Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Upcoming Training Alert: Joey Mercury is coming to RWC Training Academy THIS SATURDAY!!!

The time is drawing near. Royal Rumble should have lit the fire. We are the match, come strike it at this seminar. Now is your chance to reserve 1 of the last 2 spots at the best seminar going! Joey Mercury is a WWE superstar, Road Agent, TV producer & NXT Coach. You may remember him as an OMEGA Original, Former ECW, ROH, & TNA superstar. The best present you could give to a independent wrestler is a chance to learn from one of the best in the business! ***All the information is on the attached flyer!

If you don't believe us, check out what these WWE superstars have said about Joey Mercury!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Upcoming Event: Aftermath

After Focus and Full Throttle, its easy to see that some people just don't know when to stop! The "Aftermath" will be the start for some and the final straw for others. The 1st, award winning author  and wrestling upstart, Lynzee Pike will have her 1st singles match against the woman who Syde Effect hand picked to destroy her. Dani Fererra is coming to end this chapter and write her own book of sorrows for Ms. Pike. RWC hasn't seen a ladies match of this calibre in awhile!
 The Ring Wars Carolina Tag Team Champions, Wild & Young will be defending the newly won titles February 3, 2018. Who is up for the challenge? We will find out  real soon!
 "The Undefeated One" Drew Thomas returns to RWC after a long time rehabbing a knee injury after getting jump in his home gym. The assailants were later identifies as being driven by James Anthony. Drew Thomas has set his cross hairs on beating the crap out of James Anthony! You will see this and a host of other RWC superstars, February 3, 2018 in the Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street Lumberton NC!

Event Results: Refocus & Full Throttle 2018

Appetizer Match: Blak-tus Jack def. Mickey Fulp

1st Match: Waylon Maze pinned Micheal Spencer

2nd Match: James Anthony & Flex Simmons def. 
Devin Worthy & RWC No Limitz Champion, Kris Nemesis

3rd Match: RWC Heavyweight Champion Eddie Brown pinned Travis "Mason Jars" Dixon

4th match: Hangtyme & Lynzee Pike def. Syde Effect & Dani Ferrera

5th Match: Victor Andrews vs. Chance Lebeaux ended in a Double Disqualification.

Notes: Drew Thomas returned t give an update on his future in wrestling when James Anthony interrupted his final words. Drew Thomas standing in the middle of the ring with 1 crutch and a large knee brace on, made it clear to Lumberton NC that He was NOT giving up or quiting! When James Anthony turned his back to address the crowd, Drew took off his Knee brace and tossed it over James Anthony's head. When James figured out what it was, he was being chased by a upset, crutch armed Drew Thomas! The crowd went crazy for the RETURN to action by DREW THOMAS!

Lynzee Pike walked in to RWC Training Academy approximately 6 months ago with the idea of becoming a female referee for RWC events. She opted to train just like the wrestlers to understand wrestling as a whole and not just as a ref. Good thing she did cause this Award Winning Author was forced to defend herself by one of the biggest monsters in RWC, Syde Effect. Hangtyme rescued the damsel in distress. The match was set but no one knew who Syde Effect would have in his corner. From the dark corners of mystical canopy, Dani Fererra appeared. Although beautiful to the sight she is the most sydistic and evil minded person controlling The monster. Lynzee Pike starts her next chapter on showing RWC fans that she is no push over and held her on in the ring. She stepped up to the plate and wrote some highlights of a blossoming career ahead of her. The RWC fans are looking to read and see more of the debuting  LYNZEE PIKE! Welcome to RWC!

Next Event:

Aftermath is going to be exciting! The females get top billed this month. The battled spilled over! Lynzee Pike goes 1 on 1 with Dani Fererra! This will heat up the building by itself! The return of the RWC Tag Team Champions, Wild & Young! It will definently be a party on February 3, 2018 in Lumberton NC!