Monday, October 5, 2020

Event Results: Candy Bowl 2020

Candy Bowl 2020 results
Jamal "The Titan"
defeated Referee
Hunter Raynor
& the debuting Arsenal in Triple Threat Candy Bowl qualifying match
Simply Delicious Dino defeated Alpha Ace in a Candy Bowl qualifying match
Mickey Fulp
defeated James Anthony,
G Moniy
and the debuting Lola Bae in a Fatal 4 Way Candy Bowl qualifying match
RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion
Kool Jay
D'Lo Jordan
& Mr Magnificent in Triple Threat Candy Bowl qualifying match
(First person to hit a DDT was the winner)
The debuting Alex Bryant defeated Christian Rios(Security) in a very competitive, final Candy Bowl qualifying match
(Only way to win was by a Clothesline)
Gem Stone
was explaining to the fans his future in RWC when he was interrupted by the
AIWF Wrestling
World Television Champion Onyx
, Onyx said he was coming to Homecoming Nov 7th to defend his championship against Gem Stone.
The Wrustlers defeated Pink Gang to retain the RWC Tag Team Championships
Chance Lebeaux
Caribbean Tiger
to retain the RWC Heavyweight Championship, as Tiger was going for the win the music of Victor Andrews played and distracted Tiger allowing Chance to score the win.
(Before the match
Drew Thomas
came out to challenge Chance Lebeaux after not being picked in the Candy Bowl, but was attacked by both Chance & Bato before Tiger hit the ring to make the save)
Mickey Fulp
defeated Simply Delicious Dino,
Alex Bryant, Jamal The Titan & Kool Jay to win the 2020 Candy Bowl, he now gets a championship match at Homecoming 2020
Be sure to join us on Nov 7th in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King arena for Homecoming 2020.

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