Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Next Event: "Homecoming 2019"

  Reunions and homecomings are a time when people you haven't seen in awhile come back...HOME!
In Ring Wars Carolina, we like to celebrate just a little different. This will be a LIVE TV TAPING. You can see yourself on WTNG 33 when we start airing. You will see some NEW talent that will be debuting for the 1st time in North Carolina. You will see some old stars returning that you loved in the past! Can you guess who is returning? Since its Homecoming RWC has a special event for the kids. There will be not 1 but 2 bounce houses for the kids. The bounce houses will be open to the kids around 4pm. Never know who you may see out around the Bounce Houses. I heard from a great source that the most famous mouse will be in the house. You have to be there to find out who that is. 

What RWC superstars are gonna be in the house you ask? The RWC Tag Team Champions, The Pink Gang return to Lumberton to defend the titles against Brothers at Arms. RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Tiger will be in the house. James Anthony will be taking on Joseph Everheart. The RWC Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a No DQ match. If Nite-Stic Eddie Brown Loses, He will be out of action in RWC for 90 days. If Flex Simmons loses, he will be out of RWC action for 365! Who will be going home with the title or just going home! 

You need to be at The Priscilla King Arena on November 2, 2019 located at 612 2nd street Lumberton NC for all the action and excitement. We just don't claim to be the best, you told us that!

You will also be able to get your tickets for the Biggest show today in Lumberton NC...
Micro-Wrestling All-Stars. Get them early, before they sell out!


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