Monday, June 7, 2021

Event Results: Golden Opportunity 2021

Golden Opportunity 2021 Results
10 Bell Salute for Dustin Porter
Match 1: Gem Stone defeated Ray-Mo
Match 2: Bro Force defeated Sew Dudes With Attitude to retain the RWC Tag Team Championships
LeeLee Williams made a surprise appearance and wanted mention how 250million people are watching RWC on King Network TV on Roku, he then announced that the Priscilla King Arena would now be known as The King Arena.
Semi Main/Golden Opportunity Rumble:
Syde Effect last eliminated Caribbean Tiger to win the Rumble
Order Of Entry:
1: Gem Stone
2: Ray-Mo
3: Dirty Joe
5: El Dragon
13: Tiger
14: Mayhem
16: Wako's
18: Pako's
19: Alpha Ace
20: Mr Magnificent
22: Rylee Jade
26: Diego Hill
30: Syde Effect
Order Of Eliminations:
1: El Dragon by Eddie Brown
2: Dirty Joe by Eddie Brown & Kool Jay
3: Eddie Brown by Gem Stone
4: Gem Stone by Ray-Mo
5: Kool Jay by Victor Andrews
6: Ray-Mo by Victor Andrews
7: Indy King JT by Victor Andrews
8: Hunter Raynor by Victor Andrews
9: Christian Rayo by Victor Andrews
10: Victor Andrews by Alex Bryant
11: Alex Bryant by Movie Myk
12: Wako's by Bro Force
13: Pako's by Bro Force
14: G-Moniy by Mr Magnificent
15: Alpha Ace by Mr Magnificent
16: Mayhem by Rip Cannon
17: James Hardy by Rylee Jade
18: Rylee Jade by Joe Harrison
19: Rip Cannon by Jamal The Titan
20: Movie Myke by Syde Effect
21: Mr Magnificent by Syde Effect
22: Joe Harrison by Syde Effect
23: Diego Hill by Syde Effect
24: Mickey Fulp by Syde Effect
25: Jamal The Titan by James Anthony
26: Reggie Reason by Syde Effect
27: James Anthony by Blac-Tus Jack
28: Blac-Tus Jack by Tiger
29: Tiger by Syde Effect
Main Event: Snooty Fox defeated Chance Lebeaux to become the New RWC Heavyweight Champion
After the match Chance Lebeaux would address the crowd and announce he would be moving to Europe, he thanked RWC, Eddie Brown & the fans for all the love and support and said this isn't goodbye but see you later cause he would be back.
Join us on June 19th in Lumberton NC at the King Arena as RWC Presents "Nice For What".


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