Thursday, April 30, 2020

New Information for you, The RWC Family!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, We at RWC would like to say Thank you for sticking with us for so many years. If it wasn't for your support in many different ways, we would not have been able to last from 1996. RWC owes all our success to you and we just want to say thank you! 

As you all may know, New faces are coming and some old ones have moved on. I want to say thank you for the good times from some and welcome the new ones. RWC looks to freshen up the product in the near future. Big changes are starting to be circulate of a BIG Sale! Rumors are flying around of a top talent influx. WTNG channel 7 is looking to do some format changes. Ring Wars Carolina will be in good hands in the future!

The RWC Training Academy is open for business with a new Training format. This is the only facility that was endorsed by 16 time Legend Harley Race. We have guest trainers coming in from time to time to evaluate for the top companies. We have a format for social distancing and a new in-person outline. The format will be geared to learning groups on similar experienced time frames. Look to the training page for more information. Only serious need to go further!

Just wanted to keep you informed of what direction RWC was heading into at this time.
*Please LIKE our Youtube page for the New "Academy Wars" Series. You may see some new unfamiliar faces and some you love in matches. These contest are taped in varies places. Stay tuned for more information.