Monday, September 23, 2019

After much consideration and back and forth on the seriousness of the situation, The Commish of Ring Wars Carolina, Earl Hebner has declared the following:
On October 19, 2019 in Lumberton NC at The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street Lumberton NC. Ring Wars Carolina presents "Candy Bowl 2019". This event has the children in the crowd pick candy from a bowl with wrestlers names on some of it. Once those names are pick the wrestlers will wrestle for a shot at 5oo dollars. Also on this night, Nie-Stic Eddie Brown will defend his RWC Heavyweight championship against Flex Simmons. The 0ne stipulation Nite-Stic Eddie Brown asked for will be granted. Flex Simmons, interference by Joseph Everhart and the RWC Jr. champion, Tiger in the past has caused no clear winner in each contest. On October 19, 2019 This match will take place but Your friends will be Handcuffed to Fans of Nite-Stic Eddie Browns choosing on the same night!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Event Results: 1st Annual Taco Festival

RWC Tribute to "Lucha Libre" 2019 

1)Raymo def. “Mr. 5 Star” Gary Gandy Louisville Kentucky and Logan

2) “Miss Spontaneous Booty” Super Oprah def. La Autora

1) "The Stone Age Savage" Beastman def. Negro Pool

2)RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tiger def. Shane kryzak 

1) “Mr. 5 Star” Gary Gandy vs. The Stone Age Savage Beastman 

2)Sin ley def. Phoenix kid by DQ

1) Raging Bulls def. Sin Almas & Blancho Lobo

2)Amazing Aldo def. Onix Camacho by DQ

1)La Autora def. “Miss Spontaneous Booty” Super Oprah 

2)Phoenix kid & Onix Camacho def. Sin ley & Amazing Aldo in a 2 out of 3 

Ref  duties: Hunter , Joshua & Naomi 
Next Event: Candy Bowl 2019

Next Event: Taco Festival 2019

RWC Presents" Lucha Libre" for The Taco Festival 2019
RWC has open the doors to the True Luchadores! You will see stars such as "The Stone Age Savage" Beastman, Sin Ley, Phoenix Kid, Amazing Aldo, Onix Camacho, "Mr. 5 Star" Gary Gandy, "Miss Spontaneous Booty" Super Oprah and Shane Kryzak! All this action mixed in with The RWC Superstars paying tributes to Lucha Libre like Kris Nemesis, Tiger, Curtis Cash, Lynzee Pike, Lestat and Gem Stone. Ladies and Gents, 

The Fayetteville Taco Festival celebrates a universal love of tacos and taco culture wrapped in a lively festival that refuses to take itself seriously. The event delivers a casual and delicious opportunity to taste a variety of traditional tacos and maybe a few uncommon ones, too. Fans can vote for their favorite taco, meet some of the area’s leading taco makers and mark the occasion by enjoying the Tiny Taco Dog Beauty Pageant, the Chili Pepper Eating Contest and more. One thing is certain: fans are united in their love of tacos. Enjoy The TACO FESTIVAL!

TACO FESTIVAL Tickets: General admission tickets are $10 online in advance. Primo tickets plus VIP parking are $65 online in advance and include 10 tokens, early admission, and exclusive parking. VIP Primo Package tickets are limited!

TOKENS: $3 = 1 tokens & $20 = 7 tokens

Tiny Taco Dog Beauty Pageant: Watch sassy pups strut their four-legged stuff across the Main Stage. Competition slots limited. NOTE: dogs must weigh less than 25 lbs.

Lucha Libre Wrestling: Enjoy Ring Wars Carolina tribute to Lucha Libre wrestling from comfortable seating around the ring starting at 12:30 pm.

Hot Chili Pepper Contest: Guests can test their taste buds at the hot chili-pepper eating contest. Last person standing wins a prize.

Taco Judging: Fans can vote for their choice of “Best Taco.” Votes are tallied and the vendor with the most votes is awarded the coveted “Best Taco” trophy. 


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Event Results: "The Gunn Show" 9/7/19

The Gunn Show Results 9/7/19

Appetizer: Jay Wolfe defeated Kent “The Alpha” Wolf in a Leader Of The Pack Match.
General Manager Earl Hebner came out as the nights special guest saying he was here to keep an eye on the nights special guest referee for the Main Event Eddie Brown and to watch the show to keep order.
Match 1Gem Stone defeated Tga Alexander Moss

Match 2: Kris Nemesis defeated WildChild Lestat Cordova

Match 3Lynzee Pike defeated Sadie Lee Moss by DQ when Sadie hit the referee with her cookie platter while trying to hit Lynzee.

Match 4: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Caribbean Tiger retained his championship, defeating James Anthony by using brass knuckles given to him by Joseph Everhart.
Semi Main/RWC Tag Team Championship 2 out of 3 Falls:
Pink Gang Defeated The Misfits to become the New RWC Tag Team Champions, before the match got started Curtis Cash announced that Dino was not here due to having emergency surgery on his wrist so Cash introduced his partner for the night, his long time friend Jake Tucker.
1st Fall: Cash & Tucker after help from Joseph Everhart
2nd Fall: Pink Gang after help from Kent Wolfe
3rd Fall: Pink Gang by pinfall

Before the Main Event General Manager Earl Hebner was thanking all the fans for coming to the show when he was interrupted by Flex Simmons, Flex came out and wanted Earl to make a match for Candy Bowl for the RWC Heavyweight Championship, Earl said he had his shot and lost but Flex said he pinned Eddie Brown last month in the 6 man Tag Team Elimination Match, Earl said that is true and that he would grant Flex his match but only if Eddie Brown agreed to it. Nite-Stic Eddie Brown came out and said that he would give Flex his match at Candy Bowl but he better start working out and getting ready cause this match was gonna be different then the last one.
Main Event: WWE Hall Of Famer "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn defeated "Da Rottweiler" CW Anderson,.Eddie Brown started off as the referee for this match but was shoulder blocked by Billy Gunn by accident taking a hard fall to the outside. Billy Gunn would then talk Earl Hebner into being the referee for the rest of the match.
Join us on Sept 21, in Fayetteville NC at the Cumberland County Crown Arena for Taco Fest 2019.
Ring Wars Carolina will have show times starting at 12:30 pm. Tribute to Lucha Libre Wrestling!