Monday, May 22, 2023

Event Results: "45 Annual Water Festival" RWC returned to White Lake NC!


1st Showing 

RJ Weaver def. Hunter Raynor

J. Swae "All-Day" def. Pecos "The Wrustler"

Wakos "The Wrustler" def. Joe Dough

2nd Showing

RJ Weaver def J. Swae

Pecos "The Wrustler" & Justin Storm Dbl DQ

Xander Keys & Justin Storm def. The Wrustlers

3rd Showing

fabulous four-way for TV Title match

Pecos "The Wrustler" def. Wakos, J. Swae "All-Day" & Joe Dough

RWC Jr. Heavyweight Title

Xander Keys(C) def. Justin Storm

RWC TV Title

Alex "Playboy" Bryant (C) def. Pecos "The Wrustler"


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