Sunday, December 3, 2017

Upcoming Event: Refocus & Full Throttle 2018

Its beginning to look a lot like, Wait a minute RWC family! We have to, yeah, you know! RWC presents "Refocus & Full Throttle! RWC if refocusing on what made you the RWC family force Full Throttle! RWC is bring Pro-Wrestling back to Lumberton NC for 2018! This event is going to set the bar very high! The 1st MIXED tag team match. Fan Favorite, Hangtyme & The Debuting, "Award winning author" Lynzee Pike are taking on "The Monster" Syde Effect and a Mystery Female opponent! Who is this Mystery woman Syde Effect is teaming with and can she be a factor for Hangtyme and Lynzee Pike?

Next up, the feud that cost so much, its considered priceless! "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews vs "The Gambling Man" Chance Lebeaux. This is going to be a fight! Andrews said Lebeaux cat him his RWC Title. Is this a revenge match or did Andrews bite off a lil more then he can chew? The Gambling man said "There is no chance your going to win this match. You better read the book "Gambling for Dummies

Nite-Stic Eddie Brown was just gonna come and sign autographs but now, "The MoonShiner" Mason Jar stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences. Mason made a challenge that Eddie Brown couldn't turn down at the last show. January 6, 2018 in the Priscilla King arena you will see Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defend his title against the 7 foot tall, Mason Jar. See you in the building!

Show Results: Fan Appreciation 2017

Appetizer: "The Calibrated Superstar" Slick pinned Carolina Kid

Fan Appreciation 2017 RESULTS 
Match 1: Aaron Weaver pinned Anime Kid
Match 2: Johnny Fulls won by DQ over Syde Effect (Hangtyme made the save after Syde Effect was making a move             toward the Official, Who just happened to be RWC up &comer Lynzee Pike. Hangtyme made the challenge for a mixed tag team match for Jan 6!)
Match 3: The Pitbull Steven Idol & Leo wolf def. Johnny Flawless & Devin Worthy w/ Drew Thomas ( James Anthony interference)

Match 4:Curtis Cash pinned Popo Da Klown

Match 5: Kris Nemesis pinned James Anthony and became The New No Limitz Champion

Main Event: RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Victor Andrews And The Ping Pong Master Waylon MAZE. ( After the match, Aaron Weaver came out and challenged Eddie Brown for the title on Jan 6, 2018.