Saturday, August 25, 2018

Event Results: "Fight for A Spartan"

Gems "BBD" Stone def. Travis "Mason Jar" Dixon(Flex Simmons makes the save)

Kris Nemesis def. Flex Simmons by DQ (interference by Travis Dixon)

James Anthony def. Chance Lebeaux

Flex Simmons & Gems "BBD" Stone def. Travis"Mason Jar" Dixon & Kris Nemesis

Lynzee Pike def. Devin Worthy( Drew Thomas makes the save on behalf of Lynzee Pike)

*RWC Tag Team Championship*
Airtime Rockers(C) def. Hangtyme & Joseph Everhart

Notes: The Recipient, Susan Espinova was absent from todays event cause she was competing in a Beast series in The Spartan North American Championships in West Virginia. That is 13 -15 miles with 30 - 35 obstacles between you and the finish line.The Spartan Beast will test everything you are made of: your strength, your endurance and your resolve. The unpredictable terrain and Spartan Obstacles are masterly designed to push you deep into your discomfort zone. Beast mode; ON!!! Susan Espinoza started in a pack of 60 women ranging in age of 40 to 49 years old. I am honored to tell you that she finished 6th in this class and has qualified for The Spartan World Championships! Congrats to Sue, for a job well done! RWC and Fit4Life Dunn will be presenting Susan Espinoza with proceeds from this event to help her keep spreading the word on Breast Cancer Awareness in her next Spartan Event. 

Next event: September 1, 2018
 "Last Summer Fling"
Priscilla King Arena
612 2nd street
Lumberton NC
Doors open 6 pm
Action begins 7 pm

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