Friday, April 9, 2021

Next Event: TV Time Limit 2

Well now, RWC could wait a whole month to come back after all the action. The saga continues with the semi-finals of the RWC Television Heavyweight Championship! Let's see what is going on here. We have New comer and rookie sensation, "Carolina's Own" Hunter Raynor.  Hunter will be facing Tiger. Both men are not strangers, Both are familiar to the RWC fans for turning out great matches! 

Next we have WCW's own Superstar Lodi! Lodi is looking to return to the TV scene by Taking on The Only Superstar in wrestling " Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews. This match will be tough for be competitors since RWC Television Title equals TV Time and Both guys strive for it! This should be a great mix of old school and modern style competition.

The NEW RWC Tag Team Champions, BroForce will be in the building for your wrestling Pleasure, defending against The returning Krayoz. 

All this and a whole lot more will be going down April 17, 2021 at The Priscilla King Arena located at 612 2nd street Lumberton NC. The doors swing open at 6:30pm and fist start flying at 7:00pm. Get there early for the free Meet & Greet. Bring your signs and get on "RWC Battlegrounds" TV show seen on The King Network powered by Roku & Amazon Firestick, Tuesday nights at 8pm. Hope to see you at the matches!


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