Monday, May 28, 2018

Upcoming Event: "Mayhem"

What do you do when the animals start controlling the zoo? When complete chaos starts to take over?   Ring Wars Carolina presents "Mayhem" in Lumberton NC! Some new faces are coming and I think they picked the wrong night to debut for RWC! The New RWC Tag Team Champions, Hangtyme & Joseph Everhart will be in the house looking to defend the Championships. The Award winning Author, female wrestler Lynzee Pike will be in action. She will be taking on Superstar Roni Nicole! Multiple tours in Japan and former RWC start up I may add. she is coming to publish Lynzee Pikes last chapter titled "Big Bang"! The rematch of all rematches, Devin Worthy has laid a target on The RWC 4 County Champion Drew Thomas. Last week these 2 showed why the RWC 4 county tile was a prestiges championship! Devin Worthy busted Drew wide open in efforts to regain the title. With all the blood shed and miscalculations. Drew Thomas is still your RWC 4 County Champion. Lumberton had to to be the place to witness this rematch. The Main Event has Chance Lebeaux & Travis" Mason Jar" Dixon taking on RWC Heavyweight Champion "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown & RWC Mascot Suplex Sam! This should be exciting, Especially the in-ring debut of Suplex Sam!
All this controlled by one man who we know can keep Law and Order! The Best Referee in the Business today! Former WWF, WWE, IMPACT, Earl Hebner! Earl Hebner vows to call everything down the middle and keep control of all the "Mayhem" in the building! See you Saturday night in the Priscilla King Arena located 612 2nd street in Lumberton NC. Doors open at 6pm with a start time of 6:50pm, yeah I said it, 6:50pm!!! 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Event Results: "Back By Popular Demand"

Match 1: Anime Kid defeated The Ping Pong Master Waylon MAZE
Match 2: 4 County Champion Drew Thomas defeated Devin Worthy at first it looked like Devin was your new champion, as Drew was going for a running dropkick he accidentally hit Referee Johnny Flawlessand as Drew was checking on him Devin would hit Drew with a DDT and go for the cover and as Johnny was making the count Drew got his foot on the bottom rope at the last second but he didn’t see it and made the 3 count as Devin was celebrating referee Lynzee Pike ran and told Flawless what happened and he restarted the match and Drew would hit a running knee for the win and retain the title 
Match 3: Joseph Everhart defeated James Anthony when Drew Thomas came out and distracted James allowing to Joseph to pick up the win 
Semi Main: Hang Tyme defeated Syde Effect & Jimmy Flame in a Triple Threat
Main Event: RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown and Kris Nemesis defeated Chance Lebeaux and RWC No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons when Kris superkicked Flex for the win 
Next show:
 June 2, 2018
Priscilla King Arena
Lumberton NC
Doors open at 6pm
Belltime 7pm

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Upcoming Event: "Back by Popular Demand"

"Back By Popular Demand" is what they said! Rowland has been so good that The RWC Heavyweight Champion, Nite-Stic Eddie Brown will be in the house. This will be an action pack event by RWC. The RWC No Limitz champion Flex Simmons & RWC 4 County Champion Drew Thomas will be stopping by in Rowland NC to defend the respected titles. Oh wait, Hometown Monster Syde-Effect is slated to be in the building. A lot of surprises are in store! You do not want to miss this event cause its been requested, "Back by Popular Demand"in Rowland NC!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Event Results: 40th Annual White Lake Water festival

12:30 pm RWC 4 County Champion Drew Thomas def. Hangtyme

                                                                                                                                                               2:30 pm RWC 4 County Champion Drew Thomas
RWC No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons 

4:30 pm RWC 4 County Champion Drew Thomas
RWC No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons
Time Limit Draw

Next Event

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Event Results: "Unfinished Business"

Appetizer: Anime Kid defeated Jaxon Drake
Match 1: Travis "Mason Jar" Dixon defeated Ty Land
Match 2: Devin Worthy defeated The Ping Pong Master Waylon MAZESteven ThePitbull Idol & Rage in a Fatal 4 Way Golden Opportunity match to earn a Title shot at any champion he wants on June 2nd
Match 3: Kris Nemesis defeated RWC No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons by Countout when Flex purposefully got himself counted out to retain his championship
Match 4: Drew Thomas defeated Jacob Ryan to retain his 4 County Championship. After the match James Anthony came from under the ring and attacked Drew with a chair. Devin Worthy came out to the ring looking to save Drew Thomas but, slid James Anthony A chair, turning his back on Drew Thomas. James Anthony went to end Drew's career but, Security got in the ring and GM Primetime threatened to Indefinitely suspend James if he tried to further injure DrewThomas.
Semi Main: Hang Tyme & Joseph Everhart defeated Airtime RockerzWild and Young to become the NEW RWC Tag Team Champions
Main Event: RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Chance Lebeaux by DQ when Travis Dixon came out and attacked Eddie Brown. Ty Land, Waylon Maze and Anime Kid tried to come out and help but, were no match for the 2. Suddenly Eddie Brown grabbed his PR24 and regained control of the chaos. After the match GM Primetime made a Tag Team match for June 2nd, Chance Lebeaux & Travis Dixon vs Eddie Brown and a Mystery Partner!

Next Event: "40th Annual Water-Fest