Thursday, October 28, 2021

Next Event: "Homecoming 2021"

Sweet Home, Ring Wars Carolina!
This is the Huge Event we have been waiting on ALL YEAR!
With all these Main Event match-ups slated, it had to be a party going on!
The Wrustlers taking on Beautiful Disaster for the #1 spot in the Team Division, RWC Starting it off with a Bang!RWC TV Champion Rip Cannon BbAaBbYy, defending his title against "The Notorious Pig" Eddie Brown. Rip has a family now and the Pig wanna blow his house down, on TV! Ray-Mo vs. Alpha Ace is going to be so big RWC couldn't sanction this match. Its gonna be all over Lumberton NC. The RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, "Carolina's Own" Hunter Raynor goes 1 on 1 with Myrtle Beach Best, "The Playboy" Alex Bryant. The 1st Main Event if for the RWC Tag Team Championships, The Monstrosities defend against The debuting Team Sexxy. The Main Event is Title Vs. Title, AIWF Television Champion Gem "Diamond in the Rough" Stone facing RWC Heavyweight Champion Snootty "Chapel Hill Assassin" Foxx! Doors swing open @ 5:45pm, why you say, IT'S A PARTY and a party aint great without a Live Band! 

Come Party with the RWC with The Kevin Regan Band from 6pm to Bell-time! They will be performing all your latest hits, today and yesterday!
Great Family Event going on and you don't want to miss this!

See you November 6, 2021 in one of the Best Arenas in NC. The King Arena in the beautiful Lumberton NC located at 612 2nd street. Remember "The Kevin Regan Band" Starts us off at a special 5:45 pm and they will play until Bell time. Come party with all the RWC SUPERSTARS and it may be some Returning Guest in the House!


Event Results: Ring Pop "ThisIS4U"

Event Results:

RWC thanks Creasy Proctor Lodge #679 for thinking of us when it comes to topnotch family's ports entertainment. You could have chosen anyone or anything and we are grateful you picked RWC. With our combined efforts, more than $1000.00 was raised for The Masonic Children’s home in Oxford NC. Big THANKS to all the superstars that came out and supported the event.

AIWF Television Champion Gem Stone def. "Playboy" Alex Bryant
Wacho (1/2 The Wrustlers) def. James Anthony
Paco (1/2 The Wrustlers) def. Roman McIntyre
Alex Bryant & Roman McIntyre def. The Wrustlers
Syde Effect (1/2 RWC Tag Team Champions def. Mr Magnificent
RWC Television Champion "Carolina's Own" Hunter Raynor def. Jay 5


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Next Event: Ring Pop #4 "This1is4U"!

This one is for you!
Even though the card has changed, dramatically and that is real life!
This is sure to be a Huge Event for Ring Wars Carolina and Mason Lodge showing love to The Masonic Home For Children at Oxford NC! RWC cares for the kids and want to make sure They all have a great Holiday Season. You guys are Not Forgotten, not by a long shot. This lodge and RWC will make sure you are not left out cause " THIS1IS4U"! Come out and enjoy some Games, Music, Face Painting, Costume Contest, Food Trucks, & some Heart Pounding, Hard Hitting, Family-Oriented, Sports Entertainment! All this with the Hearts of a few in mind will only you cost you... NOTHING! Just donate to the cause so we can take Santa on a shopping spree for the Kids at The Masonic Home For Children in Oxford NC! We will see you Saturday, October 23, 2021. Gates open at 12 noon!


Monday, October 18, 2021

Event Results: "Candy Bowl"

