Monday, November 6, 2017

Ring Wars Carolina is saying "THANK YOU LUMBERTON NC" for all the years of supporting RWC. Its Fan Appreciation Night. This is a very special evening cause the fans will be treated to a very special card of events. You will see the return of PoPo Da Klown taking on the self-proclaim king, Curtis Cash! The RWC No Limitz Champion James Anthony will go one on one against Kris Nemesis. These two have been going at it for awhile now. The battles are over and now War, must end this encounter. You will witness the first RWC Heavyweight title defense from the NEW RWC Champion. The last 2 men that were in the Gauntlet last month will go head to head for the title. Nite-Stic Eddie Brown will defend The newly captured RWC Heavyweight Championship against "The Ping Pong Master" Waylon Maze! This is going to be a great night of action, not to mention. The admission for this action is only $5 a person OR a $5 gift card. The gift cards will be giving to residents of Lumberton who are still suffering from the floods! RWC and The Lumberton Indoor Flea Market are still helping! See you December 2, 2018 in the Priscilla King Arena 612 2nd street Lumberton NC with a bell time of 7pm for a night of Appreciation!!!

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