Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Event Results: "We Ready"

We Ready Results:
Dex Carter opened the show by introducing Team Captain for AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Mickey Fulp as the night's special guest, Mickey then said he would be watching the night's Wargames Qualifying matches very closely and then invited RWC to AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling on Feb 18th in Mt Airy NC. James Anthony would then come out and plead his case on why he should be the Team Captain for RWC, The “Playboy” Alex Bryant came out and said why he should be the Team Captain, both men would argue back and forth for several minutes until Dex Carter came up with a solution. Dex told both James & Alex they would have to win qualifying matches in order to be on Team RWC, if they win they would be on the team and he would decide who would be captain, they lose then neither would be on the Team or Captain.
Match 1: James Anthony defeated a returning Rip Cannon in Wargames Qualifying Match.
Match 2: Xander Keys & Syde Effect ended in Double Countout in a Wargames Qualifying Match, leaving a open spot on the team.
Match 3: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Hunter Raynor by Disqualification in a Wargames Qualifying Match.
(James Anthony came and tried to cost Alex the match but was knocked off the apron for his interference. Alex would hit Seal The Deal on Hunter and go for the pin when James ran in the ring and attacked Alex. The two men would brawl until Dex Carter came out and informed them that if they are gonna be on Team RWC then they need to get along, because both men are gonna be the Co Captains of the Team.
Match 4: Amanda Kiss defeated a debuting Olivia Devine
After the match a mysterious women would appear and hit Amanda from behind with a Wrench, laying her out cold.
Semi Main: Gem Stone & Codename FLX defeated Team Sexxxy & The Wrustlers to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship and Qualify for Team RWC for Wargames.
(Before the match got started Dex Carter came out and announced that since Xander & Syde Effect ended in a Double Countout, this match would be for both the Tag Team Titles & Wargames Spot)
Main Event: Fodder defeated G Moniy to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship
Join us: 
March 4th in Lumberton NC at The King arena as a Live Band will be on hand.
March 5th in Mt. Airy NC when Team RWC faces Team AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling in Wargames.


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