Candy Bowl 2021 Results
"Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews came to the ring and informed the fans that he had to take a leave of absence from pro wrestling for a little while, he assured everyone he would return and be better than ever.
Match 1: Gem Stone defeated a debuting Roman McIntyre to advance to the Candy Bowl Battle Royal
Match 2: Alpha Ace defeated Jay 5 to advance to the Candy Bowl Battle Royal
Match 3: G Moniy defeated D'Lo Jordan, Christian Rayo & a debuting Chris Young in a Fatal 4 Way to advance to the Candy Bowl Battle Royal
(The only way to win this match was by Powerslam Only)
Match 4: Syde Effect & The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Simply Delicious Dino & Ray-Mo to advance to the Candy Bowl Battle Royal
Match 5: Mr Magnificent defeated RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Hunter Raynor to advance to the Candy Bowl Battle Royal
(The only way to win this match was by Superplex Only)
Match 6: Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Maxis Solo & RWC Television Champion Rip Cannon to advance to the Candy Bowl Battle Royal
(Eddie Brown entered this match last minute to try and keep Rip Cannon from winning & made the match a Superkick Only way to win)
James Anthony came to the ring and said he didn't enter this year's Candy Bowl because The Wrustlers didn't enter this year and he wasn't guaranteed to face either of them, he said he gave up his spot to newcomer Chris Young for a match with The Wrustlers at Homecoming. He challenged them to a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match and the RWC Board made it a #1 Contendership for the RWC Tag Team Championships, his partner is gonna be Josh Storm from Beautiful Disaster.
Semi Main: Alpha Ace defeated G-Moniy, Syde Effect, Alex Bryant, Eddie Brown, Mr Magnificent & Gem Stone to win the 2021 Candy Bowl and now can challenge any RWC Champion of his choice
Main Event: Damien Wayne defeated Caribbean Tiger to retain the AIWF Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
(Tiger thought he won the Championship but the referee reversed the decision after seeing Damien's foot was on the bottom rope, he would restart the match and as Tiger was going to the top rope a masked superstar came out and pushed him off allowing Damien to hit a piledriver for the win. The masked superstar would assault Tiger for several minutes before Snooty Foxx and other's made the save, the masked superstar would unveil himself to be AIWF Wrestling World Television Champion Gem Stone.
Join us this Saturday in Fayetteville NC at 3pm for our 4th Ring Pop entitled "This1Is4U", check our flyer for more info.

Join us Nov 6th in Lumberton NC at The King Arena for "Homecoming 2021" bell-time will be 7pm, flyer coming soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Next Eevent: "Candy Bowl"

Ladies & Gents, Its the one you all been craving for!

It's C-A-N-D-Y  B-O-W-L time!
The annual Candy Bowl is here! You already know how this goes and if you don't, here are the rules.
All the RWC superstars will put their name in a huge candy Bowl filled with all kinds of Halloween candy. The kids and kids at heart will pull a name out, and those wrestlers pulled will have a match with some haunting stipulations. The winners of the match will advance to the candy bowl at the end. The Winner of the Candy Bowl will get $250 dollars. Candy will be passed out to everyone while supplies last. Your favorite superstar will be dressed up for halloween so you have to come and see who they are dressed as for this action.  
Already signed for action is The Caribbean Tiger vs. The AIWF World Champion Damien Wayne. This is a Main Event in any Arena, World-Wide. The AIWF World Champion, Damien Wayne has traveled all over the Country defending the AIWF Championship. Now he will be in Lumberton NC and has already said this maybe his toughest opponent yet. Tiger may start out RWC Homecoming as the NEW AIWF World Champion! 
You will also witness the signing of the match-up of "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews vs. "The Playboy" Alex Bryant. These two have been at each others throat for the last several months. Victor Andrews won the opportunity to name the stipulation for the match and he pick a match that he is sure to win. The match will be contested under "LAST MAN STANDING" rules! The first man that can not answer a 10 count will be declared a loser! 
You will witness those 2 events along with a Candy Bowl! Scary aint it! This is only going down at The King Arena located at 612 2nd street in beautiful Lumberton NC, Home of The Best Family Sports Entertainment, Hosted by Miss Laura! 

Ring Pop #5


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Event Results:: "Thriller"

Thriller Results:
Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated a debuting
John Washington
Match 2: James Anthony defeated Pacos
(After the match The Wrustlers attacked James, hogtied him and assaulted him until a few wrestlers made the save.)
Match 3: Kaydin Pierre defeated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant (Alex now can’t choose a stipulation for his future match with Victor Andrews)
Rip Cannon came to the ring to announce he recently proposed to his girlfriend and are expecting the baby any day now. He was then interrupted by Nite-Stic Eddie Brown who said he didn’t care about Rip’s baby or engagement and then challenged him to a match for Homecoming in Nov for the RWC Television Championship.
Match 4: Monstrosities defeated Indy King JT & Baby Lotion
Semi Main: "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews defeated G Moniy by Disqualification
(Victor faked getting hit by Alex Bryant with a steel chair prompting the referee to call for the DQ) (Victor then announced he wanted Alex Bryant in a Last Man Standing Match)
Main Event: Hunter Raynor defeated Ray-Mo to become the New RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion
(Alpha Ace came down and hit Ray-Mo with a DDT helping Hunter score the win)
Be sure and Join us on Oct 16th in Lumberton NC at The King Arena as RWC Presents Candy Bowl.