Monday, May 8, 2023

Event Results: Golden Opportunity 2023

Golden Opportunity 2023 Results: 

Match 1: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Hunter Raynor to retain the RWC Television Championship

Match 2: Audrey Allen & Amanda Kiss ended in a No Contest to determine the 1st ever RWC Women's Champion. 
(Audrey had originally thought she won the title, but Dex Carter came out and informed Audrey that he wouldn't allow her to cheat and use the Wrench for the victory, a new date will be determined soon on when and where a new champion will be crowned

Match 3: AJ Cazana defeated Fodder to become the New RWC Heavyweight Champion

Main Event: David Barnabas Spector last eliminated James Anthony to become the 2023 Golden Opportunity Winner.
(Maurice The Strong. blow out his knee mid match, and was helped to the back. As James Anthony & Alex Bryant battled for Mr Golden Opportunity David snuck in and eliminated both men.)

Order Of Entry:
1: Gem Stone
2: RJ Weaver 
3: Khalil Ford 
4: Metalico
5: Rip Cannon
6: Suit #2
7: Christian Rayo
8: Aaron Adams 
9: Josh Anderson 
10: Aaron Biggs  
11: G Moniy 
12: Daniel Murphy
13: Syde Effect
14: James Anthony 
15: Titan
16: CodeName FLX 
17: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant
18: Hunter Raynor
19: Unfiltered Sean Cruise
20: Mr Magnificent
21: Critical Mazz 
22: Wako's
23: Peco's
24: Xander Keys
25: Kent Wolf
26: Justin Storm 
27: Suit #1 (Nite-Stic Eddie Brown attacked him and took his spot)
28: Blade Gibson
29: Joe Dough
30: Maurice The Strong.

Order Of Elimination:
 1: RJ Weaver by Gem Stone 
2: Khalil Ford by Gem Stone 
3: Metallico by Gem Stone 
4: Suit #2 by Rip Cannon 
5: Aaron Adams by Aaron Biggs 
6: Josh Anderson by Aaron Biggs 
7: Rip Cannon by Aaron Biggs 
8: Christian Rayo by Aaron Biggs 
9: Daniel Murphy by James Anthony
10: Aaron Biggs by Titan 
11:Syde Effect by Titan 
12: Titan by Gem Stone, Codename FLX, James Anthony, Alex Bryant, Hunter Raynor & G-Moniy
13: G-Moniy by Alex Bryant 
14: Hunter Raynor by Sean Cruise 
15: Sean Cruise by Mr Magnificent 
16: Critical Mazz by The Wrustlers 
17: Mr Magnificent by Xander Keys 
18: Wako's by Gem Stone 
19: Peco's by Codename FLX 
20: Kent Wolf by Justin Storm 
21: Justin Storm by Alex Bryant 
22: Blade Gibson by James Anthony 
23: Xander Keys by Codename FLX 
24: Joe Dough by Maurice The Strong 
25:Eddie Brown by Dex Carter
26: Gem Stone by Codename FLX
27: Codename FLX by Maurice The Strong 
28: Alex Bryant by David Spector
29: James Anthony by David Spector 

Join us May 19th @ Outback MSC in Laurinburg NC for BLOOD N-Da Mud & May 20th, White Lake NC for  Water-fest 2023

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