Friday, June 11, 2021

Next Event: "Nice for What???"

All these times, I was always told to be nice.
I always heard " Be nice and you will get it!" Be Nice and Nice things will come to you. When you are treated unfair, be nice. When your significant other did you wrong, Be nice and it will be ok. You were betrayed and everyone tells you what?" BE NICE! Well RWC has Question for you all, "Nice for what???"

On June 19th in The King Arena at 612 2nd street in beautiful Lumberton NC, Ring Wars Carolina will answer the proverbial title, Nice For What??? Seven action-packed contest and one huge TV taping for Roku and Amazon Firestick TV. Look for yourself on Tuesday Nights at 8pm on The King Network.

The Big question is, Why did the Extreme Horsemen attack Lodi. will Lodi didn't wait for the kill shot. He fired back with a match set for the Main Event. "WCW superstars" Lodi and Sickboy from "Lodi's Flock" will battle against "ECW Original" CW Anderson and "The Incomparable" Preston Quinn from The Extreme Horsemen! This will be the first time these men have faced each other in RWC and it will be a match of the year in any company! 

Don't forget doors open at 6:15 pm & action starts at 7pm. Get in early for your VIP a front row seats. New AC unit will be kicking some cooler air around the room. Come early to get your tickets to win a Turnbuckle that you can have signed by all the RWC Superstars. RWC has kept its head down and lips closed for what? RWC Pro-wrestling returns with a vengeance! RWC will answer the question on everyones mind and that is, Nice for what???


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