Monday, March 6, 2023

Event Results: "March Mania"

                                                                 March Mania Results 

FEAR STATE opened up the show with a Live performance, to get the crowd hyped before the action started.
Match 1: Team Sexxxy defeated a debuting Off The Hook
Match 2: Amanda Kiss defeated Audrey Allen by Disqualification, Audrey would hit Amanda with a Wrench for the DQ
Match 3: Sweet Ebony Diamond won the Last Chance Battle Royal to become the 5th member of Team RWC for Wargames. 
(Sweet Ebony Diamond turned out to be none other then Nite-Stic Eddie Brown)
Match 4: Gem Stone & CodeName FLX defeated a debuting Salt Lake Hills to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship
Main Event: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant & James Anthony ended in a Double Disqualification.
(James Anthony would accidentally superkick the original referee in the match, Alex Bryant would hit Seal The Deal on James for the pin. But a second referee came in to check on the first referee and not count the fall, Alex Bryant would then hit Seal The Deal on the second referee. As James & Alex exchanged punches Referee Trevor would come to the ring and Disqualify both men, James & Alex would then knocked out Trevor and then started pushing and shoving one another until Team RWC & Dex Carter came out to get everyone on the same page for Wargames
Join today in Mt Airy NC for AIWF 31: Afterburn as Team RWC battles Team AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling inside Wargames, then Join RWC on March 19th in Benson NC 

Back in Lumberton NC on April 1st.

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