Sunday, November 5, 2017

Show Results: Homecoming 2017

Appetizer: Alejandro Sanchez def. "The Judge" Vinny Mack

Match 1: Wild and Young retained the RWC Tag Team Titles defeating Airtime Rockerz
Match 2: Ash Aubrey retained the RWC 4 County Championship defeating Devin Worthy
Match 3: James Anthony retained the RWC No Limitz Championship by Disqualification defeating Kris Nemesis when Drew Thomas tripped James with his Crutch 
Main Event: Nite-Stic Eddie Brown became the New RWC Heavyweight Champion by winning the 22 Man Gauntlet, last eliminating The Ping Pong Master Waylon MAZE by pinfall
Gauntlet Order Of Entry
1: Anime Kid
2: Zion Violante
3: Johnny Fulls
4: Victor Andrews - (C)
5: Johnny Flawless
6: Ace Magnifico
7: Aaron Weaver
8: James Anthony
9: Encore
10: Patrick Scott
11: Syde Effect
12: Alejandro Sanchez
13: Boss Hogg
14: Hangtyme
15: Vinny Mack
16: Ryan Mills
17: Kris Nemesis
18: Devin Worthy
19: Curtis Cash
20: Ash Aubrey
21: Waylon Maze
22: Eddie Brown

Gauntlet Order Of Elimination
1: Anime Kid by Victor Andrews
2: Zion Violante by Victor Andrews
3: Johnny Fulls by Victor Andrews
4: Johnny Flawless by Victor Andrews
5: Ace Magnifico by Victor Andrews
6: Aaron Weaver by Victor Andrews
7: Encore by Syde Effect
8: Alejandro Sanchez by Syde Effect
9: Patrick Scott by James Anthony
10: Syde Effect by Hangtyme
11: Boss Hogg by Victor Andrews
12: Vinny Mack by Hangtyme
13: Ryan Mills by Victor Andrews 
14: James Anthony by Kris Nemesis
15: Devin Worthy by Ash Aubrey 
16: Kris Nemesis by Curtis Cash 
17: Curtis Cash by Victor Andrews
18: Ash Aubrey by Victor Andrews
19: Victor Andrews by Hangtyme
20: Hangtyme by Waylon Maze
21: Waylon Maze by Eddie Brown

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