Friday, July 22, 2022

Next Event: 24 year Anniversary AEW Superstar Marcus Kross from The "HEELs" and AEW Superstar Marcus

Right out of the corner office of the NEW Owner of Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling LLC, 
"Dex Carter" has made a statement!

"The 24 year Anniversary event is going to be spectacular and it is just the beginning!"
You're going to see all the Top Superstars in RWC in action and MORE!
A Huge 6 man match & A Last Man Standing Encounter.
All the RWC Titles will be on the line for this huge event.

Dex Carter wants to see if Gem Stone is ready to step up to the next level of Competition! Dex Carter has employed some help from a young man who is making himself relevant in the eyes of wrestling fans everywhere. Marcus Kross has been seen on AEW pro-wrestling a lot lately. Now Marcus Kross has a chance to prove to the world that he is ready and able to defeat the big guys! Gem Stone will be looking to make a statement to the new Boss, Dex Carter 

Coming fresh off heels of filming, The hit feature "HEELS", Brady Pierce wants a shot at the Ring Wars Carolina Championship, currently being held by Fodder. Brady Pierce is no Stunt Double in the squared circle but neither is his opponent! Fodder who is a main staple in the Phenomenon, "Control Your Narrative" series has been going on a legit tour with the RWC title by defending it night after night! Let's see who can walk away with the RWC Title! 

All this and more coming Saturday August 6, 2022 in beautiful Lumberton North Carolina. The King Arena will display all the action, located at 612 2nd street. Doors swing open at 6pm for a Meet & Greet with all the superstars and action starts at 7pm! Don't be late cause this one will be packed!


Monday, July 18, 2022

Event Results: Scars & Stripes 2022

Scars & Stripes 2022 Results:
Due to a family emergency CW Anderson was unable to wrestle as scheduled, he apologizes and we send our prayers to his family.
**Nite-Stic Eddie Brown started off the night by saying he sold Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling LLC. and introduced us to the new owner Dexter Carter, Eddie said he might not be in charge anymore but is now free to do whatever he wants! Will we see wrestle again, maybe!
Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated PoPo The Clown
Match 2: John Washington & Christian Rayo defeated The Wrustlers by DQ, when Syde Effect made an appearance and attacked Christian Rayo.
Match 3: Flex Simmons defeated Caribbean Tiger
(After the match both men shook hands as a show of respect)
Dexter Carter along with James Anthony announced that on Sept 24th in Lumberton NC Ring Wars Carolina will Host the 2022 AIWF Wrestling AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament. James Anthony announced he would be the nights Special Guest Host and Dex Carter announced it would feature RWC's own Alex Bryant & Hunter Raynor.
(After the match James would attack Hunter Raynor with a chair and target his right leg, James was looking to snap Hunter's ankle but all referee's came out and prevented James from doing further damage.)
After the match The “Playboy” Alex Bryant also had some choice words for his opponent on Aug 20th. Playa was sitting front row during the Tag Team match scouting Alex. These men will meet in Mt Airy NC in the finals of the AIWF Wrestling Top Gun Tournament at the 25th Anniversary Deal with the Steel inside a Steel Cage.
Main Event: Kaydin Pierre defeated G Moniy & Gem Stone to retain the RWC Television Championship.
(Gem Stone came out before the match and announced since his opponent CW Anderson wasn't here, he would add himself to the match and win the Television Championship)
Join us on Aug 6th in Lumberton NC at The King Arena, when Ring Wars Carolina presents the 24th Anniversary Show.