Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Next Eevent: "Candy Bowl"

Ladies & Gents, Its the one you all been craving for!

It's C-A-N-D-Y  B-O-W-L time!
The annual Candy Bowl is here! You already know how this goes and if you don't, here are the rules.
All the RWC superstars will put their name in a huge candy Bowl filled with all kinds of Halloween candy. The kids and kids at heart will pull a name out, and those wrestlers pulled will have a match with some haunting stipulations. The winners of the match will advance to the candy bowl at the end. The Winner of the Candy Bowl will get $250 dollars. Candy will be passed out to everyone while supplies last. Your favorite superstar will be dressed up for halloween so you have to come and see who they are dressed as for this action.  
Already signed for action is The Caribbean Tiger vs. The AIWF World Champion Damien Wayne. This is a Main Event in any Arena, World-Wide. The AIWF World Champion, Damien Wayne has traveled all over the Country defending the AIWF Championship. Now he will be in Lumberton NC and has already said this maybe his toughest opponent yet. Tiger may start out RWC Homecoming as the NEW AIWF World Champion! 
You will also witness the signing of the match-up of "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews vs. "The Playboy" Alex Bryant. These two have been at each others throat for the last several months. Victor Andrews won the opportunity to name the stipulation for the match and he pick a match that he is sure to win. The match will be contested under "LAST MAN STANDING" rules! The first man that can not answer a 10 count will be declared a loser! 
You will witness those 2 events along with a Candy Bowl! Scary aint it! This is only going down at The King Arena located at 612 2nd street in beautiful Lumberton NC, Home of The Best Family Sports Entertainment, Hosted by Miss Laura! 

Ring Pop #5


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