Monday, August 9, 2021

Event Results: " VAPORS"

Vapors Results

Appetizer Match 1: The Wrustlers defeated High Definition Bros
Appetizer Match 2: Khaos in his RWC Debut defeated a debuting Frankie Swamptower
(Before the match David Barnabas Spector announced that Khaos is the newest member to the Monstrasities)
Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated Christian Rayo
Match 2: Ray-Mo defeated Taylor X
Match 3: Caribbean Tiger successful defended his RWC Television Championship against the debuting Chase Emery
(After the match Rip Cannon came out & challenged Tiger to a match for the Television Championship at the 23rd Anniversary show)
Match 4: G Moniy defeated Mr Magnificent
(After the match Mr Magnificent low blowed G-Moniy allowing Khaos and David Spector to come out, and tell G Moniy Bro Forces days as Tag Team Champions are up come Aug 21st at the Anniversary show.)
(After the match Victor Andrews would assault Alex in front of his Mother before accepting his challenge for the Anniversary
Join us Aug 21st in Lumberton NC at The King arena when RWC presents the 23rd Anniversary Show, doors open at 6:30pm and belltime is 7pm


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