Monday, January 23, 2023

Event Results: "Let's Get It Started"


Let's Get It Started Results
10 Bell Salute For Jay Briscoe
Show opens with a promo from Dex Carter announcing that RWC has been challenged by AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling March 5th in Mt Airy NC, it will be a 10 Man Tag Team WARGAMES Match.
Nite-Stic Eddie Brown was announced and introduced as the Special Guest Host of the evening.
Match 1: G Moniy defeated Brayden Marshall
(Before match Brayden attacked G-Moniy just as he was gonna announce the championship he was gonna challenge for.
Match 2: Xander Keys defeated Jeff Paul (RWC Debut)
Match 3: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Codename FLX to retain the RWC Television Champion
Match 4: Amanda Kiss defeated Nurse Mika (RWC Debut)
Semi Main: James Anthony defeated Jay 5 to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship.
(Jay 5 originally thought he won the Jr Title, but the referee didn't see James had his foot on the bottom rope before the 3 count. Another referee would come with video footage to show what happened and the match was restarted.)
Main Event: Gem Stone & Codename FLX defeated The Wrustlers to become New RWC Tag Team Champions.
(The Suits were originally scheduled to face The Wrustlers, but unfortunately couldn't make the event. The Wrustlers issued an open Challenge for the titles and it was answered by Codename FLX. Gem Stone came into the match at the end to get a tag and hit the Gem Spike on Paco's for the win.)
Join us Feb 4th in Lumberton NC at The King arena, when Ring Wars Carolina present's "We Ready". 

**Plus we will have more information for "WarGames" on March 5th in Mt Airy NC.**

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