chris had to buy the crowd a bag of popcorn because of the lost)

Join us June 4th in Lumberton NC at The King Arena as Ring Wars Carolina presents Summertime Showtime, Doors open at 6:30pm and Belltime is 7pm


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Next Event: Ring Pop Tour 2022 MillStone 14 Fayetteville NC

Ring Wars Carolina & Millstone 14 Present Ring Pop History. RWC making its debut in a fully functional Theatre, Yes! No hand me down, dust covered, vacant building. RWC Live show starts @ 2pm. Millstone 14 is a state-of-the-art movie theatre located in Fayetteville, NC. The Theatre features 3D & 2D auditoriums, Luxury club seating and gourmet concessions. It's HISTORY in the making, right here in Fayetteville!

Stick around for the Main event, All Elite Wrestling PPV DOUBLE OR NOTHING!
Hang out with the RWC and watch AEW do what they do best and that is put on a great show in the Movie Theatre! This is History Ladies and Gents! Mention RWC and get a free bag of Gourmet, Movie POPCORN...FREE.FREe.FRee.Free! RWC will pay for your bag of corn for supporting this event! See you there!


Saturday, May 28, 2022

Event Results: "Ring Pop Tour 2022" Fairmont May Day fest

12 noon
RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Carolina's Own" Hunter Raynor def. Nate Roberts
Christian Rayo def. Mulato X
"Playboy" Alex Bryant def. Pacos "1/2 Wrustler"
1 pm
Syde Effect (1/2 The Monstrosities) def. Khalil Ford
Tiger def. Christian Rayo
Pacos "1/2 Wrustler" def. Mulato X by DQ
2 pm
Syde Effect (1/2 The Monstrosities) & Caleb Caribbean Tiger Nieves def. Rip Cannon & Christian Rayo
"Playboy" Alex Bryant def. Nate Roberts

3 pm
RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Carolina's Own" Hunter Raynor def. Pacos "1/2 Wrustler" by DQ (Pacos pulled the ref in the corner, in front of a Hunter Raynor splash)
"Playboy" Alex Bryant & Rip Cannon def. Syde Effect (1/2 The Monstrosities) & Tiger (This match caused the Lockerromm to empty)
Referee Amanda was the last person standing in the ring when all the smoke cleared!

Join us on May 29th in Hope Mills NC as we make HISTORY at the Millstone Theater! 

Join us on June 4th in Lumberton NC as we return to Home Base, The King Arena!


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Event Results:44th Annual White Lake Water Festival


White Lake Water Festival Results:
1st Show:
Syde Effect defeated James Anthony
The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Mr Magnificent
Pacos defeated RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Hunter Raynor
2nd Show:
Paco's defeated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant
Syde Effect & Mr Magnificent ended in a Double Countout
Hunter Raynor defeated James Anthony to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship
3rd Show:
Mr Magnificent defeated Nate Roberts
James Anthony & Pacos defeated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant & Hunter Raynor
Final Show:
James Anthony defeated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant
Syde Effect defeated Nate Roberts
Hunter Raynor defeated Pacos to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship
Join us on May 28th in Fairmont NC for the May Day Fun Festival

Join us on May 29th in Hope Mills NC as we debut at the Millstone Theater

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Upcoming Event: 44th Annual White Lake Water-fest

First stop on this crazy 3 way extravaganza will be in White Lake NC, for the 44th Annual Water-Festival!  Ring Wars Carolina always looking to excite the fans at the Water-fest!RWC is bringing the best of the best to you! You NEVER know who may grace the rings at The 44th Annual White Lake Water fest!

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Event Results: " Golden Opportunity"

Golden Opportunity 2022 Results
10 Bell Salute to Jeff Greeno AKA Ash Aubrey
Ring Wars Carolina welcomed back Stephanie Grey as the New Ring Announcer
Match 1: Kaydin Pierre defeated Rip Cannon to become the New RWC Television Champion
Match 2: The Wrustlers defeated Team Sexxxy to become 2x RWC Tag Team Champions
Video played of some of the Superstars drawing numbers earlier in the week.
Match 3: "Psycho Boy" Fodder defeated Gem Stone to become the New RWC Heavyweight Champion
Main Event: G Moniy last eliminated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant to win the 2022 Golden Opportunity Rumble
Order Of Entry:
4: DJ Brown
6: DNA
7: Sweet Daddy Dave
9: Wako's
13: Mr Magnificent
14: Khalil Ford
17: Malice Solo
18: Dirty Joe
22: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Hunter Raynor
23: Movie Myk
25: New RWC Television Champion Kaydin Pierre
26: John Washington
28: Ernesto The Nightowl
29: Popo The Clown
Order Of Elimination:
1: Paco's by Victor Andrews & Alex Bryant
2: DJ Brown by Gem Stone
3: Isaiah Frazier by Aaron Biggs
4: Sweet Daddy Dave by Aaron Biggs
5: Christian Rayo by Aaron Biggs
6: Mr Magnificent by Aaron Biggs
7: Aaron Biggs by Victor, Alex, DNA, Gem, Wako's & Nate
8: Wako's Gem Stone
9: DNA by Victor Andrews
10: Nate Roberts by Alex Bryant
11: Khalil Ford by Alex Bryant
12: Gem Stone by Alex Bryant
13: Dirty Joe by Syde Effect
14: Syde Effect by Malice, James, Snooty & Rip Cannon
15: Malice Solo by James Anthony
16: Movie Myk by Snooty Foxx
17: Kaydin Pierre by John Washington
18: Rip Cannon by John Washington
19: Indy King JT by Popo The Clown
20: John Washington by Eddie Brown
21: Ernesto The Nightowl by Popo The Clown
22: Flex Simmons by Snooty Foxx
23: Popo The Clown by Eddie Brown
24: Snooty Foxx by f1rST Generation
25: James Anthony by Hunter Raynor
26: Hunter Raynor by Victor Andrews
27: Eddie Brown by Alex Bryant
28: Victor Andrews by Alex Bryant
29: Alex Bryant by G-Moniy
Even though The “Playboy” Alex Bryant didn't win, he broke James Anthony's Golden Opportunity Record from 2020. James entered #1 that year and lasted 52mins & 30secs, last night Alex Bryant entered #1 and lasted 1hr 03mins 11sec.
THANK YOU to the over 200+ fans who came out and supported the show Join us over the next several weeks as we take Ring Wars Carolina on the road during the month of May. We put on for our FANS!

May 21st in White Lake NC for the Water Festival
May 28th in Fairmont NC for May Day Fun Day
May 29th in Hope Mills NC at the Millstone Theater


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Next Event: " ""Golden Opportunity "

30 Men from all over the United States will converge on Lumberton NC to compete for a chance at any RWC championship at their own chosen!
Like the recently FED 8, this is their 
"Golden Opportunity"!
One match could set someone up for the best, Golden Opportunity of a lifetime. You could witness the birth of another champion!

Talking about Golden Opportunities, How about CYN! Breakout superstar and Control Your Narrative superstar "FODDER" is going One on One in the Main Event against The RWC Champion "Diamond in the Rough" Gem Stone. These two are not strangers to each other but have gone in separate directions. Now the paths meet and who do you think will be going home with the RWC Championship?

All this and more May 7, 2022 in beautiful Lumberton NC at 612 2nd st. in The King Arena. Bell time is 7pm with doors swinging open at 6pm.