Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Next Event: "APRIL FOOLS"

You thought RWC was kidding?
We run this game, I said game but we aint playing around!
This could quite possibly be the Biggest Event so far!
You got a Ladies match:
Jazmyne Hao is coming to knock Amanda Kiss off her high horse!
You got a six man tag match:
Team Sexy will try to tame Syde Effect for one night and get the win over the returning Pink Gang 2.0 and DNA.
finally, you have the Biggest Main Event in the World!
RWC Heavyweight Champion Fodder with a rocket attached to his back will go toe to toe with his biggest fight yet! Over 7 foot tall Knull is coming to take the RWC title back, well, wherever he wants to take it!
Ladies and gents, all this and more RWC superstars will be in The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd st. in Lumberton NC with a bell time of 7pm. All this action will take your breathe away on April 1, 2023 and have you saying "RWC, Showed up and Showed out on APRIL FOOLS!"


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Event Results: "It's Real 2 Me"

Event Results

Dex Carter Rwc Welcomed a packed house to Ring Wars Carolina's " It's Real 2 Me!" in Benson NC.

Match 1: Hunter Raynor def. Justin Storm, Benson Phantom & Jeff Paul
Match 2: Amanda Kiss def. Nurse Mika
Match 3: Pecos Wrustler & Wacos def. Rip Cannon & Greg GMoniy Johnson
Semi Main: Codename Flx def. Unfiltered Shawn Cruise
Main Event: Gem Stone def. Xander Keys
At the end of this match, The Wrustlers came out and jumped on Gem Stone causing his RWC tag team Champion partner, Codename Flx to come out and save his partner. Dex Carter made a tag match of The Wrustlers getting their rematch for the RWC Tag Team Championships against The Champs Codename Flx and Gem Stone. This match will on May 28th at the Benson Recreation center. You better plan now and get there early cause, It will be a Sell Out!

Next Event: April 1, 2023

"April Fools" 

Priscilla King Arena

612 2nd st.

Lumberton NC

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Next Event: "Its Real 2 Me!"

Lets take it to the people! The People that are sending messages on social media and calling the office. Seems as though some people are trying to find the REAL ones! No more acrobatic demos, and choreograph walk thrus! The charge has been said and heard loud and clear! After Ring Wars Carolina leaves Benson NC on Sunday, March 19, 2023 all of The crowd will be shouting, 
"Its Real 2 ME!!"

Benson NC, you have the honor of being the host to the First Time Ever TV Taping of an incredible pro-wrestling event with 2 of your own, Headlining the event.

First we will talk about The RWC superstars invading your area. Its gonna be a rambunctious crew dropping bombs in Benson NC You will see the mysterious Syde Efx, Hollywood's favorite Nephew Rip Cannon, Carolina's own Hunter Raynor, Your favorites DJ, DJ G Moniy, Loverboy Mr. Magnificent and The Rootin Tootin Cowboys, The Wrustlers! 

Someone say "Where the Ladies at?" We got them! Amanda Kiss is gonna stop your heart but, Nurse Mika will get you riled up again. These ladies are no strangers to one another and sure to Keep your heart thumping with all the wrestling action in the squared circle!

Dunn's own Military Hero Yelling "AIRBORNE" CodeName FLX is taking his orders to destroy the opposition. The opposition is none other than "Unfiltered" Sean Cruise and his take on the wanna-be military brat! This is gonna be WAR!

Your Final Battle will feature Benson's Own born and Bred and Hometown Hero 
 fighting Gem "Diamond In The Ring" Stone. Gem Stone has a hard fight but, with all of Benson supporting him against "The Prince" from Abu Dhabi He should be the winner. Xander Keys has sworn on his camel toe that he has the keys to success and he is going to Lock Gem Stone and Benson in a Box and kick it to eternity!

Ring Wars Carolina Pro-Wrestling needs you and your family and friends to come out March 19, 2023, to the Benson Parks & Recreation center located @ 304 south Lee St. by 3pm and witness this professional wrestling match. We bet after this event you will be saying, "RWC, Its real 2 ME!"


Monday, March 6, 2023

Event Results: "March Mania"

                                                                 March Mania Results 

FEAR STATE opened up the show with a Live performance, to get the crowd hyped before the action started.
Match 1: Team Sexxxy defeated a debuting Off The Hook
Match 2: Amanda Kiss defeated Audrey Allen by Disqualification, Audrey would hit Amanda with a Wrench for the DQ
Match 3: Sweet Ebony Diamond won the Last Chance Battle Royal to become the 5th member of Team RWC for Wargames. 
(Sweet Ebony Diamond turned out to be none other then Nite-Stic Eddie Brown)
Match 4: Gem Stone & CodeName FLX defeated a debuting Salt Lake Hills to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship
Main Event: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant & James Anthony ended in a Double Disqualification.
(James Anthony would accidentally superkick the original referee in the match, Alex Bryant would hit Seal The Deal on James for the pin. But a second referee came in to check on the first referee and not count the fall, Alex Bryant would then hit Seal The Deal on the second referee. As James & Alex exchanged punches Referee Trevor would come to the ring and Disqualify both men, James & Alex would then knocked out Trevor and then started pushing and shoving one another until Team RWC & Dex Carter came out to get everyone on the same page for Wargames
Join today in Mt Airy NC for AIWF 31: Afterburn as Team RWC battles Team AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling inside Wargames, then Join RWC on March 19th in Benson NC 

Back in Lumberton NC on April 1st.