Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Next Event: "APRIL FOOLS"

You thought RWC was kidding?
We run this game, I said game but we aint playing around!
This could quite possibly be the Biggest Event so far!
You got a Ladies match:
Jazmyne Hao is coming to knock Amanda Kiss off her high horse!
You got a six man tag match:
Team Sexy will try to tame Syde Effect for one night and get the win over the returning Pink Gang 2.0 and DNA.
finally, you have the Biggest Main Event in the World!
RWC Heavyweight Champion Fodder with a rocket attached to his back will go toe to toe with his biggest fight yet! Over 7 foot tall Knull is coming to take the RWC title back, well, wherever he wants to take it!
Ladies and gents, all this and more RWC superstars will be in The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd st. in Lumberton NC with a bell time of 7pm. All this action will take your breathe away on April 1, 2023 and have you saying "RWC, Showed up and Showed out on APRIL FOOLS!"


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