Monday, May 29, 2023

Event Results: "All American weekend" (Memorial day version)

             All American Weekend Results: 

11am Show:

Justin Storm defeated RJ Weaver

G Moniy defeated Unfiltered Sean Cruise to retain the RWC Television Championship
(After the match Syde Effect attacked G-Moniy)

Noon Show: 
James Anthony defeated Jimmy Ripper to retain the School Of Morton Championship

Gem Stone & Amanda Kiss defeated Wako & Audrey Allen in Intergender Tag Team action

1pm Show:

Xander Keys defeated Rip Cannon

G Moniy & Syde Effect ended in a Double Countout, as a result the RWC Television Championship doesn't change hands & G-Moniy remains the Champion

2pm Show: 

Wako defeated Gem Stone

Audrey Allen defeated Amanda Kiss to retain the RWC Women's Championship

3pm Show: 

RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Xander Keys won a 14 person Rumble last eliminating Wako 

Order Of Entry
1: RWC Television Champion G Moniy
2: Amanda Kiss
3: Gem Stone
4: RWC Women's Champion Audrey Allen
5: Unfiltered Sean Cruise
6: SOM Champion James Anthony
7: Referee Josue 
8: Justin Storm
9: Wako
10: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion Xander Keys
11: Rip Cannon
12: Syde Effect
13: RJ Weaver
14: Jimmy Ripper

Order Of Elimination:
1: Amanda Kiss by Audrey Allen 
2: Audrey Allen by Gem Stone 
3: Referee Josue by Justin Storm 
4: Syde Effect by Jimmy Ripper, James Anthony, G-Moniy, Xander Keys, Justin Miller & RJ Weaver 
5: Jimmy Ripper by James Anthony 
6: RJ Weaver by Justin Storm 
7: Sean Cruise by Rip Cannon 
8: Rip Cannon buy Gem Stone 
9: James Anthony by G-Moniy 
10: G-Moniy by Gem Stone
11: Justin Storm by Gem Stone 
12: Gem Stone by Xander Keys 
13: Wako by Xander Keys 

Join us on June 7th for Hoke Fest 2023, belltime will be 7pm. then join us back in Lumberton NC on July 15th for Scars & Stripes 2023

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