Sunday, May 5, 2024

Event Results: Golden Opportunity 2024

Golden Opportunity 2024 Results:

Dex Carter makes the announcement that, Eddie Brown has 1hr to cash in his 2023 Golden Opportunity or he will have to forfeit his rights.

Match 1: Shawn Karson retains the SOM 5:05 Hybrid Champiionship  defeating Brandon Moore

Match 2: RJ Weaver retains the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship defeating Zakariah Kutter

Match 3: G Moniy retained the RWC Television Championship defeating LaBron Kozone

(after the match Christian Price & Big Suvi attacked G-Moniy)

Match 4: Nite-Stic Eddie Brown cashed in his 2023 Golden Opportunity Chain and defeated G Moniy to become the New RWC Television Champion.

Main Event: G Moniy last eliminated Aaron Biggs to become the 2024 Golden Opportunity Rumble Winner, G-Moniy now has 1yr to cash in on any champion of his choosing.

Golden Opportunity Order Of Entry:

1: Christian Rayo

2: Jordan Cade 

3: James Lee

4: Mar DeVille

5: Justin Storm 

6: SOM 5:05 Hybrid Champion Shawn Karson

7: Brandon Moore

8: Roman McIntyre

9: Joe Harrison

10: Syde Effect

11: AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Television Champion Mickey Fulp

12: 1/2 Of The RWC Tag Team Champions Pecos

13: Titan

14: Christian Garrett

15: RWC Television Champion Nite-Stic Eddie Brown

16: Kaydin Pierre

17: Marcus Damon

18: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion RJ Weaver

19: 1/2 Of The RWC Tag Team Champions Wako

20: J-Swae

21: Chayce Coleman

22: G Moniy

23: Christian Price 

24: Indy King JT

25: James Anthony

26: Zakariah Kutter

27: Big Suvi

28: Aaron Biggs 

29: Rip Cannon

30: "Stone Cold" Steve Harvey

Golden Opportunity Order Of Eliminations:

1: James Lee by Justin Storm 

2: Mar DeVille by Justin Storm 

3: Jordan Cade by Syde Effect

4: Brennon Moore by Syde Effect

5: Shawn Karson by Syde Effect

6: Syde Effect by Titan 

7: Roman McIntyre by Titan 

8: Christian Garrett by Marcus Damon

9: Mickey Fulp by Pink Gang

10: Titan by The Wrustlers

11: Peco by Wako

12: Christian Rayo by Chayce Coleman

13: Marcus Damon by Wako

14: Joe Harrison by RJ Weaver & J-Swae

15: Justin Storm by Christian Price  

16: RJ Weaver by James Anthoy 

17: J-Swae by James Anthony 

18: Indy King JT by Aaron Biggs 

19: Christian Price by Aaron Biggs 

20: Chayce Coleman by Aaron Biggs

21: Big Suvi by Aaron Biggs 

22: Wako by Aaron Biggs 

23: Zakariah Kutter by Aaron Biggs 

24: Kaydin Pierre by Rip Cannon 

25: SCSH by G-Moniy

26: Eddie Brown by G-Moniy

27:  Rip Cannon by James Anthony 

28:  James Anthony by Rip Cannon 

29: Aaron Biggs by G-Moniy

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