Sunday, June 20, 2021

Event Results: "Nice For What"

Appetizer: Syde Effect defeated Chris Phoenix & Brayden Marshall in a Handicap match
Match 1: Rip Cannon defeated Ray-Mo by DQ, when Ray-Mo hit Rip with his workout resistance bands.
(After the match Ray-Mo refused to leave the ring until a more creditable opponent showed up, Alpha Ace hit the ring to answer the challenge but Ray-Mo quickly powdered saying he fights on his time.)
Match 2: James Anthony defeated Christian Rayo
(After the match both men shook hands)
The “Playboy” Alex Bryant came to the ring and talked about what happened at Golden Opportunity 2021 with Victor Andrews, he then issued a challenge to "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews for match anytime inside an RWC ring.
Match 3: Bro Force defeated The Wrustlers to retain the RWC Tag Team Championships, after the match Ray-Mo came to the ring and attacked G Moniy but quickly took off.
Match 4: Hunter Raynor defeated Indy King JT by submission
AIWF Wrestling World Television Champion Gem Stone came to the ring and called out Nite-Stic Eddie Brown, Gem Stone told Eddie he eliminated him fair and sqaure from the rumble but Eddie had to cheat to cost him the match, Gem would then offer Eddie $1000 to face him in a match on July 17th, Eddie denied but said if Gem would put the AIWF TV Title on the line he had a deal. Both men shook hands and the match was made officially.
Semi Main/RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino & Kool Jay ended in a NO CONTEST when both seemed to have pinned in each other after an O'Connor roll, one referee said Colby won another referee said Kool Jay won, finally Eddie Brown came to the ring and declared the championship vacant.
Main Event: Lodi's Flock defeated Extreme Horsemen in a Tag Team Match of The Year in anyones book!
Join us on July 17th in Lumberton NC at The King arena when RWC presents Strictly Busniess.


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