Sunday, October 16, 2016

Next Event: Homecoming 2016

   What good are "Homecomings"without food? Just added! Come and enjoy BBQ and Grilled Chicken platters served by the RWC superstars! No one has ever gone out for the fans like RWC. We don't consider you just fans, you are family. Come on down to the Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street Saturday Nov 5, 2015 for a fresh, Hot off the Grill, FREE BBQ or Grilled Chicken plate While they last! Just RWC's way of helping the Hurricane Matthew victims! While your enjoying your food check out The Lumberton Indoor Flea Market. Then the action starts! 
Team Nite-Stic vs. Team Cash! Who is going to WAR with these guys? Both sides are making noise.

The Once in a Lifetime Match, The match that took years to sign! The 2 guys who have busted there butts in this sport to be named, the BEST! will collide at Homecoming, "The Problem Child" Kris Nemesis vs. The Returning Pat "Super" Powers!

In the Main Event. "Mr. Everything, Mr. Been Everywhere and done it" Victor Andrews will throw his hat in the proverbial ring for the RWC World Heavyweight Title with a 2nd Generation Living Legend, Timothy Zybysko!The Champ, Hangtyme has his hands full! The RWC No Limitz Champion James Anthony will be in action. More exciting action!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Next Event: 10/15/16

Due to situations beyond our control (Hurricane Matthew) we are postponing this event til further notice! A new date will be set real soon. We want to give The city of Lumberton our deepest sorrows and Biggest Prayers at this time of recovery in the mist of this tragedy!...

Results: Candy Bowl 2016

North Carolina
Priscilla King Arena Lumberton NC: Treize Genovese pinned Kris Nemesis...Syde Effect pinned Ash Aubry...
James Anthony pinned Krazyhorse...Waylon Maze pinned Boss Hogg...Eddie Brown pinned Big John...New RWC No
Limitz Champion James Anthony pinned Eddie Brown...Victor Andrews and Hangtyme end in a double pin situation... Victor Andrews Won  CANDY BOWL 2016.  
Next Show:
"One Nite Only"
"Magnum TA goes Face to Face with Nikita Koloff"
October 15, 2016
Doors swing open 1:00pm 1 on 1 forum: 2pm
Belltime 6:05
Priscilla King Arena
612 2nd Street