Sunday, December 15, 2019

Next Event: "And So It Begins 2020"!

What do you say when you start the year off mad at the world cause you don't have the right size rain boots in a down pour on a Monday morning commute to a very important meeting with the owners of your job. I know what your thinking! "And So It Begins"! Here in Ring Wars Carolina, Top talent is Home Grown and raised in the RWC Training Academy. Newcomers expect to be tested to the max. When it gets mix we have and explosion of Breath taking, Heart pounding action. 

The RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Devin Worthy will be in the building defending his title against a debuting Dravin Lee. Will Chance Lebeaux wrestle a top RWC prospect or take another lose by walking out of the ring? Let's see if Lynzee Pike can start off her 2020 with a win over The Debuting Katalina Perez from Florida! The RWC Tag Team Champions, Sinister Circle will lay down the Gold for the Up and coming team of The Rustlers! All that and more RWC superstars in Lumberton NC in The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street. Doors swing open at 5:30 and fight time is 6pm! See you at The Matches!

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