Sunday, May 13, 2018

Event Results: "Unfinished Business"

Appetizer: Anime Kid defeated Jaxon Drake
Match 1: Travis "Mason Jar" Dixon defeated Ty Land
Match 2: Devin Worthy defeated The Ping Pong Master Waylon MAZESteven ThePitbull Idol & Rage in a Fatal 4 Way Golden Opportunity match to earn a Title shot at any champion he wants on June 2nd
Match 3: Kris Nemesis defeated RWC No Limitz Champion Flex Simmons by Countout when Flex purposefully got himself counted out to retain his championship
Match 4: Drew Thomas defeated Jacob Ryan to retain his 4 County Championship. After the match James Anthony came from under the ring and attacked Drew with a chair. Devin Worthy came out to the ring looking to save Drew Thomas but, slid James Anthony A chair, turning his back on Drew Thomas. James Anthony went to end Drew's career but, Security got in the ring and GM Primetime threatened to Indefinitely suspend James if he tried to further injure DrewThomas.
Semi Main: Hang Tyme & Joseph Everhart defeated Airtime RockerzWild and Young to become the NEW RWC Tag Team Champions
Main Event: RWC Heavyweight Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown defeated Chance Lebeaux by DQ when Travis Dixon came out and attacked Eddie Brown. Ty Land, Waylon Maze and Anime Kid tried to come out and help but, were no match for the 2. Suddenly Eddie Brown grabbed his PR24 and regained control of the chaos. After the match GM Primetime made a Tag Team match for June 2nd, Chance Lebeaux & Travis Dixon vs Eddie Brown and a Mystery Partner!

Next Event: "40th Annual Water-Fest


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