Sunday, April 14, 2024

Event results: April Reign


                           April Reign  Results:

Dex Carter welcomes everyone to the show and reminds everyone that tonight is all about qualifying for the Golden Opportunity Rumble , says all RWC Champions are automatically in the match and that superstars from all over are trying to qualify at various promotions as we speak. 

Match 1: Tiger defeated Roman  McIntyre  & Christian Rayo to qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble

Match 2: Rip Cannon defeated Titan via a Countout to Qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble

Match 3: RJ Weaver vs Zakariah Kutter for the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship ended in a No Contest when James Anthony made his shocking return after being gone for 5 months, and attacked both RJ & Kutter and Referee J-Swae. He would then announced he was back and entering the 2024 Golden Opportunity Rumble.

Match 4: Pink Gang defeated Stone Cold Steve Harvey & Austin Hale to qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble

Nite-Stic Eddie Brown came to the ring and announced Aaron Biggs was gonna be in the Golden Opportunity Rumble and was gonna win it all. He then said to make sure that Aaron wins he himself was gonna enter the Rumble, then he shocked everyone when we revealed that him and David Barnabas Spector worked out a deal where Eddie Brown now has the 2023 Golden Opportunity Rumble Chain. This means Eddie Brown has between now and May 4th to cash in on any RWC Champion of his choosing.

Semi Main: Titan defeated Stone Cold Steve Harvey, Roman McIntyre, Austin Hale, Blaze, Christian Rayo & Violante in a last chance over the top rope Battle Royal to Qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble 

Main Event: Xander Keys defeated Wako D. Wrustler to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship 

Join us this afternoon at The All American Tattoo Convention in Fayetteville NC at The Crown, more Golden Opportunity Qualifying Matches, Championship matches and debuts 

Join us on May 4th in Lumberton Nc at The King arena when RWC presents Golden Opportunity 2024

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