Sunday, October 2, 2016

Results: Candy Bowl 2016

North Carolina
Priscilla King Arena Lumberton NC: Treize Genovese pinned Kris Nemesis...Syde Effect pinned Ash Aubry...
James Anthony pinned Krazyhorse...Waylon Maze pinned Boss Hogg...Eddie Brown pinned Big John...New RWC No
Limitz Champion James Anthony pinned Eddie Brown...Victor Andrews and Hangtyme end in a double pin situation... Victor Andrews Won  CANDY BOWL 2016.  
Next Show:
"One Nite Only"
"Magnum TA goes Face to Face with Nikita Koloff"
October 15, 2016
Doors swing open 1:00pm 1 on 1 forum: 2pm
Belltime 6:05
Priscilla King Arena
612 2nd Street

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