Monday, July 8, 2024

Event Results: Still Standing 2024


RWC Television Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown came out with the newest member of Team Nite-Stic "Slim Lion" Mar DeVille, he talked about the dominance of his group and how they will be taking over RWC. Rip Cannon interrupted with Dex Carter and challenged Nite-Stic Eddie Brown to a match for the TV Title, Eddie said if Rip could defeat Mar DeVille then he can get his shot.
Match 1: Mar DeVille defeated Rip Cannon with some interference from Eddie Brown.
Match 2: Golden Opportunity 2024 winner G Moniy defeated Titan
Match 3: Roman McIntyre defeated James Anthony to advance to the Finals of the RWC Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Tournament,
(RJ Weaver would distract James allowing Roman to lock in a submission choke out hold for the win)
Match 4: Chayce Coleman defeated Ring Wars Carolina Jr Heavyweight Champion RJ Weaver by Disqualification due to outside interference
(Chayce had RJ pinned when James Anthony pulled Chayce out of the ring and hit him with a superkick for the DQ, James would then attack RJ Weaver and issue a challenge for Aug 3rd for the Jr Heavyweight Championship in a 2 out of 3 Falls match)
Semi Main: Tiger defeated "The Chosen One" James Lee to advance to the Finals of the #1 Contendership RWC Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Main Event: Xander Keys defeated "True Grit" Alex Bryant to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship.
(Alex Bryant would accept the Open Challenge and as Alex Bryant went for an F-5 on Xander, the referee was accidentally knocked out by Xanders feet. James Anthony would then come out and superkick Alex and pull Xander on top of Alex for the win, After the match James went for another superkick but Alex would hit Seal The Deal on James to end the show)
Join us on July 20th in Spring Lake NC as RWC presents Summer Showcase and then join us on Aug 3rd in Lumberton NC at The Priscilla King Arena as RWC celebrates 26yrs.

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