Monday, July 17, 2023

Next Event: RWC 25th Anniversary

The Silver anniversary, 25 years of Heart stomping Pro-Wrestling in a family geared model. Not a lot of people can say this but, REC can and will. Rwc has been producing Pro-Wrestling in Lumberton NC for 16 years and all over for 25 years! It all comes down to this night! Who is gonna leave Lumberton NC, on the 25th Anniversary of RWC as a Champion? You have to be present to find out! What other surprises are in Store for this remarkable opportunity? 
RWC is ready to show you why we 


Saturday, July 15, 2023

Event & Results: First Responders Appreciation (Results Just Added)


All 1st Responders can get in with ID for ½ price! RWC loves and appreciates the Love and dedication you show and this one is for you! Now, who will have the strongest showing, Law Enforcement for Gem Storm or Military for Codename Flex? 
All the RWC Champions are coming to fight for your respect in your fields! You will see:
 RWC Television Champion DJ G Moniy
RWC & AIWF Tag Team Champions The Wrustlers
RWC Jr. Champion "Whatever his name is"
And more!

First Responder's Appreciation Results:

Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated Mr Magnifcient

Match 2: James Anthony, Jay 5 & Titan Collins defeated The Wrustlers & RJ Weaver in a 6 Man Tag Team Match
(James Anthony used a school boy on RJ Weaver)

Match 3: RWC Television Champion G Moniy defeated RWC Jr Heavyweight Xander Keys by Disqualication
(Justin Storm and his boys would attack G-Moniy causing the DQ, Rip Cannon would come to the ring with a chair and make the save)

Match 4: Sam Street in her RWC debut defeated Nina O'Rian

Match 5: RWC Heavyweight Champion AJ Cazana defeated The “Playboy” Alex Bryant to retain the championship
(After the match both men shook hands as a sign of respect)

Main Event: Gem Stone & CodeName FLX ended in a Double Countout
(After the match both men continued fighting until the locker room emptied and separated both men, Dex Carter then said that on Aug 5th in Lumberton NC Gem Stone & Codename FLX would battle at the 25th Anniversary show in a STREET FIGHT)

Join us Aug 5th in Lumberton NC at The King arena as celebrate 25yrs of Ring Wars Carolina

Monday, July 3, 2023

Event & Results: "Scars & Stripes 2023" (Results just added)


Come and witness the ultimate showdown at Ring Wars Carolina Pro Wrestling LLC on July 15th! Brace yourself for an extraordinary display of athleticism, excitement, and sheer adrenaline as the finest wrestlers in the world collide in the squared circle. Prepare to be captivated by high-flying maneuvers, bone-crushing slams, and electrifying entertainment that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Mark your calendar and secure your spot to experience the best action-packed event in the world of professional wrestling. Join us at Ring Wars Carolina on July 15th and indulge in a spectacle you won't want to miss!

Scars & Stripes 2023 Results:

A promo of David Barnabas Spector and The Circuz was shown of them reminding us that they are in control of the 2023 Golden Opportunity Chain, Barnabas made it clear that you never know when they will show back up to cash in.

Match 1: Justin Storm defeated Rip Cannon & Jay 5 to become the #1 Contender for the RWC Television Championship

Match 2: Gem Stone defeated RJ Weaver

Match 3: G Moniy defeated a debuting Alex Evans to retain the RWC Television Championship
(After the match Justin Storm and his crew confronted G-Moniy)

Match 4: The Wrustlers defeated The Suits to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship

Semi Main: Titan Collins defeated RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Xander Keys by DQ, when Xander & Leon Coleone attacked Titan. James Anthony who was doing Commentary ran to the ring and saved Titan, James would hit Leon with a chair and Titan finished off Leon with a big splash.
(James will face Xander on Aug 5th for the Jr Championship)

Main Event: AJ Cazana defeated CodeName FLX to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship. 
(After the referee was accidentally knocked down, Gem Stone hit the ring and speared AJ Cazana and pulled FLX on top of AJ hoping FLX would get the win so that the FLX/Stone match in Benson NC would be for the title. FLX didn't wanna win that way and chased Gem Stone away from ringside, when FLX returned to the ring Cazana would hit FLX with a Lariat for the win.

Join us today in Benson NC for First Responders Appreciation , door open at 3:30pm and belltime is 4pm. 

Join us in Lumberton NC on Aug 5th for our 25th Anniversary show, door open at 6:30pm and belltime is 7pm.