RWC Mission Statement

Ring Wars Carolina (RWC) is an independent professional wrestling company based out of Hope Mills, North Carolina. RWC has been running shows since 1996, with a focus in the Carolinas since 2002.

Our mission is to provide quality entertainment that is fun for the entire family to enjoy time and time again.

RWC has been featured on Time Warner Cable since 2006 and WTNG Channel 7. RWC is currently featured on Roku TV and Amazon Firestick, powered by The King Network. Popular publications such as the Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville Weekender, Pro-Wrestling Illustrated and Pro-Wrestling Almanac - just to name a few. RWC has been associated with countless websites and partnered with countless other Podcast, wrestling groups and organizations for support. RWC has a YouTube channel where you can view over 1000 matches from past events and great moments from the RWC Superstars. Just follow the link below and you can find some exciting entertainment you and your family will enjoy.