Monday, October 21, 2019

Event Results: "Candy Bowl 2019"

2019 Candy Bowl Results 

Match 1: Jake Tucker defeated Brandon Lee Dunn & Blue Krayos in a Candy Bowl Qualifying Match 
Match 2: Kris Nemesis defeated Red Krayos & Fancy Krayos in a Candy Bowl Qualifying Maych where the stipulations was the winner had to be the first to do a Back Roll 
Match 3: Gem Stone defeated Jay Wolfe & Derrick Martin in a Candy Bowl Qualifying Match 
Match 4: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Caribbean Tiger defeated Joseph Everhart in a Candy Bowl Qualifying Match where the stipulation was the only way to win was by a Sleeper Hold Submission, Flex Simmons came out and tried stop the match for happening but Eddie Brown made it clear that if Flex didnt return to the locker by the count of 10 ALL members of Reckless Warriors Connection would be fined $250
Match 5: James Anthony defeated KrazyHorse & Lestat Cordova in the final Candy Bowl Qualifying Match 
Semi Main/RWC Heavyweight Championship: Flex Simmons & Nite-Stic Eddie Brown ended in a double pin and controversy, Tiger & Joseph were able to break free of the handcuffs and tried several times to interfere but Eddie fought them off, Flex had the referee distracted in the corner and Tiger went to splash Eddie but he moved and tiger splashed both the referee and Flex, a second referee would come out and Eddie would hit a German Suplex on Flex and both referees counted each mans shoulders to the match, one saying Flex won and one saying Eddie won resulting in a No Contest. Eddie would then be attacked by the Reckless Warriors Connection until the locker room emptied coming to his rescue, Eddie then got on the mic and said on Nov 2nd at Homecoming he would put the Championship on the line one more time in a No Disqualification Match and if he wins Flex cant compete in RWC for 365 days and he if loses he will not compete in RWC for 90 days, STAY TUNED to the RWC Fanpage to see if GM Earl Hebner will make this match official.
Main Event/Candy Bowl Battle Royal: Gem Stone defeated Kris Nemesis, Jake Tucker, Tiger & James Anthony to win the 2019 Candy Bowl and #1 Contender to the RWC Heavyweight Championship
Order Of Elimination
1st: James Anthony Eliminated Jake Tucker
2nd: Tiger Eliminated James Anthony
3rd: Kris Nemesis Eliminated Tiger
Last: Gem Stone Eliminated Kris Nemesis
Join us in 2wks on Nov 2nd for Homecoming and then Nov 30th for Micro-Wrestling All Stars at the Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street Lumberton NC!

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