Friday, June 26, 2020

NWA Try-out is fast approaching, only 5 spots left!

Due to the sudden urge of participates this event has been moved to 612 2nd street Lumberton NC. 
Sold out! Sold Out! Sold Out!

Due to the sudden urge of participates this event has been moved to 612 2nd street Lumberton NC. 
Sold out! Sold Out! Sold Out!

The chance has come and it is open for all Independent wrestlers. An opportunity to stop saying what your gonna do and a chance to get it done! Come display your skills for a chance to be seen by NWA Scout, Brian Hebner! We know you have seen it and your a big fan of NWA, so come join the ranks of your heroes and try out for The NWA! Please send all inquires to There will be a participation cap so don't wait til the last minute to register. Get your name on the list asap by replying to There will not be an event the same day which gives more time to impress!You only get this chance in Ring Wars Carolina and it starts with an email to You will be asked some questions and your off to the races! Stop talking about never having the chance cause here it is and RWC is giving it to you! All you have to do is send an email to today! Now is the time to put up or shut up!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Results from "Golden Opportunity"

Golden Opportunity Results

*The Wrustlers defeated Viva Las Amish to become #1 Contenders for the RWC Tag Team Championships.

Tiger would come out and talk about his upcoming RWC Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification match later tonight

Golden Opportunity Rumble

Golden Opportunity Rumble Entry Order
#1: James Anthony
#2: Dancing Machine
#3: Joseph Everhart
#4: Kent “The Alpha” Wolf (Pink Gang)
#5: Mama's Boy
#6: Pretty Boy Lane (Pink Gang)
#7: Christian Garrett
#8: Aubrey Wright
#9: No Entry
#10: Kaydin Pierre - Pink Prince (Pink Gang)
#11: Jebediah Moss (Viva Las Amish)
#12: Cowboy Kool Jay
#13: Gary Martin
#14: Pako's (Wrustlers)
#15: Wako's (Wrustlers)
#16: Devin Worthy
#17: D'Lo Jordan
#18: Snooty Foxx
#19: Danny Vegas
#20: Ivan Ali
#21: Flex Simmons
#22: Chance Lebeaux
#23: Drew Thomas
#24: James Hardy
#25: Hezekiah Hoskins
#26: Fancy Krayoz
#27: G-Money
#28: Lil Doobie
#29: Alpha Ace
#30: Simply Delicious Dino
Order Of Elimination 
#1: Dancing Machine by James Anthony
#2: Mama's Boy by Pink Gang
#3: Joseph Everhart by James Anthony
#4: Aubrey Wright by Pink Gang
#5: Christian Garrett by Pink Gang
#6: Jebediah Moss by Pink Gang
#7: Cowboy Kool Jay by Pink Gang
#8: Gary Martin by Pink Gang
#9: Wako's by Pink Gang
#10: Pako's by Pink Gang
#11: Kent Wolf by Devin Worthy 
#12: Pretty Boy Lane by Devin Worthy
#13: Danny Vegas by Snooty Fox
#14: Snooty Fox by Flex Simmons
#15: Ivan Ali by Flex Simmons
#16: Kaydin Pierre by Devin Worthy
#17: Devin Worthy by Kaydin Pierre
#18: D'Lo Jordan by James Anthony
#19: Hezekiah Hoskins by Fancy Krayoz
#20: Fancy Krayoz by James Hardy
#21: James Anthony by Chance Lebeaux
#22: James Hardy by Simply Delicious Dino
#23 Drew Thomas by Flex Simmons
#24 Lil Doobie by Simply Delicious Dino
#25: G-Money by Simply Delicious Dino
#26: Alpha Ace by Chance Lebeaux
#27: Simply Delicious Dino by Chance Lebeaux
#28: Chance Lebeaux by Flex Simmons
Flex Simmons last eliminated Chance Lebeaux to win the 2020 Golden Opportunity Rumble!

*Main Event/ No Disqualification RWC Heavyweight Championship: Gem Stone(C) defeated Caribbean Tiger to retain the Championship.