Monday, April 15, 2024

Event Results: The All American Tattoo Convention Day 2



The All American Tattoo Convention Results:

12:30pm Show:

Match 1: Stone Cold Steve Harvey defeated Austin Hale to qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble 

Match 2: Roman McIntyre defeated Christian Price to Qualify for the Golden Opportunity Rumble 

Match 3: Xander Keys defeated Marcus Damon to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship 


Match 1: Titan defeated Rip Cannon

Match 2: James Lee defeated Pecos Wrustler 

(Xander Keys distracted Peco allowing James Lee to win with a School Boy)

Match 3: RJ Weaver defeated a returning James Anthony to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship and get his boy J Swae a spot in the Golden Opportunity Rumble 


Match 1: G Moniy defeated Wako D. Wrustler to retain the RWC Television Championship 

Match 2: Mar DeVille defeated Xander Keys in a Non Title match 

(Peco would come out and distract Xander Keys)

Match 3: "True Grit" Alex Bryant defeated Kaydin Pierre via Disqualification when James Anthony attacked Alex, G-Moniy would come to the aid of his friend Alex and then Dex Carter would make a Tag Team Match for 4:30pm show 


Match 1: Pink Gang defeated G Moniy & "True Grit" Alex Bryant

(Gem Stone would give Alex Bryant a spear when the referee was distracted allowing James Anthony to get the win.)

Match 2: Rip Cannon defeated Chayce Coleman & Christian Price

Match 3: Pecos Wrustler defeated @Xander Keys via Disqualification when Xander refused to release the Camel Clutch Submission Hold 

(Wako D. Wrustler would jump in the ring to help his brother and The Wrustlers hit the YeeHaw SeeSaw on Xander and this resulted in the entire Locker Room coming out and Dex Carter made a Battle Royal to end the show 

Match 4: Roman McIntyre last eliminated Kaydin Pierre to win the Battle Royal

Join us this Saturday in Lumberton NC at the Lumberton Biggs Park Mall, more details coming soon

Join us May 4th in Lumberton NC at The King arena when RWC presents Golden Opportunity 2024

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