Sunday, April 21, 2024

Event Results: Carolina Food Truck Rodeo

All Hail breaks loose!

 James Lee vs Austin - James win 

Mar Deville vs Wako - Wako win 

One more match was scheduled but the weather had other plans. Hail started falling and rain followed, causing RWC to end the event!

Monday, April 15, 2024

Event Results: The All American Tattoo Convention Day 2



The All American Tattoo Convention Results:

12:30pm Show:

Match 1: Stone Cold Steve Harvey defeated Austin Hale to qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble 

Match 2: Roman McIntyre defeated Christian Price to Qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble 

Match 3: Xander Keys defeated Marcus Damon to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship 


Match 1: Titan defeated Rip Cannon

Match 2: James Lee defeated Pecos Wrustler 

(Xander Keys distracted Peco allowing James Lee to win with a School Boy)

Match 3: RJ Weaver defeated a returning James Anthony to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship and get his boy J Swae a spot in the Golden Opportunity Rumble 


Match 1: G Moniy defeated Wako D. Wrustler to retain the RWC Television Championship 

Match 2: Mar DeVille defeated Xander Keys in a Non Title match 

(Peco would come out and distract Xander Keys)

Match 3: "True Grit" Alex Bryant defeated Kaydin Pierre via Disqualification when James Anthony attacked Alex, G-Moniy would come to the aid of his friend Alex and then Dex Carter would make a Tag Team Match for 4:30pm show 


Match 1: Pink Gang defeated G Moniy & "True Grit" Alex Bryant

(Gem Stone would give Alex Bryant a spear when the referee was distracted allowing James Anthony to get the win.)

Match 2: Rip Cannon defeated Chayce Coleman & Christian Price

Match 3: Pecos Wrustler defeated @Xander Keys via Disqualification when Xander refused to release the Camel Clutch Submission Hold 

(Wako D. Wrustler would jump in the ring to help his brother and The Wrustlers hit the YeeHaw SeeSaw on Xander and this resulted in the entire Locker Room coming out and Dex Carter made a Battle Royal to end the show 

Match 4: Roman McIntyre last eliminated Kaydin Pierre to win the Battle Royal

Join us this Saturday in Lumberton NC at the Lumberton Biggs Park Mall, more details coming soon

Join us May 4th in Lumberton NC at The King arena when RWC presents Golden Opportunity 2024

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Event results: April Reign


                           April Reign  Results:

Dex Carter welcomes everyone to the show and reminds everyone that tonight is all about qualifying for the Golden Opportunity Rumble , says all RWC Champions are automatically in the match and that superstars from all over are trying to qualify at various promotions as we speak. 

Match 1: Tiger defeated Roman  McIntyre  & Christian Rayo to qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble

Match 2: Rip Cannon defeated Titan via a Countout to Qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble

Match 3: RJ Weaver vs Zakariah Kutter for the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship ended in a No Contest when James Anthony made his shocking return after being gone for 5 months, and attacked both RJ & Kutter and Referee J-Swae. He would then announced he was back and entering the 2024 Golden Opportunity Rumble.

Match 4: Pink Gang defeated Stone Cold Steve Harvey & Austin Hale to qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble

Nite-Stic Eddie Brown came to the ring and announced Aaron Biggs was gonna be in the Golden Opportunity Rumble and was gonna win it all. He then said to make sure that Aaron wins he himself was gonna enter the Rumble, then he shocked everyone when we revealed that him and David Barnabas Spector worked out a deal where Eddie Brown now has the 2023 Golden Opportunity Rumble Chain. This means Eddie Brown has between now and May 4th to cash in on any RWC Champion of his choosing.

Semi Main: Titan defeated Stone Cold Steve Harvey, Roman McIntyre, Austin Hale, Blaze, Christian Rayo & Violante in a last chance over the top rope Battle Royal to Qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble 

Main Event: Xander Keys defeated Wako D. Wrustler to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship 

Join us this afternoon at The All American Tattoo Convention in Fayetteville NC at The Crown, more Golden Opportunity Qualifying Matches, Championship matches and debuts 

Join us on May 4th in Lumberton Nc at The King arena when RWC presents Golden Opportunity 2024

Dream Maker Project: The All American Tattoo Convention Night 1


The All American Tattoo Convention Ring Wars Carolina Results Friday Night:

Justin Storm interrupts Dex Carter’s intro and Dex Carter puts him in a match.

