Thursday, February 9, 2023

Next Event: MarchMania 2023

Looks Like the WAR is getting heated and cooler heads are Not Prevailing! Dex Carter has his hands full with, who is going to Captain the team in WarGames in Mt. Airy NC for the Anniversary Event for the AIWF. The team has 4 and a Battle Royal to determine the 5th and final spot will be secured March 4, 2023. Who do you think will win and go on to fight the AIWF team with Team RWC?

Speaking of internal friction, The RWC Tag Team Champions, "Diamond in the Rough" Gem Stone & Codename Flx have not been seeing eye to eye lately. Gem even went so far as to correct his name on the flyer to remind him that he is not the champion. "Your still just Flex in my eyes!" Seems they have caught the attention of The team of Salt Lake Hills. These guys look like they are coming to dethrone the champs and make a statement!


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