Friday, June 7, 2019

Next Event: "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

When you get the attention of big names, they always come to devour the competition. Well some big names have looked in this direction and want to come eat at the table of Ring Wars Carolina! Come celebrate Independence day with Ring of Honor's own, Cheeseburger! This man has climb the ranks to be recognized by millions. Now he is coming to RWC to claim the RWC Heavyweight championship from Nite-Stic Eddie Brown! The commish Earl Hebner is sending some top notch talent to RWC to not only test the Lockeroom but, The Champ too! So get your tickets early by buying them on PayPal with and ask for the $20 VIP ticket or your $15 Reserve front row only seats. These are very limited and are on a first come first serve basis! Don't for get Ring of Honor's Cheeseburger and guest will be in the house July 6, 2019 at Priscilla king Arena 612 2nd street  Lumberton NC. Doors creep open at 4pm for VIP's and 4:30pm for general admission. Action starts at 5pm! You don't want to miss this, Family entertainment at it's best!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Training Opportunity: "The Cheeseburger Experience"

Short and sweet! Learn from one of the best in the Business! Ring of Honors's own Cheeseburger! The experience starts at 10am and will go til 2pm. Now is the time to get your notebooks ready for knowledge. You say you want to learn and get some where, What are you waiting for?  July 6, 2019 in Trufit gym, Home of Ring Wars Carolina Training Academy from 10 am to 2pm. This is going to be a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Reserve your Limited spot now by sending your payment by PayPal to and in the notes put Cheeseburger Experience! See you in RWC Training Academy for another GREAT EXPERIENCE!

New VIP Seating arrangements for All Shows in Lumberton NC!

Only 10 VIP seats available per show. 
Meet & Greet with wrestlers 30mins before General Admission.
All VIP Seats come with a free drink from Concession stand.
Free Autograph page for wrestlers to sign.

Only 20 Front Row seats will be offered per show.
Guaranteed front Luxury row seat. 
Meet & Greet with wrestlers 30mins before General Admission.
More room to get excited.
All seats are first come first serve basis

You can reserve yours only by PayPal @
Reserve yours today and be a RWC VIP!!!

Event Results: Platinum Experience

Platinum Opportunity Results

The show kicks off with RWC Tag Team Champions The Misfits being interviewed by Stephanie Grey. She asked them about there up coming rematch with Skinny Dudes With Attitudes on July 6th. Curtis Cash says they have defeated all the Tag Teams in RWC and that they shouldn't have to even face Skinny Dudes cause they got DQ'ed on purpose last show but, come next month they will be defeated and Misfits will remain Tag Team Champions! 
Match 1: Beauty & The Beast in there RWC debut defeated Defiance who was also making there debut
Match 2: Kris Nemesis defeated Mickey Fulp
Match 3: Lynzee Pike defeated the debuting Wild Myrtle
Special Guest Referee: Austynn Madison
Stephanie Grey was interviewing RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown and was asking him about who he thinks has the best chance of facing him Aug 3rd when he was interrupted by, RWC Academy student Lestat. Lestat said he has been training hard and wants a shot !right here, right now at the RWC Championship, Eddie Brown hesitated for a moment but then said get a referee out here!
Match 4: RWC Heavyweight Champion "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown & Lestat ended in a No Contest when Eddie was going for a Powerbomb but KrazyHorse made a shocking return and pleaded with Eddie not to Powerbomb his brother, Lestat. Krazyhorse explained Lestat was not ready to compete and to please just put him down and let me take him to the back to talk to him. Eddie and Lestat would shake hands before leaving the ring. After the brief encounter, Stephanie Grey informed Eddie Brown that on July 6th, GM Earl Hebner has signed a match for Eddie to defend his RWC Championship against Ring of Honor Wrestling superstar Cheeseburger!
Match 5: James Anthony defeated Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince in the Semi Finals of the Platinum Opportunity Tournament 
Semi Main: Flex Simmons defeated "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews in the Semi Finals of the Platinum Opportunity Tournament after Joseph Everhart came out and pushed Victor off the top rope allowing Flex to hit his Full Nelson Slam for the win 
Main Event: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion The Caribbean Tigerdefeated Gem Stone to retain the championship

Join us July 6th in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena as we present Cheeseburger In Paradise

Event Results: All American Weekend @ Fort Bragg Harley Davidson

June 1, 2019
                                               Ft Bragg Harley Davidson Saturday show Results 
1st show
Simply Delicious Dino defeated Jay Wolfe
Inter-gender Tag Match
Caribbean Tiger & Wild Myrtle defeated Gem Stone & Lynzee Pike via DQ
Lestat defeated Krazyhorse 
2nd Show
RWC Tag Team Champions Curtis Cash and Simply Delicious Dino defeated Lestat & Krazyhorse to retain the championships 
6 person tag match
James AnthonyGem Stone & Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe, Caribbean Tiger & Wild Myrtle 
James Anthony defeated Simply Delicious Dino
June 2, 2019
                                               Fort Bragg Harley Davidson Sunday Show Results 
1st Show 
Lynzee Pike defeated Kris Nemesis 
Joseph Everhart vs Jay Wolfe turned into a Triple Threat when Lestat interrupted mid match but saw Joseph Everhart pin Jay Wolfe for the win 
2nd show
Lestat defeated Toby Ray via DQ
Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe 
Kris Nemesis defeated Joesph Everhart 
3rd show
Toby Ray defeated Lestat via DQ
Joesph Everhart & Lynzee Pike defeated Jay Wolfe & Kris Nemesis 
Treize Genovese won a Battle Royal last eliminating Toby Ray

Next Event:
Platinum Experience