Chayce Coleman defeated Justin Storm in a Golden Opportunity Qualifying Match

RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion RJ Weaver defeated vs James Lee

RWC Television Champion G Moniy defeated Mar Deville

Roman McIntyre defeated Pecos Wrustler

Marcus Damon defeated RWC Heavyweight Champion Xander Keys by a quick count from the referee.

Join tonight in Lumberton NC for April Reign and then again tomorrow afternoon from 12-5 for more Ring Wars Carolina action

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Next Event: April Reign 2024


We are on the road to Golden Opportunity on May 4th, and our first stop on that road is April 13th in Lumberton NC. The Jr Championship will be on the line, Golden Opportunity Qualifying Matches and the RWC Heavyweight Champion Xander Keys will be in action but against WHO. BE THERE to see all this and much more as doors at 6:30pm and Belltime is 7pm

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Event results: Spring Loaded 2024


                          Spring Reloaded 2024 Results:

Match 1: Jay 5 defeated Syde Effect, Rip Cannon & "Stone Cold" Steve Harvey in a Fatal 4 Way 

Match 2: RJ Weaver defeated Roman  McIntyre  to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Battleground Championship Wrestling

Match 3: "True Grit" Alex Bryant defeated Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince

Semi Main: G Moniy defeated Tiger to retain the RWC Television Championship

Main Event: Xander Keys defeated Wako D. Wrustler to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship 

(Pecos Wrustler was originally set to face Xander for the Championship, but was attacked during his entrance)

Come and join us April 13th for "April Reign" in Lumberton NC at The King Arena!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Next Event: "Spring Loaded"

If you're looking for a thrilling and fun way to spend your weekend, look no further than Spring Lake North Carolina, where Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling is bringing you "Spring Loaded!" This is not your ordinary wrestling show, this is a spectacular extravaganza that will blow your mind! You'll witness the amazing skills and charisma of the RWC Superstars, including the RWC Heavyweight Champion from Dubai, Xander Keys, the Jr. Champion from Chicago, RJ Weaver, the RWC Tag Team Champions, The Wrustlers, and the hometown hero Roman McIntyre! They will put everything on the line to entertain you and make you cheer, boo, laugh and gasp! This is a family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy, so don't miss this opportunity to see live pro-wrestling action in Spring Lake NC! And remember, this show starts at 3pm sharp, so be there early to get the best seats! Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling presents "Spring Loaded" in Spring Lake NC!
See you there!!!


Sunday, March 10, 2024

Event Results: 'Stop Bluffing"


Alex Bryant def. Syde Effect in a Special Challenge encounter

Rip Cannon def. The Debuting Chayce Coleman

RWC Tag Team Championship
The Wrustlers(C) def. Kaydin Pierre & Elliot Shock and "Stone-Cold" Steve Harvey & Titan

RWC Jr. Championship
"Adrenaline" RJ Weaver(C) def. "Sinsational" Dre' White

RWC Heavyweight Championship
Xander Keys(C) def Debuting Camus Socrates


Alex Bryant’s Transformation: Alex Bryant, formerly known as “Playboy,” has undergone a significant transformation in the wrestling business. Shedding his old moniker, he has embraced a tougher role. Recently, he issued a special challenge to anyone in Pine Bluff, and the formidable Monster Syde Effect answered the call. The match was intense, and Alex emerged victorious, kickstarting a new chapter in his wrestling journey.

Chayce Coleman’s Debut: Chayce Coleman, with wrestling in his blood, faced off against RWC hype man Rip Cannon. Despite it being his first time against tough competition, Chayce held his own admirably. Caprice “Ice” Coleman, his father, must be proud. The RWC fans have already rallied behind this promising wrestling prodigy, welcoming him to the RWC family.

Tag Team Showdown: The reigning champions, The Wrustlers, were set to defend their title against Kaydin & Elliot. However, Stone-Cold Steve Harvey made an unexpected appearance, challenging Pine Bluff’s wrestling enthusiasts. His survey on naming the top teams in North Carolina yielded no results, as he humorously claimed the survey was too afraid of him. Steve Harvey then joined forces with hometown superstar Titan to spice up the tag team match.

Dre’ White’s Comeback: After undergoing life-changing heart surgery, “Sinsational” Dre’ White returned to the ring for an RWC Jr. Heavyweight contest. Although Dre displayed strength and fitness, “Adrenaline” RJ Weaver proved to be one step ahead, retaining his title. Dre White promised to make a full comeback soon.

