Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Next Event: "I'm Bad"

RWC has arrived so you better make way 
Ask anybody in the crowd they say those guys don't play!

Ladies and Gents, Its Show and Prove time and RWC is telling Everyone "I'm Bad!"
After being on Roku TV , powered by The King Network, it was obvious that RWC was destined for more! Then enters Amazon Firestick! What is next? With all this New Talent stepping up, RWC has a very bright future. 
The New RWC Tag Team Champions, The Monstrosities will be in action for a rematch with The Bro force. Was this win a fluke or was it the real deal? Only a rematch will determine the truth!

In mixed tag team action, Beautiful Disaster returns to take on James Anthony & Rylee Jade. The ladies are returning to RWC and are mixing it up with the guys in this one.

In the Main Event, The 2-time  AIWF Television Champion Gem Stone will defend his title against debuting and talent hunter, Lucky Ali. Lets see if the champ is really the Diamond in the rough or if Luck is on Lucky Ali side!
You will see this and all the RWC Superstars in action like the new RWC Television Champion, Rip Cannon & the man looking him up and down Carolina's Own, Hunter Raynor!

Saturday September 4, 2021 at The King Arena in 612 2nd st. Lumberton NC. Doors open at 6:30 Bell-Airs at 7pm. See you then, Lets have some fun!Ring Wars Carolina proudly presents
"I'm bad" 
(Think I'm gonna need backup) 
(Think I'm gonna need backup) 
(What you need that for?) 
(Yo this is Ring Wars Carolina) 
(And you'll never catch us so don't even try it) 
(I'm too bad for ya, understand)
I'm bad!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Event Results: 23 yr Anniversary( What You Know About That!)

23rd Anniversary Show 
"What You Know About That"
Hunter Raynor would come out and announce he wasn’t medically cleared to compete in the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship Battle Royal, but said he would eventually challenge whoever the winner is
Match 1: Ray-Mo would last eliminate both The Natural Disaster Josh Storm & Kool Jay in the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship Open Invitational Battle Royal, to become the New RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion.
Match 2: Rip Cannon defeated Caribbean Tiger to become the New RWC Television Champion
Match 3: Monstrosities (Syde Effect & Khaos) defeated Bro Force to become the New RWC Tag Team Champions
Match 4: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews by Disqualification, when Victor would ignore the referees 5 count.
Semi Main: Snootyfoxx defeated James Anthony to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship
Main Event: Gem Stone defeated Nite-Stic Eddie Brown to become a 2x AIWF Wrestling World Television Champion
Please join us in Lumberton NC at The King arena on Sept 4th when RWC presents I’m Bad

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Next Event: #23 Year Annivarsery, "What You Know About That!"

Just when you think things couldn't get better
RWC drops the bomb on you! 
TV Taping!
All Main Event Matches!
Every Title is being defended!
23 years in the making!
All we can say is get your tix early cause this is going to be a sell out... AGAIN!

This event is going down in The King Arena located at 612 2nd st. Located in Beautiful Lumberton NC. You know the rest, Come experience the Best... in Family Entertainment, Ring Wars Carolina!

Monday, August 9, 2021

Event Results: " AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament"

AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament

Match 1: Mr Magnificent last eliminated Khaos in the Krazy 8 Battle Royal to earn a spot in the 2021 Krazy 8 Tournament
Match 2: James Anthony defeated Frankie Swamptower in a Krazy 8 First Round Tournament match
Match 3: Mickey Fulp defeated Diego Hill in a Krazy 8 First Round Tournament Match
Match 4: Hunter Raynor defeated Mr Magnificent in a Krazy 8 First Round Tournament Match
Match 5: Jayce Karr defeated Ray-Mo in a Krazy 8 Tournament First Round Match
Match 6: Mickey Fulp defeated James Anthony in a Krazy 8 Semi Final Tournament Match
Match 7: Jayce Karr defeated Hunter Raynor in a Krazy 8 Semi Final Tournament Match
Semi Main/AIWF World Television Championship:
Kaydin Pierre defeated Nite-Stic Eddie Brown to become the New World Television Champion, Eddie Brown then challenged Kaydin to a rematch on the spot, defeating Kaydin to become a 2x AIWF World Television Champion.
Main Event: Jayce Karr defeated Mickey Fulp to become the 2021 AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament Winner.
Join us Aug 21st in Lumberton NC at The King Arena as RWC presents the 23rd Anniversary show


Event Results: " VAPORS"

Vapors Results

Appetizer Match 1: The Wrustlers defeated High Definition Bros
Appetizer Match 2: Khaos in his RWC Debut defeated a debuting Frankie Swamptower
(Before the match David Barnabas Spector announced that Khaos is the newest member to the Monstrasities)
Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated Christian Rayo
Match 2: Ray-Mo defeated Taylor X
Match 3: Caribbean Tiger successful defended his RWC Television Championship against the debuting Chase Emery
(After the match Rip Cannon came out & challenged Tiger to a match for the Television Championship at the 23rd Anniversary show)
Match 4: G Moniy defeated Mr Magnificent
(After the match Mr Magnificent low blowed G-Moniy allowing Khaos and David Spector to come out, and tell G Moniy Bro Forces days as Tag Team Champions are up come Aug 21st at the Anniversary show.)
(After the match Victor Andrews would assault Alex in front of his Mother before accepting his challenge for the Anniversary
Join us Aug 21st in Lumberton NC at The King arena when RWC presents the 23rd Anniversary Show, doors open at 6:30pm and belltime is 7pm