Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Next Event: Ring Wars Carolina Television Championship Tournament

Self explanatory RWC friends and family. We are a part of the fastest growing Network on subscription tv right now! That would be "The King Network". first RWC was powered by Roku TV, which is impressive on its on. Stepping out of the local chaos and rising above some locals. RWC has put Lumberton on the MAP. Who doesn't want to come to The famous Priscilla King Arena? Since this has made a good impression, The King Network has taking RWC and added another huge acquisition to the stable. Amazon  FireTV was just added to the mix. Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling is now being seen in more than 195 million homes on Tuesday night @8pm on The King Network!

So naturally we had to crown a Champion, Who is it gonna be? What man or woman can possibly be the ONE to represent RWC on TV? There is only one way to find out, We have to wrestle for it!  On April 3 & 17 Ring Wars Carolina will Present "TV Time Limit" just for this occasion. Someone will be the 1st ever RWC TV Heavyweight Champion! You see the crazy match-ups picked randomly by The one and only Commish of RWC, The World Renown Referee, Earl Hebner! This will be a great event! 

Putting his bid in and very excited to come to Lumberton NC, The man himself "LODI" will be in the building and trying to will the RWC TV Title. Former WCW superstar Lodi has his target on becoming the Man in lumberton and in over 195k homes. Come on out and bring your signs cause the best sign wins a trip and it will be given to you, by LODI himself! 

You can beat this event with a Stic, See you April 3, 2021 in Lumberton NC at The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street. Doors open at 5:30 and bell time is 6:30pm. We will see you at the matches!


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Event Results: AIWF ShowCase 2021

AIWF Showcase Results

Match 1: Marcus Eriks defeated

Match 2:
Mickey Fulp
defeated Mighty Tier Ali to retain the
X-calibur championship wrestling
Jr Heavyweight Championship

Match 3: "The American Outlaw" Tyler Bodine defeated Matt Shaw

Match 4: Jason Dugan defeated Alex Todd to retain the
Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling
Rapid Fire Championship

Match 5: Jerry Swirlz defeated Rude Dragon

Match 6: Bro Force defeated Big N Country

Match 7: "The Caribbean Kid" Jose Degracia defeated AIWF Southern Jr Heavyweight Champion El Nino by DQ, when El Nino used the Championship as a weapon

Match 8: "The Neon Ninja" Facade defeated
Jayce Karr & “The Thoroughbred" Cole Karter

Match 9: Alex Monroe defeated Maxx Abele

Semi Main: Lola Bae defeated Mayhem
(Lola Bae issued an open Challenge after her opponent No Showed)

Main Event: AIWF World Tag Team Champions The Real Life Freaks defeated RWC Tag Team Champions The Wrustlers by DQ

Join us April 3rd in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King arena as we start the Tournament to crown the FIRST EVER RWC Television Champion!