Camus Socrates’ Arrival: Isaiah Prince’s private jet faced an unexpected grounding due to a known caller. Little did the RWC Champion know that Prince had a friend enroute to the USA. One such friend was French submissionist Camus Socrates, who walked into the building seeking the champ. Meanwhile, Zander Keys managed to outsmart the system and retain his title despite disqualification.

Global Talent at RWC: The RWC continues to welcome new talent from around the world, alongside the best local wrestlers.

Summary: Alex Bryant’s reinvention, Chayce Coleman’s impressive debut, unexpected twists in tag team matches, Dre’ White’s return, and international intrigue—all contribute to the vibrant wrestling scene at RWC. 🤼‍♂️🌟

If you missed this event, here is the next spectacular showcase!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Next Event: "STOP BLUFFING''

Pinebluff, North Carolina you’re up next!!!!!! We got a lot people that think they can do what we do. We are calling everyone out so we can call there bluff! You will have the opportunity to witness 2 RWC Debuts. All the way from New York, Isaiah Prince is coming to take back a trophy! He wanted to come and tackle the stiffest competition in NC and he found it in RWC! The next Debut is the newest up and comer, Chayce Coleman. Chayce has a pedigree like no other and wants to compete with the best in RWC. All this and RWC will have the competition scrambling! The whole town screaming "Stop Bluffing!" 3/9 @ 7pm


Sunday, March 3, 2024

Event Results: "It's Still Real 2 Me 2!"

Titan def. Gem Stone, Syde Effect & Alex Bryant 

G Moniy (C) def. Stone cold Steve Harvey

RJ Weaver (C) def. Rip Cannon

The Wrustlers(C) def. The Pink Gang V2

Xander Keys (C) def. Tiger

Notes: Gem Stone and Alex Bryant fought after the first match, and it continued in the locker room area. The 2 were broke up by refs, and security. During the 2nd match, the 2 started arguing in the Nite-Stic position and it spilled out in the ring during the match. These 2 guys actual fought from the floor to the middle of the ring and out to the other side of the floor, during the 2nd contest! More refs, security and some wrestlers had to separate the 2 in the back area. Right before intermission, a disturbance was called in the front of the building. The same 2 guys, Alex Bryant & Gem Stone were seen fighting in the crowd entrance way. half the locker room was used to separate the guys. Finally the RWC Owner, Dex Carter had to intervene. Dex Carter got the guys attention and told them the following! " You guys wanna fight, fine! Lets Fight! You will get your chance, in a No DQ match! You have 1 stipulation. You cannot touch each other until the match! so be prepared! train and train harder cause you will need the FORCE because it will be the Main Event on May 4, 2024

Gem Stone Vs. Alex Bryant 


Friday, January 26, 2024

Next Event: "It's Still Real 2 Me 2!"


            Looking at all the stuff that is going on in the world, you think to yourself! 
Is this real, am I just dreaming? Looking at these matches will have you saying to yourself, " It's Still Real 2 Me 2!

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Event Results: So you wanna Battle?

So you wanna Battle?

Lucha Masters Of Latin America
Legends Championship
Christian Rayo def. Roman Mcintyre & Metallico to retain.
Battle Royal- Winner gets the 6th spot in Battle Zone
Rip Cannon def Syde Effect, Pecos, Metallico, Waco, Stone cold Steve Harvey, Pit boss Murphy, Dillon Mccabe and Owen Espinoza.
RWC Tag Team Championship match
The Wrustlers(C) def. Stone-cold Steve Austin & Syde Effect to retain the championships.
RWC Television Championship
G Moniy(C) def. Zuka King to retain the championship.
“Battle Zone”
You win by scoring the most pin falls or submissions in 30 mins.
2 participants will start and every 5 mins a new participant will enter until all 6 are in the ring. Once all 6 are in the ring “Battle Zone” will proceed. In case of a tie, Sudden death will occur, and the 1st pin or submission will be the winner.
Side Note: all championships are on the line if you are a champion in the Battle Zone.
Participants entered in this order:
RJ Weaver
Gem Stone
Rip Cannon
Xander Keys RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion
During the course of the match, Rip Cannon pinned Xander Keys to become the RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion. RJ Weaver pinned Rip Cannon to become the newest RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

The match ended with all men scoring 2 wins. Sudden death period started, and Xander Keys wins with the Dubai bye bye submission on Titan. Xander Keys is the New RWC Heavyweight Champion.

Next event is 'Still Real 2 me 2!" March 2, 2024, in Lumberton NC