Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Next Event: "DJ Primetime's Birthday Bash"

How does Ring Wars Carolina celebrate birthdays? By having a Birthday Bash, in your Hometown of course! Hoke County NC, Come on out and help make this bash the biggest of them all!  January 5, 2019 in Raeford NC at the Hoke County high school, RWC Will celebrate DJ Primetime birthday with a ton of exciting, action packed pro-wrestling! a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure. Come check it out! The best thing is the $5 admission fee for all! Now you have to come and get a slice of the action!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Event Results: "Fan Appreciation 2018"

BD Productions defeated Patty Dylan & Tga Alexander Moss in our Appetizer 
The show opened with our New ring announcer Stephanie Grey who replaces Primetime 
Match 2: Lynzee Pike defeated Sadie Lee Moss
Match 3: f1rST Generation & Joseph Everhart defeated Chance LebeauxFlex Simmons & Treize Genovese In 6 Man Tag Team Action, after the match James & Joseph had a war of words as Joseph blind tagged himself in as James was going for the pin on Flex, they both were separated by Victor and Referee James Hunter 
Match 4: Kris Nemesis defeated Tiger in the first ever “Huntertaker You Ref It Match” where the fans where the ones in charge and counted the 1-2-3
Semi Main/RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship: Gem "BBD" Stone defeated Drew Thomas to retain the Jr Heavyweight Championship 
Main Event: Simply Delicious Dino & Curtis Cash defeated Hangtyme & RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown when Dino hit Eddie with a loaded fist and allowed Cash to win the match for his team 
After the match Flex Simmons came out and challenged Eddie Brown for the RWC Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Brown accepted his challenge. Flex would then announce that he was accepted into the Ring Of Honor Dojo starting next week and that he plans to take the RWC Heavyweight Championship with him after his win
RWC Heavyweight Championship:
Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Flex Simmons to retain the Championship, as Flex was going in for the win several graduates from the RWC wrestling academy came to the ring trying to prevent him from winning the title but were unsuccessful as Flex hit each and every one of them with Full Nelson Slams, this would allow Nite-Stic to recover and hit Flex with a spinning powerbomb for the win
After the match EVERYONE came from the back and RWC said farewell to Flex Simmons as he moves on to Ring Of Honor in Baltimore taking the next step in his career 
Upcoming Shows 
Jan 5th Hoke County High School 

Jan 19th Priscilla King Arena In Lumberton NC