Monday, October 23, 2017

Upcoming Event: "Homecoming 2017"

Ring Wars Carolina is bringing it all home for 2017! All the RWC champions defending their titles all in the same night! The RWC No Limitz Champion, James Anthony has taken a different approach to the RWC fans, will that pay off for a longer run with the Title? Someone has a different future for Mr. Anthony! Will Drew Thomas answer back or will he have something in store for the champ? Kris Nemesis wants a seat at the table too! This will be interesting to watch! The RWC Tag Team champions are on a bit of a roll since winning the RWC Tag Team Tournament in September. Wild & Young will defend the titles against the former champions, Airtime Rockers. Airtime Rockers are coming hard and strong for what they say, " RWC Tag Team Titles are rightfully ours!" The 4 County Champion, Ash Aubrey has been celebrating mighty hard since obtaining the 2nd biggest title in RWC! The Beach King & Surfer Guru, Devin Worthy is ready to beach him for the title! This match is worth the clams your shelling out by itself! ( I couldn't resist!) And now on  to the Main Event! The RWC Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD, yes I said world! The Champ Victor Andrews has put the bulls eye on his own back. Mr. Andrews has defeated a lot of top stars in RWC. But can he do it again, in 1 night. This guy has done a lot in the business. He has defended the RWC title in over 29 states and counting. He has appeared for WWE brands and ROH on numerous occasions. Did he over step his bounds on this one, did he bite off more than he can chew? 20 RWC Superstars have put there name in the hat for this opportunity to become the New RWC World Heavyweight Champion. Who will it be? You never know, homework is getting done for this one for sure! You will have to be present to see the outcome of this contest! Live in Lumberton NC on November 4, 2017 in the Priscilla King Arena, history will be made, again,  as Ring Wars Carolina presents " Homecoming 2017!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Show Results: Candy Bowl 2017

Airtime Rockers def. ManStache MainEvent

James Anthony pinned Ring Crew member (JT)

Syde Effect def. Mickey Fulp 
(Winner by Stipulation, 1st Drop Toe Hold)

Hangtyme & Chance Lebeaux def. Zion Volante & Aaron Weaver
(Winner by Stipulation, 1st 2 Body Slams)

Kris Nemesis def. Ash Aubrey & Johnny Fulls
(Winner by stipulation, 1st Arm Drag)

Devin Worthy def. Johnny Flawless
(Winner by Stipulation, Best Cartwheel)

RWC World Heavyweight Championship
Victor Andrews (C) pinned Curtis Cash

Candy Bowl Battle Royal
Winner gets $250 cash or Title shot of his choice at anytime
Chance Lebeaux def. Syde Effect, Hangtyme, Kris Nemesis, Devin Worthy and James Anthony.

Notes: Drew Thomas announced tonite that he would be going thru some medical procedures real soon but, will NOT be giving up on RWC! He will be returning and looking for revenge on James Anthony. James Anthony was reveal as the person who hired 3 goons to take Drew out! Drew Thomas chose Ring Crew member, JT to take his place and wrestle James Anthony since he leg is still in a full brace.

After the RWC World Heavyweight championship match, Champion Victor Andrews announce he will put his belt on the line at Homecoming 2017, November 4, 2017 against 20 people in a 20 man Gauntlet match! Who is going to come out on top of this?

Upcoming Event:

Monday, October 2, 2017

Upcoming Event: "Candy Bowl 2017"

Ladies and Gents, The time is creeping up very fast. Ring Wars Carolina presents its annual "Candy Bowl 2017" event in Lumberton NC October 21, 2017! Who is going to be in the Bowl? Will Popo da klown finally appear? Will Drew Thomas make a decision to return? Will James Miranda risk his 24/7 No Limitz title to compete in the Candy Bowl? You just don't know who is going to TRICK or TREAT who? Kids will be picking candy and wrestlers to compete! You don't want to miss this event! See you October 21, 2017 in The Priscilla King arena located at 612 2nd street Lumberton NC for the Annual "Candy Bowl 2017"!!!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Show Results: Woody's BarBQ Grand Opening

Results from Woodys BarBQ Show
Devin Worthy defeated Kris Nemesis
James Anthony retained the RWC No Limitz Championship by defeating Syde Effect
RWC Ring Crew member JT defeated Hang Tyme
"Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews retained the RWC Heavyweight Championship by defeated Johnny Fulls
Come out to the Lumberton NC Oct 21st at the Lumberton Indoor Flea Market for our next event the Candy Bowl doors open at 6pm and belltime is 7pm